Pharma Send-up Paper 2011

BDS Pharma Send-up paper held on 8-09-011

1.why is bio-tranfsormation  necessary? What is the effect of enzyme inducer and inhibitor on bio-transformation

2.Bioavailability , enumerate factors

3.Classify local anesthetic according to duration of action. Give adverse effects of local anaesthtics

4.Give merits and demerits of Halothane

5. Enumerate ß lactem antibiotics. Give MOA of Penicillin

6. Give MOA of Nystallin and Amphotericin

7. Give MOA and toxic effects of Digoxin along with treatment

8.MOA and uses of Metronidazole

 9. Give Moa and adverse affects of Methotrexate

10. Different regimen for treatment of H.pylori induced peptic ulcers

Courtesy : Fatima 2nd year BDS


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