SPWS 4th Annual Charity Bake-sale 2011!!

The most enticing event of the year is just around the corner! SPWS brings you the BAKE SALE 2011!!

Treat your taste buds with the home-made delicacies of our Kemcolian Chefs.

And join hands with SPWS to raise funds to upgrade the ICU n HUD of East Medicine and South Surgical Wards of Mayo Hospital.
A Proud Anecdote:
Last Year’s bake sale was indeed an incredible one. The SPWS was able to generate a sum total of Rs. 223524/- . And the 1st Year (present 2nd Year) stunned everybody with its fun filled b’day theme and a marvelous sales’ day ending at Rs. 82540/-. (The effort of the whole class was highly acknowledged and the class was awarded a shield and a letter of appreciation.)
SPWS on the other hand performed this sanctimonious task of handing over SLE 2000 infant ventilator and siemens compressor to M.S LWH for the little angels.

This year SPWS has aimed to donate the following equipments to Mayo Hospital: ventilators, cardiac monitors, defibrillators and pulse oxymeters.
So come and be a part of this lifework! SPWS is indeed the glistening star of hope and the mesmerizing source of inspiration for all.
30th May ___ 2nd Year
31st May ___ 1st Year
1st June ___3rd Year
2nd June ___Final Year
3rd June ___Allied Health
4th June ___4th Year

Location: Pharmacology Ground
Time: 10am – 12pm
Corps Admin:
Project Director: Zarsham Ali
Project Supervisor: Huma Ahmed, Ahmed Naseer, Muhammad Bilal
Project Managers: Sadaf Hafeez, Rukhsar Naseer, Umair Ahmed, Omer Farooq, Humaira Sarfaraz, Nida Rauf


  1. Woooowww i love the explanation of our bake sale last yearrr...2nd year rocks...!!! =))))

  2. that was once again nida's briliant idea:)

  3. Although I have read it late but it is awesome:)


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