FSc Pre Medical Road to Success- A Detailed Guide by Toppers

Written By: Unsa Athar (Batch 2017)
Updated By: Fazeela, Tuaseen and Mahrukh (Batch 2024)

(Dedicated to my teachers who not only taught me the fsc books but also many priceless lessons of life)
 (Unsa Athar)

Hello FSc people! 2020 is already here and you all must have geared up to ace the ordeal coming ahead: Admission into Medical College.

It’s the time to soar high in the sky and see your dreams come true, the dreams you’ve had so passionately in your heart for so long.

But the big question that you hear almost everywhere is:

“How to get good marks in FSc Pre Medical?”

By UHS Admission Criteria 2019, FSc makes 50%of your aggregate, so getting a high score in FSc is vital.

But you don’t need to be scared because we are here to ease your sufferings and push you towards your goal.

This is an in-depth FSc Pre Medical guide that covers everything from paper presentation tips to acing the practical exams.


Let’s get started.

Matric vs. FSc - What's the difference?  

Getting yourself educated in the desi manner i.e. through the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education is one of the topmost challenges of today’s society. 

Matriculation seems difficult at that time, but when you enter FSc, you realize that matric was the easiest job in the world. 

Those obese books of intermediate Part I and Part II are the worst enemies one can ever have. 

People say Medical (College) is tougher, but I find one basic difference in both. 

When you enter a medical college, you are dead sure you’ll come out as a doctor now. 

But when you enter FSc, kisi ko pata nahi hota ke ab wo kia ban ke nikley ga

Motivation to struggle from Quran

 Source: Pinterest

I used to be a sweet, sensitive, sensible girl in September 2010. 

By September 2012; I had changed into a completely retarded, hypersensitive menace. 

Thank God UHS gave me two months after MCAT to get back my sanity via a total vailapan.

When I was entering the phase called FSc, I had no idea that it shall take away my health and my wealth (which means my hair *sob*). 

The pressure of getting good grades kills you emotionally, physically, mentally, and every other –ally. 

Despite all those acne problems, weight issues, headaches, the positive side of the picture is that if you have gone through it and you have a good score in FSc, you have your 50% secured. 

You shall forget about all the pain when you finally see your name on the list of the selected candidates of a renowned college.

Meme about fsc

Is It Compulsory To Join An Academy During FSc?

In my point of view if your college is good enough, you need not go to the academy.

Do not overwhelm yourself, do justice with your time, make your study routine. You will get good results.

If you think your college is not sufficient; your going to the academy will make your studies better; and you can cope up with two things (college and academy) at the same time, then go to the academy.

Paper Presentation Tips for FSc

Paper presentation is the heart and the soul of FSc. 

If you have bad handwriting, it doesn't matter. Make your presentation better. 

A nice paper presentation is something that creates a significant difference in board exams! 

Here are some handy tips to improve it:

  • ·        Draw a margin line with a thick blue marker.

    ·        Proper use of the marker is essential.

    ·        Use the marker to highlight important terms, names, dates, etc. in your answer. It makes checking easier for the examiner.

    ·        Spacing is also important. Draw a small line at the end of each section.

    ·        Lines drawn with a ruler are appreciated.

    ·        Practice holding a marker in one hand while writing with a pen in another. Do not waste time in picking up a marker from your lap when required.

    ·        Time management is the most important thing. Even in the smallest of tests, try to give the best of your presentation in a limited time.

    ·        If you are really bad at the presentation (like me), practice at home too. Take a sheet or two. Give yourself a specific time and write.

    ·        Give each question its proper space according to its marks e.g. a 15 marks translation in English requires a full page even if it is of 4-5 lines!

    ·        As the sheets are fixed now, practice completing your paper in one or two sheets fewer than the board gives. It will help you out in case your allotted answer sheet (unfortunately) has fewer pages.
Have a look at some examples:

Paper presentation #1

Paper presentation #2
Note: These are just examples. You may need to write the headings more compactly to save space as the number of sheets is limited.

Subject-Wise Guideline

Getting an excellent score in each subject is essential for a good total in FSc.

Let’s dissect each subject separately.


To prepare for the translation, short questions and synonyms at the same time, you should read the chapter thoroughly.

Focus on each line, learn the important things, and mark out the words whose synonym could be asked. Learn them and translate them in your mind in Urdu. 

For the grammar portion, try not to cram the letters, applications or essays. 

Just learn the pattern for them or the quotations you have to use. 

Try writing the body of the letter/application yourself.

But if you are too bad at tenses to write things on your own, well then memorize them from a book or notes but still try to make some changes in it.

Solve past papers especially for the translation section.

