4th Yr: Patho tests - General stuff

okay guys so by now u would have settled down as the "4th years".... congratulations on the awesome result and the fact tht now u are officially in 4th year..... okay so this post is a reminder to the upcoming patho tests ..... our first patho test was after the april break... after getting it delayed ofcourse... originally it was at the end of march.... my advice DNT gt it delayed.... right after april break is a bad idea because u never gt around to opening ur books in april break... our first test had hugeeeeee syllabus... it included heart , blood vessels , git and endocrine..... u might wanna gt a head start now and start at least giving a superficial read to the systems u r being in taught in class right now.... its nt necessary tht u guys too gt the exact same syllabus fr the tests ...... gt the important topics marked by the seniors ... u usuallly gt important topics in test ... the test pattern wud be mcqs first then the subjective... the subjective usually has one pbq , 2 leqs and 4 seqs... bt nt necessary tht u would gt the exact same pattern..... fr the sitting arrangement .. the class is divided into 2 halves .... the first hundred in patho and the rest in forensic..... those forensic are ofcourse always luckier than the ones in patho... forensic lec theatre being the dream lec theatre fr tests *winks*..... the tests invigilation depends on what teacher u would ... usually its nt tht strict... bt always better if u study fr the tests... if nt make sure u have a friend who does :P... ...


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