The BSc English Exam: Guide to Becoming a Graduate before completing your MBBS !!


 by Rafeh Saeed and McFearless


Anyone having his/her MBBS 2nd prof result card in hand [Passed ofcourse;)] can apply to sit for BSc.english examination. The subjects that we study in 1st and 2nd year are enough to fulfil the requisites (including Pak studies and Islamiat), and when you take the english paper, u're qualified to be a BSc graduate!


You'll have an additional degree of Bachelor of Science in addition to the usual BACHELOR OF MEDICINE AND BACHELOR OF SURGERY. And this also by simply appearing in an English exam.
This Bsc degree can be helpful for those in-particular who have made their minds to join civil services or continue their carreers as masters in science of any speciality conjoined to medicine or strongly related.
It can adorn your CV. And you can stand in an election by fulfilling the graduate requirement ! (legally of course)


1. Registration
To appear in Bsc english examination, every MBBS student first need to get himself/herself registered with the Punjab University. This registeration process starts during summer break every year and usualy the PU authorities provide little duration of about 1-2 weeks before the deadline ends- which obviously means no registerations anymore-now you have to wait for another whole year:( (UPDATE: The registration for next years papers have started already according to so dont miss this chance if your aiming to give the paper next year) PLEASE SEE THIS LINK

This registration form, duly filled, has to be submitted to registration dep't, Quaid-e-azam campus, PU. They charge a nominal fee of about RS: 1850/- for registration.

2.Wait for the registration card
Every candidate recieves the registeration card at home after a gap of about 2,3 months. Its a cool blue colored printed card with you photo. Keep it in a safe place for next step as you need a photocopy of it later on. It is important to understand that you've now applied to become a private candidate to appear in a Punjab University exam but you still have to apply to take the exam when the dates are announced in around October-November.

3. what now? Apply for the BSc English Exam
Each candidate willing to appear for BSc.english exam during the following session must register for respective examination before the date for it ends-which usualy is done during October-November of each year. 

Forms for examination registeration are available @
One can download the form(also available at PU old campus bookshop in anarkali) get it filled, submit it along with an exam fee of about RS:3000/- i think at Qaid-e-azam campus of PU(Exam Branch). (New Campus) The document requirements are all in written on back. 

4. Receive the roll number slip
After completing all this, each candidate recieves the roll # slip usualy during the month of february/march(the next year of registration with the university) which is probably half a month before commencement of exam.

5. Take the exam!
Then ofcourse you prepare for exam and appear on the specified day. Center for exam is sometimes near and sometimes far from the address mentioned on each candidate's form!

Preparation for the exam:-
Most of my fellows agreed with me that the preparation for exam is a piece of cake.
There is only one book to study
The "A selection of english prose for BSc students)  published by Caravan bookhouse Costs around Rs. 50

This book is sufficient to get you through.
Then there is also this guide book BSc simple english grammar & compostion by Prof Zia Ur Rehman Khan Costs around Rs. 300. This book covers the grammar part well and also has answers to all the questions written at the end of the official textbook. This is good for people who are accustomed to using guidebooks and being spoon-fed (FSc ishtyle) and you should get this one too

Preparation is really easy. Devote 1 week before the exam. The time when the exam happens is good for us Kemcolians as there's not many tests happening and the Prof season is way over. So, personally i studied for maximum of 3 days before the exam and I didnt find the paper difficult at all. I just went through the Prose. Looked at the pattern of Report, precis writing in an hour. (some people even memorized this stuff and the essays as well)