Mostly conceptual questions are asked from the plays, heroes and Mr. Chips. 

So, please read them thoroughly. 

You can’t do much about some questions like punctuation. Knowing the rules and solving past papers shall help.

For essays, especially, you don’t need to compile them from different books.

Simply make a flowchart of points you have to cover in your essay and write one or two quotes in front of the points.

You can explain those points in your own words in the exam.

If you think you cannot write in your own words, then get an explanation of some points from a guidebook and memorize them as it is.

English paper presentation


The same rules apply to Urdu. 

Reading the lesson thoroughly shall help you in maarozi sawalat and tashreeh. 

Learning tashreeh word to word from some book is useless.

Use reference quotes and ashaar in tashreeh of Nasr, Nazm and Ghazal.

Try to write it on your own.

Length matters in each question.

Give proper length to each question as told by your teacher.

Make habit of highlighting important words in khulasa of sabaq and nazm.

It will give a good impact.

For Urdu essays, you can apply the same rule as for English.

Try to write good material in your paper.

Paper presentation urdu

Islamiat/ Pak Studies

To decide the length of a long question in both of the subjects, do this: 
  • Calculate the number of pages required for your short answers. 
  • Divide the remaining pages by two. The answer is the length of each long question. 
Make a good number of headings

Both of the subjects are all about your creativity and ratta power. 

Guide books or notes are required for them.

When writing an Irshaad, give it a proper space.

Have a look at the examples:

Islamiat paper presentation

Pak studies paper presentation


First, make sure you understand the topic completely. 

Learning it comes next.

Memorize the text from the book.

Some mathematical steps are usually not written in the book and equations are derived more or less directly. 

You should write each step; this might impress the examiner. 

Do learn the info given in the tidbits for MCQs.

Make sure you have solved the numericals by yourself thrice. Aik dfa hath sei nikal jaen tou paper mein solve krte waqt masla nhi hota.

The short questions at the end of the chapter are the MOST IMPORTANT. Make sure you know the right answers to them.


Short questions given at the end of the chapter are important. Long questions are usually the common ones. Examples are really important.

For Part I Chemistry you need a great deal of patience.

Most of it just theory which needs to be rattalized. 

Write, re-write and re-re-write the things you keep on forgetting. 

Get hold of a good teacher of chemistry because it won’t get into your brain until taught by someone really good. 

Take a good dose of almonds before studying chemistry.  

Part II Chemistry is a bunch of equations. Memory is everything here. 

Conversions are not as difficult as they appear to be.

Relate all the chapters of the organic part. Find reactions having the same products. 

Once you are done with all the organic chapters you will know how to covert A to B.

There is also given a scheme of questions by board.

Prepare in the last days of exams according to it. This scheme is given for Biology and Physics as well.


It is the easiest subject indeed. 

But sometimes it becomes difficult to memorize all this information. You just need to learn the important things. 

The explanation can be written if you have the concept. Everything is important. Never leave any topic

Not even the flowering families, because in our board exams the examiner was so kind to ask the Family Rosacea’s vegetative and floral characters! (I hate botany :/). 

To learn them, open your practical notebook and see what the terms mean and learn their floral formulae.

Same goes for Zoology topics.

You can make tables for each topic like the one shown below and learn things more easily.

Neat and Clean diagrams are a must..!!! Practice!

Biology paper presentation

Practical Exams

You need not take them lightly as 90 marks have their own importance. By putting some effort you can easily gain them.

Remember one thing sifarish won't do much good if you do not know what to write on the answer sheet.

So you have to learn them properly and thoroughly. Give them full attention.

Chemistry Practical

For Chemistry, learn all the salts by heart.

There is a very simple technique to grasp them.

With the revision of every salt group, write down the common reactions of salts and some specific reactions of a particular salt on a separate sheet of paper.

On the day of practical, you will read only that page you have prepared despite the whole practical book.

Believe me; learning salt is not so difficult. With some learning techniques, you can learn them well.

Biology Practical

For Biology, apply the technique of making tables regarding floral families and learn them in comparison despite learning each floral family as a whole.

Do practice of frog's skeletal diagrams.

Physics Practical

For Physics, they usually don’t ask you to perform them.

But if you know how to perform a practical, it is good.

Make sure to learn all the tables regarding practicals.

I am not asking to learn exact values, but at least you should have some idea of them.

Do not make mistake in graphs. They give you marks easily.

Your answer sheet is everything. Make sure not to do mistakes in it.

If the examiner takes your viva, do not be confused. They are pretty easy questions and usually one or two.

If you are lucky, there may be no viva for you. 

