The World through my eyes...

By Farkhanda Qaiser

I was in Year 6 when my new creative writing teacher made me fall in love with books...

I would be buried deep in one novel or the other while my friends made plans to watch movies and play games...

Years flew by and I entered college and then university...

Life became busy...novels were bought and stacked on the bookshelves unread...

I wondered whether I was losing my touch...

So I began writing for has been a happy journey so far...

Just a glimpse at some of my writings...

Blogs on KELLOGS:

1) And We Won...

2)Euthanasia - Choice to Die

3)Kemcolian Chronicles (Part 1)

4)Kemcolian Chronicles (Part 2)

5)Farkhanda's YLC memoirs

Blogs on KEMunited

1) Story of a successful campaign

2)Top Eatouts around KEMU

3)Managing multiple societies at one time

My article printed in Us Magazine:

Over the new Moon

My article printed in KEMCOL:

1st year Class Diary

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