By Farkhanda Qaiser

MBBS 1st PROF Part I SEND-UP Examination 2010

Time allowed: 2 hrs & 15 minutes

Attempt all questions:


Q1: a)

Classify the enzyme inhibition along with examples. (4)

b) What is biochemical importance of line weaver burke plot, support your answer graphically? (3)

Q2: Enumerate 5 major nucleotides in human body and explain their biochemical importance. (6)

Q3: a)

Define and enumerate glycosaminogylcans? (1)

b) Elaborate their structural and functional relationship. (2)

c) Compare and contrast the structure and functions of hemoglobin and myoglobin, support your answer graphically. (4)


Q4: A 70 year old lady suddenly developed fracture of neck of femur, without any history of injury.

a) What are the possible causes of fracture? (1)

b) Discuss the sources, distribution, types, absorption and transport of calcium in the body. (6)

c) Elaborate the functions and regulation of calcium in the body. (6)

d) How will you manage this case? (2)

e) Discuss critically the effects of calcium deficiency. (5)


Q5: a)

Enumerate fat soluble vitamins. (1)

b) Elaborate the antioxidant role of vitamin E. (4)

c) Discuss the sources, absorption, transport, storage and biochemical role of vitamin K? (6)

d) Explain the 3Ds disease? (2)

e)Which vitamin is deficient in this case? (1)

f)Elaborate the biochemical role of this vitamin? (6)



Q1: a)

Classify enzymes.

b) Describe role of oxidoreductases and transferases.

Q2: write notes on:

a) Diagnostic value of enzymes.

b) Enzymes as drugs.

Q3: explain enzyme induction and repression.

Q4: a)

Describe factors affecting rate of enzyme activity.

b)Explain role of substrate concentration.

Q5: a)

Explain coenzymes.

b) Describe their role in body.


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