During your practical classes on regular days, make sure you give full attention to what you learn; it is good for conceptual clarity.

Never pile up the work of a practical notebook. saath saath complete karen.

Get your notebook signed every week.

Pray for a good examiner. You are sensible enough to understand the meaning of a good examiner. Right?

Some Golden Nuggets

Your memory power is extremely important for a good score. If you can rattalize well, you are bound to get an excellent score.

If you keep on forgetting thingstry different methods to learn. 

Write them repeatedly. Practice them madly. Use different mnemonics. Try to associate difficult terms and names with things of your daily life. 

To see how it works, give the following article a read:

Studying just the night before the exam is a general student behavior. But doing this in FSc is not a good thing. 

If you have banged your head in the chemistry book the whole year, only then you can reproduce something on the answer sheet on the exam day.

If you are having issues in some particular subject, ask the teacher or a senior or anyone who could help you out. You need to get your concepts clear at any rate.

Your book is everything. The more you cram out of it, the better. 

Other notes and guidebooks can be helpful to see how a particular answer is given in them. But learn the text from the book.

It will help you a lot in your exams and MDCAT as well.

Your consistency and perseverance matter much more. You have to give each subject proper time and make a strategy not to waste a single day.

Give the same importance to Urdu, Islamiat and Pakistan studies as science subjects. With a little more effort in these subjects, you can score high.

Do not ignore these subjects because at the end (means at the time of your admission process), you crave every single mark.

Revise your syllabus as much as you can.

What does success demand besides studying?

Well there are certain quotients that can REALLY make or break your efforts.

Religious Quotient

Prayers are the most important.

Yes, they are!

Without them all the hard work goes in vain.

Besides all the hard work and struggle, your belief in Allah Almighty and yourself will inch you closer to your dream. These are the main ingredients of success.

Emotional Quotient

Do not overwhelm yourself by your emotions.

Get yourself out of the circle of ‘fear of failure’.

And no need to get depressed if you get less than you expected. You did your best and now it's up to Him to decide the rest.

This is a territory of uncertainty, pressure, and possibility of failure, but it's all worth it in the end.

The tree that never had to fight
For sun and sky and air and light,
But stood out in the open rain
And always got its share and rain,
Never became a forest king,
But lived and died a scrubby thing…
Good timber does not grow with ease,

The stronger wind, the stronger trees.

Motivational Quote fsc

…And Wrapping It Up

Thank you for taking out the time to read this article.

FSc for sure is a stressful time. With the right guidance and appropriate hard work, you CAN decide your future.

If this post was helpful, share it with a friend!! 

We'd love to hear your thoughts, suggestions and questions in the comments section below.


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  10. thnks unsa ths tym i got 811 and u kw i n bio out of 88 msqs 85 was correct ..sirf eng andphysics ke prblm hy..m good in chemistry as well ...and thnks it is much appreciating 4 me

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    and pray the hardest

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  37. Salam Sister, I am doing pre-medical part I and our Fbise exams have been delayed. I guess, we do have one month or so till board exams. Can you help me with my exams preparation? I mean, how should I make my revision schedule? Which subject, in your opinion, is quite tough from board's view point? I am being useless these days and wasting loads of time in vain activities. Please do reply.

  38. W.A the toughness of the subjct does not depend on board but u, for me chemstry was tough . count the day u have till exams, keeping 2,3 days for the frst exam in the last and then divide them on the subjcts. if u have done evrything once before to phr revise all of it but agr kuch cheezein achey sei nai kien thein pehle to prepare thm frst nw . fix hours for studies and also relax and enjoy too. but make sure jitna roz ka decide kia hai wo kr k hi sona hai raat ko

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    2) nahi, vlaues bs jo text mein di hoin wo kro. figures pe n tables pe time na waste kro. han jo chotey chotey table hain wo krlo ya tables se ye dekh lo k highest n least value kis ki hai. names n dates agar yaad ho to long mn likh do wrna ata nai hotey mcq mn generally

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  59. hey unsa apa thank you very much for sharing your experience.i agree with you. my biggest problem is that my writing speed is slow and i am studying fsc after O levels so its very difficult for me to change my mode of study there we have to understand things and write in our own words and here we have to remember it ratalize it

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  63. W.A. m good
    Dekho, it is simple.. agar koi esi cheez hasil krni hai jo sb sei oper hai to mehnat to krni pare gi,, jaagna parta hai.. ye article prh k andaza to ho gya ho ga.. but jab sila milta hai to khushi milti hai.. aur agar zindagi mn mehnat nai krni to kia krna hai.. dil sei dr bnna chahti ho to mehnat kro :) mehnat sei nai darna chaheye.. kyu k jahan b jao gi mehnat chaheye ho gi.. to kyu na us cheez k lye mehnat ki jaye to pasand b ho bandey ko :) behter hai k istakhara krlo :)

