The Stale shreds of my wilted days-Ruminations in First Year by WildAnthem 2nd Year

   I jotted down the following paragraphs in a fit of frank confession when I was in First year.First year's ( thankfully) over now,but I think that some new  first year students will be able to "connect" with what I've said in this blog post :)
  OK,here goes... 

    I sometimes think that some unseen force shreds up all my days 

in some giant,invisible shredder hanging somewhere in a blackhole 

in the cosmos-and then sends me back the shreds,the dregs,the 

cut-up crass so I've got something to mull over as I drift off to 


It's a far-fetched idea...But then desperate times invariably 

bring forth desperate thoughts (Desperate measures too,But that 

doesn't really apply here.I wouldn't be writing this  soaked 

soliloquy otherwise.I would be studying.)

  So what's my problem?Well-I can't fit in the study routine 

required from me by KEMU!I was good enough to get here...But I've 

mutated since I came here!I'm just not the good student I once 

was.And I know,I whine a lot....So every day I promise to 

study,and every day I end up not doing so.
     What happened to me when I passed through the arches of 

KEMU? I didn't come here with the feeling that I'd become a part 

of the awe-inspiring legions of the ubiquitous"Kings and Queens" 

Pakistan couldn't do without(Okay..too many adjectives in this 

sentence.But I can't curb my "instincts" when it comes to 

adjectives).I had no illusions about making it "Big" at KE.Not 

for me to prance in an overcoat and carry about the insigna of 

KEMU as a passport to better places.

   I just wanted to GET into KE.That I DID.I had never thought 

about the things which would ultimately get rolling once I'd 

entered into KEMU.

    During F.Sc  -Swotting up before the exams-the only thing 

which kept me going was the mini-movie I'd conjured up and saved 

in my mind to "hypnotise" me into swotting even more:
   The one featuring me and my friends pirouetting all over KE on 

our first day,cracking our fingers to an euphoria-inducing 

war-song of"WE GOT IN! WE GOT IN!".There was a programmed 

choreography to it all,one group entering the parking lot from 

the north,one from the south-all assembling to bang our feet to 

the plaintive drone of "WE GOT IN".It was unrealistic,but it got 

me through the times that still make me shudder.

     If anything,blessed am I to be finally out of the clutches 

of F.Sc.And blessed am I ,too,to  get  a place in KEMU.It's a 

miracle which has got me here,and I cannot thank Allah for all 

the ways He has helped me.

   Those barbaric powers-that-be which control our examination 

system make sure your body-juices get all dried up as you 

traverse the heaving seas of F.Sc.And No,I'm not ranting in some 

POST-F.Sc hangover....The memories of that horrible hell-hole 

just got some old wounds pricking.How melodramatic I'm 

getting.Forgive me.It wasn't ALL that bad as that.I'm complaining 

too much.It's all a part of being an inconsolable bundle of 


  All I'm trying to say is-I wasn't prepared to deal with the 

post-admission life.The life that awaits you once you get into 

KEMU.Ofcourse,coming from  a family where MBBS might as be the 

standard degree for all forms female,I was subjected to 

orientation lectures at the dining table,in the car,in the 


   I was told that the first two months would drop like a 

bombshell- That The substages were hungry for blood.That the 

Stages were were desperate drug-lords out for a kill.And the 

send-ups?Merely ice-cold warriors who'd love to scalp you at the 

fist opportunity.How did I take all this?With a pinch of salt.I 

was too excited to worry about substages.And I was full of "The 

blind optimism of youth".

  When I gave that first module of mine,I knew that KEMU is just 

a "code" word.

   A code word for a cult organization here to drive you nuts 

till you enter their throng as "Dewormed doctors"(All happiness 

sucked out).I knew that KEMU stands for "Keratinised exoskeletons 

mauling undergraduates".Atleast,that was the impression I got 

after my first tutorial viva.
    I respect my teachers with all my heart.I just couldn't 

resist putting together the above-mentioned acrimonious anagram! 

It's all in a good sense.No offence.And I'm scared too,of the 

Gustapo,the Swatzi,the secret nazi police....what if my anagram 

of KEMU reaches the ears of some professor.I would be mummified 

  Still,I'm alive and that's a consolation.Atleast I'm not a 

rebel sweltering in  a jungle in Srilanka ,or some kid starving 

in Africa.And one thing-I salute all those people in my class who 

study like hell.First year is like that-either study or become a total 

procrastinator like me :)  
PS: I AM still alive (and kickin').First year may seem hard sometimes...but trust me,it's one roller coaster ride with a lot of laughs in between! 
  It's really up to you to decide how you swallow this pill- grinning or groaning? 
   My Advice: Just plaster a grin on your face .Atleast it'll drive people NUTS wondering what you're so happy about :) 


  1. effort.

  2. hey anum thnx for the comment. and what does "hmmmm" translate to,I wonder? lol just kidding! thanks again!

  3. honest experience that most of us can relate too...neat! you should write more (whoever you are :P) cause you've got a great expression! Do take a whack at flexing your literary skills on kellogs! :)


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