Study Less Learn More (part1)

"I studied for so long, still couldn't score as high as I'd expected"

"I studied so i open the book and I'm totally BLANK !"
( Sounds familiar?     No!     Read on...  )

"She didn't study a word for heaven's sake! and still passed the test with flying colours !"

"How the heck she performed so well in vivas with the same degree of preparation as I have !"

( Rings a bell?     A bit!      Carry on...  )

"Gosh! how does she manage to have all the facts on her fingertips !"

"Whoa! Hows she's able to 'discuss' when I'm barely able to 'recall' !"

(Aha! you winced! I can see it stirred an emotive memory ; rather a biting,haunting one !)

Does these questions bombard and bamboozle your mind often ?

Do you wish to manage your time wisely and spare moments for social outings and extracurricular s?

Do you wish to be a part of the 'cool community' who are rarely seen studying yet somehow manage to top the tests ?

Do you feel doubtful sometimes that all the knowledge you are committing so brutally to memory would crumble down to flabbergasting,bootless pieces of facts when confronted with real-time-clinical cases ?

Does your brains feels like a wobbly jelly_due to the vigorous,pop eyed nodding you've been supporting while reading these questions?

If so, then heave a sigh of relief,  breathe and   smile!
In this series 'Study Less, Learn More'
you'll find all the answers you need,all the guidance you long for!

I'll be sharing some scientifically supported techniques. some time-tested tools,
 and some I-wish-someone-had-told-me tips.

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  1. i think it would have been better if u had posted something in support of ur content rather than claiming that u can make people do all that. otherwise it seems a bit over stated

  2. There is no survival in medicine without studying!
    And nobody can top without having a firm grip of the topic! Yea some people may recall better than others but that isn't related to studying more or less! IT IS STUDYING THE RIGHT WAY AND MATERIAL!
    Anyways would be great help whatever you are willing to suggest, looking fwd to read!
    thanks :)

  3. but still u have to write claims dnt have any value. i will agree with the above person in the fact that" there is no short cut in life". u can improve ur effieciency adn technique but still u have to study adn good studying always pays off


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