4th Yr : EYE viva

Eye viva is the longest and the most hectic ...especially if u r the last batch... 3 batches together give the eye viva... u have to give 5 vivas
Viva no. 1 : Long case... in long case u mostly get cataract ... bt u can get other cases as well .. mine was squint... u have to take history and examine the patient and no dnt worry u wont be alone .. two students get a single long case..... bt no both of u wont have the same examiner... ones long case viva would be with an internal and the other one would have his with an external... u wont be wrting ur history and examination on eye examination sheets .. u would get a seperate answer sheet ... u have to write the entire history and examination on it...

Viva no. 2 : this is with Dr. sahi....he has with him 3 patient for short cases... he gives u the command as to which patient u have to examine and which eye... u are given 5 minutes for tht... u are required to have ur own eye examination sheets for tht ... take along the 25 histories u completed in the ward when u go for viva as well.... u hand over ur examination sheet to dr sahi ... he asks abt the findings and their causes... then he asks u to perform a dark room test... u give ur 25 histories to him..
Viva no. 3 : this is taken by an external .. he asks u to perform a dark room test.. and then asks questions related to it
Viva no. 4 : this is take by an internal... mine was taken by dr mumtaz ... he has infront of him instruments and various drugs like atropine, pilocarpine, tropicamide, tropical anesthetics... he asks u to pick one of them up... identify them and give their uses
Viva no. 5 : its with an external... he too has with him 3 or 4 short cases.. u are asked to examine the patient.. it would be specified as to what u have to examine...and then he takes viva on ur findings and conditions related to it

the sequence maynot go as above.,.... u are required to bring a torch, ur 25 histories, ward card and empty eye examination sheets. be there at 9;00

EYE VIVA Questions by Class of 2012

Furqan Waseem LONG CASE VC bht ucha viva letay n khulay number n causes of gradual painless loss o vision.. n other chotay motay sawal like why is it cataract not glaucoma n how will u tell k retina is not detached... n do IOP digial.. n projection of light.. etc.. n conceptual questns TABLE VIVA SIR MUMTAZ do instruments n dark room tests n their use n how to do test n indications of tool n aim of test n tools used.. 4 mdcns r also present.. pilocarpine phenylephrine tropicamide timolol n their use n effect.. how to do phaco n its benefit.. TABLE VIVA EXTRNAL instrument n its use n drugs n squint hook functiins n surgeries in which used n types of squint types of concomitant squint types of esotropic squint.. ptosis proptosis n causes of proptosis n thank you.. SHORT CASE SIR SAHI examine patient n be confident on ur findings or he will rag u.. get ur histries chkd by a unit 1 persnl looks fr diffrnt signs clr of pupil ? why is it opacity not a ulcer ?? (signs of inflammation n margins in ulcer ) SHRT CASE 2nd EXTRNAL squint.. types of squint. wat r findings ?? wat operations r done for it.. diffrnc bw recession n resection n in wat muscle is loosen.. IN NUTSHELL U CAN PASS EASILY.. if u r at baseline.. January 9 at 4:35pm via mobile · Unlike · 6 Wajeeha Batool rest of the random questions... CRVO.. endophthalmitis.. January 9 at 4:54pm · Like · 2 Muhammad Tayyab long case:..perform RAPD , diagnostic feature of cataract , management,advantages of phaco., table viva ,question regarding instrument. Mumtaz sahab:diff b/w squint hook and fish hook, findings of dark room tests one he asked to do, sahi:short case only findings and diff b/w corneal opacity and ulcer. external shrt case..: asked about complications of your diagnosis (findings). January 9 at 5:29pm · Unlike · 2 Noor Fishan Malik do they repeat questions generally? January 9 at 5:30pm via mobile · Like Muhammad Tayyab frequently. January 9 at 5:44pm · Like Rabi Anwar diagnostic feature of cataract konsa ha? January 9 at 7:36pm · Like Sarah Bakhsh Rabi white reflex :s? January 9 at 7:36pm · Like · 1 Rabi Anwar i guess...laikin white reflex k derh crore differentials hain mjhe laga jo DIAGNOSTIC FEATURE hai tou koi studd sa answer na ho!! January 9 at 10:08pm · Like · 1 Muzna S. EGgshell mmm, studness chaiye, baat me dam hai baby Black spot against red background-ish type koi cheez hai na opthalmoscopy is next thing you do to confirm cataract! Is it so? But white reflex best hai, so ower naho o_O January 9 at 10:27pm via mobile · Like · 1 Rabi Anwar slit lamp is the only way to cnfrm January 9 at 11:02pm · Like · 1 Rabi Anwar :P:P:P:P January 9 at 11:02pm · Like Muzna S. EGgshell ufffff ! Adwanced cheezo se dur rahe Bedside pe basics hy diagnostic hai so shush and eye ke liye don stand on your head to answer 23 Q's :| January 9 at 11:07pm via mobile · Like Muhammad Tayyab it depends who ll' take ur long case ...today VC and Sir Imran were taking ours...vc was very nice but imran was a little -----it's hard to satisfy him. January 9 at 11:12pm · Like Iqra Anwar by looking at 3 clinical features cataract z confirmed i.e iris shadow,white reflex and purkingi images.....but best 1 to confirm z white reflex checked thru fundoscopy.... January 9 at 11:13pm · Like Muhammad Tayyab jab meri bari ai thi tu mera patient bhi bhag chuka tha ....so don't let your patient lost otherwise there will be a --------.! January 9 at 11:16pm · Like · 1 Wania Abbas Warraich long case VC:clinical dif btw cataract n glaucoma,if a pt is having both glaucoma n cataract ,wat will u treat first n y?if one has dacryocystitis n cataract,wat will u treat first n y,dif methods to check IOP, TABLE VIVA XTERNALl:uses of squint hook,...See More January 10 at 1:47am · Like · 1 Nayab Tariq Cataract mein pupil does not appear white. its pearly white. ~External January 10 at 3:59pm via mobile · Like · 1 Nayab Tariq And do find out the mechanism of RAPD, an answer that can satisfy the external, if u can! And optical principals of dark room tests. January 10 at 4:02pm via mobile · Lik


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