Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Viva Questions Prof 2011 KEMU

Compiled by Sadaf Hafeez and Hafsa Baber


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Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Viva Questions Prof 2010 King Edward Medical University 


Toxicology Sir Khalid:

WHO duties of RMP...
stretch laceration...
starvation internal findings....
primary incisons...
mechanism of embalming....
distance at which no stipling....
autopsy finding in hemorhage...
medicolegal autopsy def n objective....
AM n PM drowning...immediate  

Name Inebriants
Why are they called inebriants?
What does inebriant mean?
Treatment of snake bite?
What is chelation?
What is effect of copper on body?
Which enzymes does it inhibit?
Treatment of snake bite?
Can you identify snake by the bite?
How will you identify it?
signs of dhatura poisoning
difference between capsicum and dhatura seeds by maam mansoora
types of dhatura by HOD

drug causing tinnitus ( phosphorous ,aspirin d CO )
CO AND HCN poisoning postmortem apperances ,
trinder test ,
,arsenic mein blood film kaisi hoti hai buhat pooch rahe haan ,
drug causin alopecia (oxalic acid ,arsenic d thaalium)
drug causing formication (PHOSphorus ,cocaine ,ergot)

agar adhi chamchi se bhi adhi alcohol li hai tau kia hoga :ptongue,if sir asks alcohiol ka effect on body u shld tell ingestion absorption wht happens in liver,then brain......
active principles in dhatura ,carboluria ,gastric lavage ,do analytical portion well sir prac bhi sun rahe haan ......

neurotoxic drugs ?...anticholinestrases

for detection of aspirin in urine we add few drps of ferric cholride colour becomes violet ...

name poison jis mn abosption k baad bhi g.lavage karte haan ?? ans opium bcoz uske alkaloid re-excrete hote haan in stomach

arsenic blood films? basophilic strippling,,,,

Mechanism of putrefaction.

plz ans:
1.surest sign of pregnancy by just looking at the body? to confirm septicemia in dead body by just looking at it? (bronze color indicte septicmia)
3.after death, how to differentiate primary from secondary relaxation by just looking at the body?
4.rabbit ear phenomenon?
5.signature fracture?
Does anyone know the answers of following
1. tlc scale ka use (tlc scale z a tekniqu usd 2 seprt mixture)
2.ether+alkali sol
3.exhibitional poisnin
4.paranoid dead drunken syndrome
... 5.y do you put the copper foil in the sublimation tube? how does it undergoa reduction reaction?
6.difference between tincure iodine and pyodine
7.forced alkalane diuresis`s definition and use?( i thnk Forced alkaline diuresis NaHCO3 for salicylates !!!!)
8. why methi put in poison?
9.kjeldhals flask? (kheldhals flask is one of the varkous forms of forensic flame)
10.what is self neglect and drugs causing it?
11.poison excreted on skin? specreoscope in cnframatory test. two true false statements?
13.Thin layer chromatografy uses :...identify d cmpounds in mix...determin d purity ov sbstnce....4 analysis ov ceramides...detectn ov insecticids n pesticidz n food n water, detectn ov dye cmpositn ov fibre in 4nzc
Imposrtant Qs by various examiners were:

Dum dum bullets,  

mechanism of froth in drowning.

Livor mortis in hanging and drowning,
use of chisel,
spectrum of Oxy HB,
how can u identify wether fetus is male or female from Radiograph,
highest court in country, and likely ones...
define death,
define brain death,its significance,late changes aftr death,
what features will u notice in a body with adipocere formatn lying on table( its smell,colour n appearance),
laceration,split laceratn,its significance,
define asphyxia, internal changes,
define thermal burns,internal changes(3)....

toxi....mam Mansoora...vegetable poisons, name abortificant poisons,whch poison causes artifial bruising....

clasify irritants,
2 mst imp snake venoms?
diff.of ingredient btw neurotoxic nd vasculotoxic venoms?
Moa of neurotoxic venms?
tox albumin?
Precautiƶns fr giving antivenom?
Activ princ.of castor oil?
opium..vasculotoxic main fibrinolysin hta hy aur neuro toxic main cholinstrase

Internal findings in flame burn..Atleast 3..

Define death.
Muscle changes after death with reasons.
Define laceration and its types.
Split laceration.
Which instrument is used to differentiate between split lacertion and incised wound.
Mechanism of putrefaction.

captain in a ship theory
captain in a ship-doctor ansrable for neglignce on part of paramedical staf

signatre frctre depressed frac o skull, corsponds with wepen (so called sig.

atropinization( mad,hot,...symp if more 12 mg i.v)
poisns secretd by skin( as ,hg ,thallium
why alcholal prohibtd in islam  (moral degeneration n intoxication stag sympts )
def of poison

Forensic medicine spottingarsenic crystals,identifcation points,stass otto apparatus and its use,tlc scale and its use,cuso4 its fatal dose,ratti and its medicolegal significance,copper foil and principle of reinsh test,croton seeds ,its fatal dose and period.mercury and signs of its chronic poisoning symptoms.......

: Too simple spots and simple questions...
1 Separation funnel.. its use.
2 Castor oil seeds.. their fatal dose.
3 Opium.. name 2 compounds causing miosis.
4 Bhang.. Active principle.
5 White arsenic.. What is postmortem Imbibation?
6 Dhatura seed slide.. point of id.
7 Sulphuric acid.. what is oil of vitriole and vitriolage?
8 Madar Fruit.. FD?
9 TLC applicator and its use.
one spot more.. that has evaporated.. :P

 is a lenghty process.. 10 tables.,. one spot to be identified alongwith either 2 points of id or its use, or any relevant question.
furthermore, 2 questions generally are tagged to each spot that are not relevant to the id.. 2 min for each table.. we had 2 microscopic slides nd 1 radiograph, 2 instruments

Spots 2 identify were : Camel RBCs, Hypostasis with contact flattening, Human hair, Adipocere formation, Chisel, Suicidal Cut Throat, Slugs of air gun, Spinal Cord extractor, Male sacrum. Radio graph was fetus of age 7 to 8 months viable but not full term..


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