ENT unit 2 ward test

okay so this post goes out to all those unlucky kids who got ENT unit 2 as their first ward.... i being one of those last yr... ended up studying nothing at the end because the Studying the entire book seems impossible at the time..... and dont even think about getting ur ward tst delayed.. it would just get worse afterwards..... u dont require either the history copies or the assignments for the Ent 2 wad test.... get the Unit 2 notes from the photocopier... the Ent 2 viva questions from the photocopier as well... try as might to do the entire book u wont be able to do it ... just do the following topics .. the rest u have to do for the finals...
1. Anatomy (v imp.. entire chp)
2.assesment of hearing ( rinnes test, webers test, pure tone audiometery,impedence audiometery)
3.hearing loss (do tables ..causes of conductive and sensineural hearing loss, tympanoplasty,presbyacusis, noise trauma)
4.assesment of vestibular functions (just do the clinical tests)
5.disorders of vestibular system (table of vestibular disorders , BPPV , vestibular neuronitis.. just do these two topics in detail.. rest u should know thw names)
6.Diseases of external ear ( do from notes .. do following topics from book otitus externa haemorrhagica , herpes zoster oticus , malignant otitis externa )
7.tables for causes of eustachian tube obstruction and difference between child and and adult eustachian tube in eustachian tube wala chp.
8.disorders of middle year ( do the entire chp frm book)
9. CSOM ( entirely from notes ..vv imp.. do the mastoidectomies well .. dnt waste time in doing procedures)
10. complications of CSOM ( u should know thw names thts it)
11.otosclerosis ( entire chp)
12.facial nerve and its disorders ( course of facial nerve, its branches, causes of facial nerve paralysis,do idiopathic causes of facial nerve paralysis in detail and topographic diagnosis)
13.meinneres disease ( entire chp.. v immp)
14.tumours of ext ear ( u should just know the names)
15.tumours of middle ear and mastoid ( do lomus tumour in detail .. rest u should know by name )
16.acoustic neuroma (entire chp)
17.otalgia (causes)
18. tinnitis(causes)

1. anatomy ( v imp .. the entire chp.. esp blood supply of septum and lateral wall )
2.diseases of ext nose and vestibule ( just do nasal deformities, rhinophyma , furuncle. vestibulitis and names of benign malignant tumours in ext nose and vestibule)
3.nasal septum ( entire chp .. vv imp.. do SMR and septoplasty frm techniques.. they are v imp.. esp their indications and complications)
4.acute and ch rhinitis ( just do atrophic rhinitis rest just read through)
5.granulomatous diseases ( just do rhinoscleroma , fungal diseases, wegners )
6.miscellaneous diseases of nasal cavity ( entire chp ... foreign bodies and csf rhinorrhea vv imp)
7.allergic rhinitis ( entire chp.. if u are shrt of time u can leave it )
8.vasomotor rhinitis ( entire chp.. if u r shrt of time u can leave it as well )
9.nasal polyp (entire chp.. vvv imp)
10.epistaxis ( entire chp .. imp)\
11.trauma to face ( just do fracture of nose and oroantral fistula)
12.anatomy of PNS ( entire chp .. vv imp)
13.acute sinusitis ( read through ... do if u have time )
14. ch sinusitis ( just do fungal sinusitis , and surgery fr ch sinusitis... tht of maxillary sinusitis vv imp .. do the entire techniques fr surgeries of ch maxillary sinusitis)
15.complacations of sinusitis ( u should know the names .. do cavernous sinus thrombosis in detail)
16.neoplasms of nasal cavities ( u should know the names .. just to inverted papilloma in detail)
17.neoplasms od PNS ( just go through )

1. Anatomy ( v imp.. do the entire chp)
2. Adenoids ( v imp .. i did it from book and notes combined.. do adenoidectomy frm the techniques .. just go through it .. u should know its complacations , indications , containdications .. ) and thornwaldts abcess
3.tumours of nasopharynx ( do angiofibroma in detail.. from notes .. go through the notes as well .... nasopharynx ca.. all u need to know abt it is given at the end of the book in appendix 1 : some memorable nuggets fr rapid review in 2 lines)
4.acute and ch tonsillitis ( vv imp... do from notes .. also go through the book ... tonsillectomy .. do the entire tecnique.. its indications vvvv imp .. do those from notes ... their contra indications and complications .. do all of these from notes )
5.head and neck infections ( vv imp... esp retropharengeal abcess .. do the entire ch)
6.tumours of oropharynx ( just do styalgia )

1. anatomy ( vv imp .. do the entire chp)
2.acute and ch inflammations of larynx ( do acute epiglottitis , acute laryngo tracheo bronchitis , diphtheria , reinkes edema)
3.congenital lesions and stridor ( do the entire chp .. v imp )
4.laryngeal paralysis ( do the entire chp .. vv imp )
5.benign tumours of larynx ( do vocal nodules, vocal polyps , laryngocoele , squamous papilloma )
6.cancer of larynx ( vvvvv imp... do the entire chp.. dnt do the grading and stages if u are shrt of time... u should know the treatment of various grades of ca ... sir mostly asks tht)
7.voice and speech disorders ( entire chp)
8.tracheostomy ( vvvv imp .. do the entire chp esp indications and complications)
9. foreign body of air passages ( give it a read)

just do causes of dysphagia

i have mentioned them with every topic .. the ones u need to go through

If u manage to do all tht i have mentioned above .. tht is enough to get u through ur ENT 2 ward test fr the time being ... just dnt get scared ... the first time u study ENT it keeps getting jumbled up .. dnt fret .. happens to everyone... u atleast wud need to revise it once otherwise the jumbling wont stop..Dr Pal takes the viva himself... asks really easy and simple ques.. just dont get confused..
even if u flunk this ward test .. u can give it again with the next batch ... lets just hope it doesnt come to tht
adios and best of luck fr the ward test ..


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