KAPS and KemUnited present: KemComics Fiesta 2012

KAPS and KemUnited
KAPS KemComics Fiesta 2012

Make a funny comic depicting the theme "Kemcolianism at its Finest".
You can also add a caption to your comic.
Email it to blog@kemu.edu.pk before 6th March 2012.
Voting will commence from 7th March 2012 on KemUnited facebook page for 1 week.
Final results after 1 week of voting will be announced on 15th March.

Winners (Top3) will get Trophies at KAPS Arts Exhibition 2012 and feature in Kemcol Pictorial Section 2012. And every participant will get Certificates.

1) A person can submit multiple entries
2) Photos will be judged on the following criteria:
50%: By Judges based on Creativity, humor and editing quality
50%: The number of "Likes" a photo gets on KemUnited facebook page
3) The Organizers of the competition reserve the right to reject any entry found to be offensive

Tauseef Omer (Ex-President KAPS)
Qasim Khan (Ex-President KEDS, Graphics designer)

Event Supervisor:
Muhammad Bilal
Usama Pasha

Asst Event Supervisors:
Moeed Ahmad
Ahmad Hassan

Take some ideas from the sample pics given below:-

How to make
Here are few links for making the comics:-

You can also use paint, photoshop and other photo editors.


  1. Still can't find the 'admins' name in the blog Moeed! :/ or is it censored too? =D
    Haha btw are the trophies same as last year's photocaptioning T.R.O.P.H.I.E.S.?? :p

  2. No Nida! The trophies are much better now !!

  3. Plz increase the width of your blog to make it look better.
    Have a look at mine plz:

  4. so to participate one just has to mail the pic??

  5. Yes anosha.. we have received ur entries..


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