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    plus fsc mn b u can use ur own words.. juz rattalize the key points baqi use ur words thts fine

  65. Ooookz.bs confirm krna tha apni satisfaction k liye.phle b tests ma 1,2 h extra krti hun....6th june se exams plzzz dhair sari dua kjye ga

  66. plz guide me k urdu paper mein qoutations n ashar ki kia ehmiat hai n un mein agar thori bohat galti ho jaye to maaf ho sakti hai ,n meray 909 marks hain matric mein n 410 in part 1st ,9 days r remaining in my examx can u guide me k how do i should prepare ,equations kesay yaad rakhon mein 3 tyms bhi likhon to mix ho jati hain,jin ki achi tiari hai unko hi parhney ko dil karta hai ,n preposition ki tiari kaisay karon?plz reply faster as u can

  67. salam ,m a second yr stdnt plz guide me as early as possible meray matrik mein 909 marks hain n 1st yr mein 410 .mujhko esay ki prep. or preposition ki prep k baray mein guide kr dein n ,chem ki equations 3 tyms bhi likhon to bhi foran mix ho jati hain what can i do to remember them,tell me as early as possible n ye bhi k in marks k sath med ki kia possibility hai

  68. aik dfa kr lye hain to final exams mn bs scheme k accrdng krlena revise.. n pray :)

  69. medical mn admssn to ho jae ga IA if u score better in second year and mcat.. essay k lye read thm from sum good book aur phr khud si likha kro.. quotes b khud bna lien.. ziada ratta lganey ki zarorat nai.. n preposition b grammer ki book sei prho..n practice the exercise as much as possible

  70. Quotes khd bna lien??

  71. i am from o levels.and i am seriously bored with the study of fsc even today.and i have to prepare for board exams.why are the techniques like the usage of marker headings are important?i dont do ratta.i can memorize it.should i prepare frm notes or books?

  72. and i also want to tell you kay main raat ko parhney ka aadi ho.i want to know kay maths ki tyari kaisey karney hai?

  73. unfortunately the teachers in my college that is punjab college not good.i dont liked their strict policies.can a student frm an o level achieve 450 marks out of 520?

  74. well.. because the board checkers are ppl who believe more in what they see.. they dont take the pain of reading what the child has wriiten.. they judge by appearance.. unfair yes but we hav to do thngs the way they like to gain marks. so the marker is imp. books are of prime importance. you can use notes for extra addition of steps in physics or english urdu etc. but u shud know what is written in ur book cz paper us sei bnta

  75. well to ap raat ko hi prha kro.. maths well it requires practice.. make sure u hav solved each n every question atleast once by urself.. practice is the key

  76. oh yes.. we hav so many people here in ke from O/A levels this year... I cant say abt 450 but i can tell that for sure u can get admmsn here if u hav wrkd hard no matter u r frm a levels or fsc
    u can go for the academy if the teachers r not good enough

  77. thanx alot wish u all the bst for good life

  78. how do i prepare for maths?

  79. how do i prerare superb letters in english?Are quotations r necessary in a letter too like essay?please tell me......

  80. AOA. Did u go to an academy during ur Fsc??

  81. well for superb letters u need to be creative.. and grammar shud b good.. yes you can add quotes too.. read letters from a good book like Wren n martin's to get the idea

  82. Practice all the questions.. divide the exercises by the days u have.. do 1,2 exercises daily instead of doing them together

  83. yeah thats the spirit...!!

  84. do as u feel easy :) bs make ur concepts clear sath sath

  85. i have read ur blog so many times and still cant stop my self from reading it......i really want to get 1000+ marks in fsc but main jitni bhi mehnat kron meray marks utney nae aatey jitney main lena chahti hoon...matric main bhi my every thing was perfect in papers...presentation,long qs...everythin was awsome or hr paper 100 percent hua thaa bt i got 90 percent marks...wat i beleive is k marks checker pe depend krtey hain or ab main fsc main bhiitna nae prti...plz aap mje btain k aap k sath koe aesa mishand hua tha k paper acha hua ho or marks bs normal se aye hon?or paper perfection ke liye kch tips btain..

  86. well.. fsc mn esa hua tha.. i got less than expected.. perfection ki tips to di hoi hain uper.. sath sath PRAY ALOT bs

  87. mam i m a repeator..n i got 844 in fsc n 800 in entry test...the major problem i feel is that lat year when i saw mcat ppr i thought to my self that i will get 1000+ but i got 800...can u guide me please??

