As the legendary professor Akram retires a lot of changes are expected and necessary in the physiology department at KEMU.
Both 1st and 2nd year are bound to alter their study methodologies........ here are a few things that might help you along

First year
You guys are the LUCKY ONES because you don't need to spend loooooooonnnnnnnngggg hours in front of the HATED and LOATHED Grey book ......... you have all the time at you want to make your physiology as good as it gets cuz the most useful subject in the wards is gonna be physio ( anatomy is just gonna keep you preoccupied and bio chem will just irritate you like a dengue mosquito) .Guyton is your basic text book. Other books are Mushtaq( particularly good for respiration unit............ you dont find asphyxia and chloride shift written that easy any where else)..... Ganong is one tough book and only see it if you have first done guyton and have alot of time..........Jaypee is a local text that made me smile every time.... it is real easy, to the point and THE book u want if u have not studied anything the night before the test ( but NEVER replace it completely with guyton)

As far as the teachers go Dr. Mehrunnisa is an ace of physiology. Listen to her closely and feel free to question her if you don't get the hang of anything , she is very helpful........ Dr Zubair actually announced his number in the class so that students can ask him questions anytime [ he is surprisingly good and quick at replying........... not something you expect from a teacher :O] Dr. Shafique also has a really good grip and never scares the students off.
Blood, CVS ,Renal and respiration are the larger units( CVS being the largest) you need atleast a week to prepare there test (10 days for CVS) .Always keep the last day for revision..... the rest can be done in 3 or 4 days...........

so........ BEST OF LUCK.....and any thing else you wanna know just lemme know.

Second year
Now you don't have to do the purple book although it was not even close to being as bad as the grey one......... stick to guyton throughout and supplement with mushtaq or jaypee at your own ease.......... CNS is gonna take alot of time and do ask your teachers to break it down to 2 or 3 tests instead of one......... Endocrinology is very important and conceptual............ its frustratingly long in guyton but don't forget to re view it from jaypee( i kind ov preferred it from JP) GIT is a real piece of cake.........
Just enjoy your time and have fun...........

Rabia Zia


  1. What a convenient short & cute guide ! :)

  2. @ 1st and 2nd year
    anythng u wanna ask... we seniorz are here

  3. very nyc guide!..i always refer to this whenever m having trouble with studies.... can u plz elaborate the details abt all the units of 1st yr physiology (anat n bio too if posible ). details like wich topic shud b done frm wich book n how much time shud b given etc etc...

  4. bt baji mcqs khn se prepare krn..??? sara prepare kar k gae the bt mcqs aik b ni ate the ap plzzz un k bare m guide krn=( we are xtremely worried about that.............


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