Final year Frenzy - The Complete Guide

Final year looms quicker than any of us imagine,and five year are over in a gist,when you suddenly find yourself surrounded by Medicine,Surgery,Gynae/Obstetrics and Paediatrics.
I will write a short review on the books I followed,the ones i dint,the ones that helped and the ones that did not at all.

Why is this going to help you?
This is going to be of help,because in all your years you had the heavenly presence of your seniors,whom you could go running back when and if needed,but landing in final year you find a void of that wise guidance,and you have to figure out things more yourself.

Find out what works for you.
DON'T try feeding on the recipe passed on from generations,not even this one,take it as a guide and then mix and match,and see which potion works magic for you.

Lets begin..


In medicine I studied a few chapters from DAVIDSON and a few from KUMAR AND CLARK,both are excellent books,but at the end of reviewing both,i found that Davidson spoke to me more,so I followed Davidson more than PJ Kumar and Clark,PJ is more pathology oriented,with somewhat a heavier language which made it hard to retain for me,but I also know people who found that PJ worked for them,specially some of my seniors who had read PJ and had advised me as well,then again the bottom line being "find what works for you".
You will land in final year,and everywhere you will hear "yaar Inaam Danish is the key to passing the exam",this is a huge fallacy,and needs to addressed,there is no SUBSTITUTE for quality books.I found that the amount of time one would spend memorizing it,was way more than the time it would take you to read a chapter from Davidson,which is not only building a concept,but also helping one retain it.
A good book in Medicine helps you in all of your future exams as well,I did not even buy Inam Danish,from the fear of going astray.
Try going through as much of Medicine as you can in your ward time,as it is the best time for it,I got this advice too,but at the same time it is kind of hard to act on it,but still I would like to pass these golden words down the lane,someone might do it.:)

Shamim is the worst book ever written,it has sentences hanging in the air,which would require quite a lot of brains to link them and make some sense out of them.Every other person will advice you this book,but for your own sake,make it your own decision.
I did most of Special surgery from Bailey and Love,it was hard but I managed,supplement it with Ellis Lecture note.This little book is a genius,its like a genie who tells you everything worth knowing without cluttering your mind with all the useless ramblings.
I did General Surgery from Dogar's General Surgery,its a concise book,not so badly written considering that it is a local book,and supplmented the important topics from Bailay and Love.


There is not much advice for Gynae/Obs,book by Dr.Arshad Chohan,is a very explicitly written book which is easy to understand as well,your Lady Wellingdon ward test helps you in preparing the subject for the Prof,being based on the same pattern as the final exam.

Unfortunately for Paeds,there is Pervez Akbar,a horrendous book,with no good sense at all,supplement the book with your Medicine book,as this would not only increase the speed of covering the topics at the end but also in long term retention of the subject.

GOOD LUCK! If you need help,feel free to ask!


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