General Tips for Vivas by Dr. Naeem Majeed

General Tips For Vivas
Naeem Majeed MBBS(KEMU) BSc(PU)

For vivas, first and the foremost thing is stay relaxed, calm and cool... and be confident... the professors are not going to eat you... they are not monsters (trust us... we've faced all the professors at KEMU, all of them were normal human beings like the rest of us! Just that they are more experienced in the field...)
Viva is most of the times luck... you may be asked a single question and that's it... you are passed... but it varies a lot from examiner to examiner...
Preparation for viva is a bit different from writtens... while in written papers you got to know the entire topic, in viva, you are not required that depth of knowledge... but you must know all the definitions, commonly asked values/equations, etc... and you must know the short answers... be precise in your answers... if definition is asked, don't go into the detailed description... definition should be complete... you can give examples if you like to...
and if you are asked a question which you do not know, simply say I don't know, sorry, or anything like that... Do not waste the time of the examiner... it infuriates most of them... moreover they spend a pre-defined amount of time on each examinee... if you waste too much time on one question, you are going to lose some of your questions... resulting in poor percentage of performance e.g. you will score higher if you answer 9/10 questions, instead of 3/4 questions... although you drop just a single question in both cases!



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