  88. well.. u shud think y u got 800.. negative marking ki wja sei ya kia reason thi.. may be u did that common mistake of fiiling the bubbles b and c incorrectly.. prepare well this time and dehan sei bubbles ko fill krna

  89. Sure I will
    and JazakAllah!

  90. AOA. I dont feel easy in learning anything word to word completely. I feel easy in writing in my own words. Some people say that u can write in ur own words in matric/fsc, but some say that its better to write word to word. Can u plz clear my confusion? (Im talking about science subjects). Did u write in your own words in Fsc exams in Science subjects?
    Thank you

  91. good work, you have explained every thing as easy as it could be, so best of luck for your future nawal.

  92. well, i never used to write word to word. I always used to express things in my own words. but just dont forget to highlight with marker the important terms, names, dates , examples etc. The examiner gives you marks if u hav highlighted the imp. words because he knows then tht u knw the imp. stuff. The other words dont matter, word to word ho ya apney words mn likha ho

  93. Everything you have posted has been realy helpfull.But one thing i wanted to ask you and that is that in urdu,does good writing has any ind of effect or i just have to write the material correctly no matter 'jitne marzi keere makoro ki tara likha ho'???? Please do tell.

  94. Everything you have posted has been realy helpfull.But one thing i wanted to ask you and that is that in urdu,does good writing has any kind of effect or i just have to write the material correctly no matter 'jitne marzi keere makoro ki tara likha ho'???? Please do tell.

  95. And 1 more thing.If a person has got 60% marks in Matric.Does he has any chance of getting into K.E?.Well obviously after getting really good grades in FSC and entry test????

  96. Writing has all the effect in urdu..!!!
    I did not get impressive marks in urdu just because of my keerey maakorey..!! So better work to improve ur writing

  97. yeah.. cz matric is just 10%.. if ur 50% and 40% are really good, KE is ur place

  98. hmmmm okie okie

  99. REALY :D...thank you thank you thank you......................................IA..meet you in K.E next year :P

  100. unsa g....i calculated...even if i got 90% in fsc and entry test my aggregate comes to 87%...it means no chance for me to get into KE ???????????????????????????????????

  101. Very useful post Usna ! I hope it is helping a lot of youngsters.
    Can you provide some stats about the newcomers (firstulas) as to the schools and colleges they attended. In our time (about 25 yrs ago) GC provided the highest no. of Kemcolians. But times have changed, I guess !!
    May Allah Bless YOU all

  102. Salam unsa baji.....hope that u'll be fine.plz btaen k pak studies k liye kn c book use krun??

  103. Well. there are people from GC this year, but more from Punjab college from all the cities.. The number of students coming from various backgrounds, the ones not very prominent,has increased this year.

  104. W.A.. well jo text book hai board ki wo aur koi b guide le lo.. short questions to book sei hi atey hain.. long mn material add krne k lye use any guide book

  105. Well.. If u pray hard kia pta ap ki bari merit decrease kr jaey.. yahan pe bachey 3,4 months tk aatey rehtey hain by upgradation.. so remain hopeful.. pray hard.. try to get maximum possible marks in mcat n fsc..
    incase nhi b hota KE mn to remember "Allah takes u to the place where u grow the best"

  106. huuuuuuuuhuhuhuhuhuuhuhuhuhuhuu...mene KE jana hai.KE,KE,KE,KE,KE..........................warna...warna....................me chat se jump kardunga..hmm hmmm

  107. AOA. Please suggest me a brilliant guide book for Islamiat. Thank you

  108. hey unsa!
    i wanna know keh how much marks are exactly required to get in government medical colleges??

  109. umm Use Azeem's Islamiat guide book

  110. well marks ki bijaye aggregate is more imp.. 84% pe last time end ho gya tha merit of govt. colleges.

  111. ksi achi guide book ka name mention kr den plzzz

  112. thanks....but still fsc mein kitne hoone chaheyein...a rough estimate :/
    and i wanted to ask keh fsc keh liye punjab board zaiyada acha hai ya federal board??
    and is Azam garrison good for Fsc?

