By Farkhanda Qaiser

As the HOD of physiology has changed this year so there maybe slight modifications in the important topics this year. I guess Maam Mehr un Nisa must have stressed upon the topics that are really important so my advice is do not ignore the guess that has been given by her…!!!

And the rest of the tidbits are the same as I’ve given earlier.

1st Prof Part I Annual Examination 2010

Time Allowed: 02 hours and 15 minutes.

Attempt all questions:


Q1: a)

Give mechanism of genesis of resting membrane potential. What is the effect of hyperkalemia on this potential? (7)


What are the functions of peroxisomes? (3)

Q.2: name plasma proteins. Give their functions. What are the effects of hypoproteinemia? (10)

Q3: a)

A deep sea diver after remaining for 6 hours in deep sea returns to the sea surface. A few hours after his return, he develops severe pain in limbs and breathlessness.

i) From which disease, the deep sea diver suffers? (2)

ii) What is the cause of this disease? (2)

iii) Give the treatment of this disease. (2)


What is dead space? Give its types and advantages. (4)


Q4: a)

How is coronary blood flow regulated? (7)

b) What is type I AV block? (3)


Q5: a)

How is urine acidified? (5)

b) What is endocrinal function of the kidney? (5)

Q6: a)

Draw a sketch showing the intrinsic pathway of blood coagulation. (5)

b) What are pressure changes in atria during the cardiac cycle? (5)

This was the question paper of the profs 2010 and I have questions of class tests too but I don’t think they’d be of any use now. You (I’m assuming if someone does read this, it would be only 1st year) should look up your own class tests of this year and high chances are that the prof questions would be mostly from among those. But yeah the purpose of telling important topics is that you should prepare these better than the rest. At no cost, it means that you should do ONLY these topics. No, no, that would be disastrous for sure. So do everything and have faith in Allah. Good luck =)


  1. well dont know if it was of any use to any kemcolian,, but this blog surely helped me.. essentially an FJite..:P
    thanks for the q's.

  2. Thank you Safoora :) It's good to know that our blog is reaching beyond borders as well :)

  3. this will surely help..:p

  4. question 3 explain kr den

  5. q 3 is about caisson's disease

  6. form this question paper it seems that i'm gonna top the exam but when I open my books it seem that i'm the most dumb person on earth!!!!!!


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