Paper Pattern
Q1 Prose 50 Marks (Comprises of simple questions given at the end of each chapter, you have to have been through all the chapters) Good news for us kemcolians as we've forgotten about having choice in an exam.. You have to attempt 3 out of 5 questions. So even if you read 2/3rd of the prose, you're good to take on this part of the exam
Q2 Comprehension and Precis writing 15 MARKS (Again this is a baby question, you have to pick up lines from the passage given and fit it in the questions asked. Its important to review the precis writing 5 marks the rules and basics, and you're all set for this question) No choice
Q3 Report writing 10 Marks(Review the pattern of the report and write a 2-3 page report) No choice 
Q4 Translation from Urdu into English 10 Marks( This one was pretty easy too, i didnt prepare as such for this one) No choice in this one
Q5 Essay (The essay is a joke as well. They require a 100 or a 200 word essay which i found very annoying, as normally you only get to warm-up at this word-limit.. Bottomline: If your english is good, dont worry about this part at all.. If not, then go through the high-yield essays from a grammar book once. There are 4 topics and you have to pick one)

General Experience Overview
 I found this an interesting experience, and would like every kemcolian to give this paper. The only annoyance is filling up forms and fulfilling the requirements, getting stuff attested :( But I had fun giving this paper ! and now waiting to put a BSc degree on my business cards once the result comes out :P :P

Update1: The results of Class of 2012: McFearless topped in his class with a 71/100 :p. And EVERYONE passed ! Those who didnt even buy a book !

Update 2: Collecting the degree ( Replied by Umar Hafeez Class of 2011)
U Will Have to submit an Application for that.Degree is free of cost after 1 year of result.After submission of Application it will be mailed to ur address in 2 months.U can download form from the PU site and attach documents n attestation is required.

Fee for Issuing Degree Before 1 Year is 1400 i think.U will have to Pay that Fee for issuing before 1 Year.Procedure Is Same.Just U will attach a 1400 FEE VOUCHER with UR FORM IN CASE U R issuing it before 1 year of result.And if after 1 year u will just submit form in P.U in Degree Issuing Branch which is in adminitration section.Rest of the instructions are on the form.Backside.U can download it from internet.

Paper of 2011

Past-papers of last 11 years: Thanks to Usama Iqbal (Class of 2012)


  1. WOWWW...!! simply awesome guide...!! thankyou so much MC fearless...!!!

  2. and also thanks to rafeh bhai...! =)

  3. kia registration 2nd year m.b.b.s mein ho sakti hai so that 3rd year mein exam de dia jaaye

  4. Thank you Farkhanda =)

    @Mian Adeel, not possible, as you have to attach 1st prof part 2 result card which you dont have till the start of 3rd year (and the registration time has passed by then)
    So it can only be given in 4th year ! (registration done in 3rd year)

  5. hey thnx how do u get the actual bsc degree after u hv received the result of the english paper ?

  6. Bravo!
    thanks alot!

  7. Thank you McFearless for that awesome guide! So I just decided that I need to give this english exam but I graduated in 2010. So now do I attach my mbbs degree or do you think i'll have to get that stupid pmdc registration thing? I dont think theres any time for that :(

  8. hi
    i gave english paper and was awarded B.Sc degree but on it only english paper along with marks were mentioned (50/100). now i quit MBBS and plannd to do masters but for that i went for equivalence cell in HEC isl for getting my B.Sc degree equivalent to normal B.Sc degree but they say its bogus because all subjects were not mentioned onmyr degree. although i provided them with my all doc from metric till 1st proff result card but they simply showd me a red flag

  9. if we wish to give the exam nxt yr wen can we register ... the official website hasnt updated its pg.... abi b 2012 kay candidates kay liye info hai

  10. Hi
    So if I register this year- I get the registration card in a couple of months- then I get to sit in the exam in oct/nov 2013?

  11. If the exam is given in 4th year, THE DEGREE can be collected within the same year or is it mandatory to wait a whole year?

  12. salam..i am 4th year MBBS student in university were recognized by pmdc but not now...please answer me either i can apply or not for BSC english exam...please reply soon thanks

  13. salam..i am 4th year MBBS student in university were recognized by pmdc but not now...please answer me either i can apply or not for BSC english exam...please reply soon.. thanks.


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