  113. Azeem walu ki le lo. I used that

  114. umm.. 985+ to zaroor hu for KE.. baqi 950+ will do for govt, institutes.. board doesnt matter much.. though federal mn ease bht hai jb k punjab board zra tough n unfair hai in checking etc.. but it depends on ur luck. n i have no idea abt Azam garrison.. for that ask someone who has been there :)

  115. Essays k liye kn c books use krun??

  116. 1st year ke exams diye ic year...ap se bht help b li last year...thanks for that bt ek problem face k during exams bht zyada.dnt know q hua aisa...preparation full th.selective study b ni krti ma.got gud marks in past as well....matric ma 998....not praising myself bt trying to telling u exact situation.pre board ma b bht acha marks ay.bt jb papaer ka day aya tb intaha k tnsn jo exams recently diye 1st year k.aisa phla kbi ni hua.koi paper aisa ni tha ic dafa js ma mre hath na kanpta hon paper krta hua.pura paper ata hta tb b...ic pressure ko kesa manage krta tha ap log??? abi to result ni aya first year ka.pta ni kya ho ga us ka b

  117. thanks :)
    ahhaan can you giude me how can i get 950+ in FSC??

  118. can u guide me how i can score 1010 plus in fsc i m frm acme college of excellence sargodha

  119. i have got 970 in matric and now i m working hard to score 1000 plus plz guide me how i can make my struggle fruitful

  120. oh well.. i have mentioned all that had in mind in the article.. the thing that I ll repeat is Pray. only then can be your struggle fruitful

  121. work hard. try to memorize things well. writing paper presentation bht achi ho. mcqs sai houn sary

  122. yar essays k liye book use krne ki bjae khud likho material le k diffrent books sei to ziada behtr hai

  123. hmarey chemistry k tearcher hai wo kehte hai chahe notes se kro chahe book se book se thora cofuse hta hu but notes me whi cheeze hai takreban wha se yad ho jati hai agar book confusing ho to notes se yad kr lu
    and aik cheez aur me fsc federal board se kr rha hu pattern me difference hai to advices bhi us k lye aur ho gi na

  124. plz tell me federal board k lye bhi aise hi tyari kru

  125. tell me about federal board preparation

  126. K.yh to kr ri hun.4,5 books ka mix kr k ek essay.bt urdu ka itna acha essays mil ni rhy na yar...secondly length ktni rkhun k maximum marks mil jaen??

  127. ek aur baat..yr ap exams me preesure kesa handle krta tha??...itna bura haal hua mra iss dafa final exams ma.pta ni kya bna ga result ka b...

  128. a.o.a our chemistry teacher is very experianced he has experiance of 27 years he has written notes of each chapter himself .he said that notes are 100 percent .i feel notes easy but book confusing .so help and guide me .i am student of 1st year . i am student of federal board

  129. janab ap bhi a gae me bta du ga tjhe clg me

  130. aik aur cheez how to control depression and pressure me spirit ubharta hu phr koi na koi disheart kr dta hai k med buhat mushkil hai is se kaise bahir niklu

  131. AOA. my question might seem very strange,but plz answer zaroor dena :-P . Kya eysa kabhi hua hay k kissi k lhr board mein matric mein 930s mein marks aye hon lekin fsc mein (due to hard work) 980+ aye hon? please do reply

  132. Unsa g...can you tell me thay when are army medical college entrance exam is held??

  133. yes aik lrkay k matric mein 600 thay bt fsc mein thousand plus thay skt mein ... bilal us ka naam tha..

  134. yes aik lrkay k matric mein 600 thay bt fsc mein thousand plus thay skt mein ... bilal us ka naam tha.

  135. oh well.. its just that you have keep renewing ur faith.. pray alot.. talk to people who inspire u. and keep ur mind healthy and positive. things go up and down yes but depress hone ki bjaye take them as a challenge

  136. No idea about that specifically

  137. there are two ways to get into AMC. via nust or their direct test. Nust k through I applied. Online application system hota hai sara. islamabad mn computer based test hota hai unka. unki website check krtey rehna for the dates etc. is saal 2 nust entry tests hoye thei

  138. matric marks ka koi tauluq nai as such FSc marks sei.. FSc mn jesey papers diye houn gai unhi ki base pe result aye ga. so ofcourse its possible

  139. well prepare from notes then.. but u shud know k book mn kia kia mojud hai. book and notes mila k prho

  140. do books and notes together. book ka pta hona chaheye k kia kia topics hain and stuff. answers etc notes sei krlo. and well ask ur immediate seniors of the board for specific details

  141. books mn as such itney achey essays hotey b nai. ask some urdu teacher aur prepare them urself.. references etc dhoond k.
    15-20 pages for urdu, english k liye 5-7

  142. pressure k lie pray alot. talk to people who inspire u. take difficulties as challanges. and know it k hard work sei hi success milni,

  143. Hi ... how much work of the science subjects should be memorized every day .? and how much time should be given to them .? And is it important to write the arabic language in islamiat .?

  144. I have very low marks in matric .. 637 / 1050 .. which is very poor .. how much marks will i need in f.sc and mcat to get into kemu.?

