ENT Sir Pal's Viva Questions

Sir Pal's Viva Qs in ENT ward test on October 1st,2012

1.otomycosis treatment

2.Difference b/t Boil and Boyle Davis. Boil is staphylococcal inf. of hair follicle. Boyle Davis is a name of mouth gag instrument.

3.Smelly bloody discharge from nose of a child.Diagnosis ?
Foreign Body In Nasal cavity/ Rhinolith
Its treatment ?
If foreign body is small , remove directly
If its large , first break it down and then remove the pieces
If its impacted inside the cavity , perform Lateral Rhinotomy

4.Diseases of Ethmoid ?
Ethmoid sinusitis , ethmoid polyps , tumors etc

5.Nerve supply of tip of nose and chin ?
Nose tip : Anterior Ethmoidal Nerve. Chin : Mental branch of trigeminal (?)

6.Diff b/t orbital cellulitis and orbital abscess ?

7.Median cervical cyst is seen that moves with tongue protrusion. Whats the diagnosis ?
Thyrogloassal cyst
Name of surgery to treat it ?
Sistrunk surgery

8.Mucormycosis, Glabellar Reflex, Young's Operation, indications for tracheostomy, Holman Miller Sign (in case of Angiofibroma)


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