Random stuff - 1st years

Hello 1st years!!

Fatima waqar has welcomed you all really nicely! With all the facts :p

So i would like to highlight some other aspects "now that you have finally stepped into the medical world" :)

Once you start 1st year and get bombarded with substages/tests "or i think now they take monthly tests" anyyyyhowwwww point is you'll be facing alot of burden IN TINY HANDS :p Now due to this and the difficulty many will face in handling "the new system a step more than FSc" will somewhat bring you guys a level down WATCHOUT ON THIS!
By "a level down" i mean that many of you who have had interests/activites other than studies will tend to give them up "for the sake of medicine", now the question is are you supposed to give up your life for one particular thing? And then wrongly blame KE for it? NAH!! I completely disagree, BALANCE OUT YOUR LIFE (taking care of everything: your personal likes and your duty as a student your duty towards ALLAH, be part of everything you wish WITH ENTHUSIASM, especially the SPORTS WEEK! and any other societies that catch your attention! These 5 years are your last years TO ENJOY STUDENT LIFE so please dont waste them all on books or staying tensed! Do everything with JOY, make friends, make enemies :p DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN and this will be "THE MEMORY"
when your teeth start falling out hhahahahahahahah

Please feel free to mention what you would like to hear from me so would be writing only that in future posts inshaAllah!



  1. haha oh u r good! :D n okay so i duno about girls.. but the guys!! surely need to read this one! :D lol
    hi n u mentioned the sports week so cud u pls tell abt societies too! n by that i mean the real deal! as in works-to-be-done as a member and things-u-get-to-boast about.. ll be waiting for it.. thankx :)

  2. good job muzna !

    and i will write up on societies in KEMU as nobody knows each and everyone of them like I do ;)

  3. lol ! blame it on the societies ! (debating in this case !)

  4. hahahahahhaha awwwww thanks nida and anonymous :p
    haha busy ppl YESS BILAL DUE DATE :p thanks :)

  5. haha but if thats how it is, then anyways count one less in ur list!
    this society needs sir Shakeel's 'discipline' therapy! :D and we r certainly NOT up for that!

  6. good job MUZNA SIS !!!


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