  145. AOA. I am a student of F.Sc part 1. If I will use Azeem's Chemistry's objective guide book for getting help in the S.Qs and MCQs of the EXERCISE, will it b helpful? I mean, is Azeem's guide book good for this purpose?
    Thank you n waiting for reply

  146. i did my o levels and my presentation is horrible.i got 7 a stars and 1a /however fsc bohot mushkil hai.i rattofy evrything but at the tim eof the test i forget a lot of things.can u please guide me about short questions length wise aur s qs mein headings honi chahiye.thank you

  147. short questions mn headings na chahye. ponts bna k likho. marker ka use kr kr
    yaad b in the form of points kro.. ans itna ho k imp baat sari nta do like 4-5lines pe b ja skta lekin kuch prove etc krna ya 2,,3 examplies dien to half page pe lg skta

  148. yeah I used Azeem.. its good..but use the book more

  149. jitna asaani sei krsko... utna time lgao.. roz ka roz kaam kro
    and yeah it is quite important to learn arabic for some short and easy ayat and hadiths

  150. kemu aaney k liye donu mn bht achey marks chaheye like near 1000s

  151. Thank u. Exercise mein kuch SQs aesay hain jinn k exact answers book mein nahi hotey...esay SQs kay answers k liye bhe Azeem theak hay? Plus, can u suggest me a good guide for for chem's LQs. thanks a lot in adavance

  152. i have done o levels with all a grades and now instead of a levels i'm doing fsc because mcat is all from fsc and in a levels 20% marks r cut in equilence so i decided to do fsc because i really want to get in some good medical college preferably KE but the thing is my urdu is weak as we have urdu as a second language in o levels now i'm doing fsc but the problem is i want to take islamiyat in english but my teachers r persuading me to take it in urdu as they told me that in english marks r cut as it is preffered that isl should be taken in urdu?? is it true that you get less marks if you take islamiat in english?? but the thing is my urdu is really weak and if i take isl in urdu i'm afraid that i might get even low marks and i know i'm also not going to get oustanding marks in fsc urdu cuz my urdu is weak and even if i work super hard i might get 85 or 86 marks in urdu and also my urdu hand writting is not so impressive it's readable but not attractive as compared to my english handwritting which is very neat and clear and i've heard in fsc paper presentation matters?? so what do u think?? what should i do? and how can i improve my urdu?? i would be grateful for your advice......

  153. yup Azeem theek hai.. take the help of some teacher as well
    Azeem ki book hai LQs k liye b

    seriously girl.. numbers pe faraq nai ata.. it is a general concept k urdi walu k ziada number ateey hain lekin board mn mene to yei dekha hai k english mn b utney hi aa rahey hotey.. urdu nai sai apki agar to plzz english mn hi kro...
    plus beta 86 marks agar aa jatey hain aap k in urdu to ye above excellent hain :P
    presentation ko behtr bnao.. practice kro presentation ki.. aur agr urdu mn kam b atey hain number to baqi sbjcts mn maximum lo takei ziada masla na ho
    Paper presentation Is THE MOST imp. thing in FSC

  155. thanks for your advice on the islamiat thing...so i wanted to ask u that if for urdu i just memorize the tashree and everything else from a guide book?? the thing is the college teacher just gives us a lecture and expects us to write the whole tashree and everything else on our own..this is fine with the metric girls because they have good vocabulary in urdu but i have basic urdu vocabulary and i can't write many difficult words in urdu and then the teachers are like you have written easy urdu your only going to get 2 out of 4 in this and write difficult words; and write long tashree.... and all the metric girls write tashree well..and the most shocking thing english ke teacher har cheeze board per likhte hain aur basic english vocabulary or words likh kar bata rahe hoty hai..and i'm like urdu me esa kyu nahi koi karta..the thing is there is only one more o levels girl in my class and the rest are matric..no offense per matric walo ko nah english bolne ate hai or nah english likhne aty hai..ise liye english ke basic basic cheeze Sir bata rahe hoty hain..the thing is nobody cares about us cuz hum log sirf 2 log hain jin ke urdu weak hai or majority is authority!..now i'm thinking to buy a guide book with answers for everything and just memorize things from there word to word...mujhe kisi mushkil alfaz ka matlab nahi pata hota per if i memorize it once main use as it is likh sakty hoon!!PLEASE SUGGEST A GOOD GUIDE BOOK FOR URDU?? aur toh kya hota hai agr mujhe urdu likhne nahi atee bas samj aty hai na toh thek hai aur wese bhi KOI MUJHE YE BATAE GA URDU KA DOCTOR BANE SE KYA LENA DENA HAI AND NO OFFENCE THE PAKISTANI EDUCATION SYSTEM IS REALLY CRAPPY!!! AND URDU MEIN MUJHE ACHE MARKS SIRF IS LIYE CHAIYE CUZ MEIN MERIT PER ANA CHAHTY HOON AUR WESE BHI AGEE ADMISSION TEST MEIN KAHEN URDU NAHI HAI...AND ALSO I WANTED TO ASK U KE AGR MEIN GUIDE SE WORD TO WORD YAAD KAR LOON TOH KYA ACHE MARKS AA GAE GEE???...AND another thing mujhe kabhi itna depression nahi hoa cuz mere shuru se hamesha ache grades ae hain and now IN FSC ABHI 1 WEEK HE HOA HAI COLLEGE MEIN AND I FEEL SO DEPRESSED ALL THE TIME I HAVE STOPPED EATING CUZ I NEVER FEEL LIKE EATING.KAL MEIN NE SIRF 1 GLASS DOOD PEA HAI PORE DIN MEIN AND MY WEIGHT IS NOW ONLY 37KG....MATRIC KE BACHO MEIN SE KOI HELP NAHI KARTA THEY ALL ONLY CARE ABOUT THEMSELVES AUR BOHAT AJEEB HAIN METRIC KE BACHI OR BOHAT SELFISH...PLZ REPLY SOON......

