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Hey there!
Updates, updates. It's the time of year to let all those beautiful stories and poetry around and inside you to flow out on paper. KELS(English) Short story and Poetry Writing competition is just around the corner. So hurry up and get your cerebral motors up and running folks. It's going to be a hell of a competition out there.
And while you're doing that, take a look at these creative writings that won accolades in last year's competition. These master-pieces penned by our fellow Kemcolians actually got published in Us magazine of the News. Brillianto, we'd say!
So savour these wonderful creations dear readers and do show up on the 19th. Who knows, we may be harboring a whole new generation of future Pakistani literati right within our campus walls.

Thought of The Day: The pen is mightier than the sword...and a whole lot easier to write with too.


  1. Faiza has the sequel to the Zero Point blog been out already?? that is certainly one of my fav ones!

  2. Also i love the thought of the day.. i think its one of the best examples of changing morals in generations! Let aside the 'religious interpretation to it (which obviously is right beyond discussion),

    Do u still think this thought has same practical ratings? Aint this time more like Douglas McArthur's version: “Whoever thinks the pen is mightier than the sword clearly has never encountered automatic weapons.” So what is everyone's opinion on it?


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