Final Year Obstetrics Exam - Important topics

Final Year Obstetrics Exam - Important topics

  • Antenatal Care,
  • Physiological Changes in pregnancy(esp cvs,renal, blood), 
  • Hypertension in preg, 
  • Diabetes in preg,
  • Anaemia in preg,
  • Antepartum haemorrhage(APH),
  • Post partum haemorrhage(PPH), 
  • ABO fetomaternal incompatibility, 
  • Twin Pregnancy,
  • Preterm Labour,
  • Poly n oligiohydromnios,
  • CTG test,
  • Puerperal pyrexia.
  • *DEFINITIONS of attitude,lie,presentation,malpresentation,position,engagement of head,crowning of head,moulding,caput succedaneum,cephalhematoma.
  • Infant mortality rate,maternal mortality,early neonatal death rate,perinatal mortality.
  • *LABOUR (1st stage,causes of prolonged 1st stage,steps of normal vaginal delivery,2nd stage,indications complications of Forceps,Shoulder dystocia, C section,Cord prolapse,causes of fetal distress,delivery of Occipitoposterior n breech presentations,3rd stage of labour,indications of induction of labour,Bishop scoring)
[Special thanks to Tauseef bhai]


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  2. Hello,
    My name is Waqar and i just discovered your blog. And honestly i am quiet impressed with every thing that has been posted in the blog.

    On monday i have to appear in OBS exam, i'd really like to know if the topics posted above were useful in clearing the exam in good marks?

  3. Hello Waqar,
    This is not the recipe to get a distinction at all! This is more like a quick fix solution which means that if you cant do any thing and do these topics, you can pass easily. These are high-yield topics based on past papers and some of the most common problems you see in OB-GYN in Pakistan. So these are bound to be in any test/exam.
    Good luck for your exam!

  4. Thanks bilal, i had the exam yesterday and i think this post covered every single topic that was in there. Though i may have not aced the exam, but then again, what can you expect from some one who spent only two days for the preparation?
    It was really helpful anyway.


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