  156. okay now this is a sad story..
    I ll try to help as much possible.
    1) EAT GIRL. destroying you wont make u learn urdu. so eat all that u can. 45-5- kg is a fine weight. take it to that. if u stop eating u ll die and if u die u wont be able to become a dr.
    plus, wat?? u want people to say khud to sehat nai hai aur hmara ilaj krey gi -_-. No na! so get ur health issue sorted out first. ok!
    2) I cannot suggest u some guide book because well hmarey haan examiners ne wo parhi hotien hai as in CRAM ki hoti hain to agar wahan sei ditto ratta maar k aap likho gai to aap ko maarks nai milney. sai h? So what I ll suggest u is to get 3, 4 urdu guide books like Taamer-e-Adaab, Azeem, aur aik do aur essays ki books hoti hain, aur kisi academy ki notes pakro. in sb cheezu sei kaam ki baatein nikal k imp essays khud likho. sheets pe in sb books sei achi urdu wali i.e mushkil words wali lines nikalo.. thora modify kro references daalo and make ur own essay.
    phir get it checked from someone aur phir uska ratta maar lo. bohat mehnat chaheye i know lekin trust aisey kro gi na to number b aa jaen gai aur ratta bhool b gya to u ll be able to write the essay ur self.
    3) our system is crappy.. i agree to the stuff k urdu nai sikhai jati even though hmari mother language hai. but if u want to bcm a dr in pakistan u need to knw urdu and Punjabi as well!
    4) presentation pe ziada tawaju do... likha pyara pyara ho na to parhey ga koi b nai aur marks de de ga
    5) mere koi number nai thei urdu mn.. it destoryed my otherwise excellent score. But i aced the mcat and m sitting in KE. so DO NOT worry abt it that much. U got mcat as well ok which determines evrything basicallly.
    6) Keep Hope alive. Have Faith. Pray. Stay Blessed

  157. thanks!!..u helped a lot..i'll get all the urdu books and try my best to do urdu! once again thanks..! may Allah bless you with everything u desire!..;)

  158. hi unsa baji....really confused here about academies the science teachers at our college r good n the art teachers are also JUST ok should i still join an academy all my friends n class fellows go to academies for all 5 subjects n they reach home like at 6 or 7.....don't know how they manage but i think u don't then have time or energy for self study but they think that's the more better way to do f.Sc.....the thing is all the really top scorers also do this....i am really confused do help me what should i do?...reply fast

  159. our clg ...superior clg

  160. my urdu writning sucks, so what do i do? also i scored 400 in fsc part one, do you think i can make it in the entry test with such score
    p.s. how much marks do i need to score in fsc part 2 so that i can confirm my place

  161. AOA! i have decided to take islamiat in urdu cuz there's no teacher in my college to teach it in english toh phir mujhe koi guide line nahi mille gee for islamiat is liye main bhi baki sab ke tarah urdu mein le rahe hoon!! wese bhi it will make my urdu strong!...acha so i just wanted to ask u ke for islamiat kya tashree ke liye use tarah guide books loon aur phir compile kar kee khud se likho? and also is it important to wirte arabic verses in answers..??

  162. Sis I have got 987 marks in matric from federal board and now I am in punjab college gujranwala.....I want to know how muxh I should study now and tell me something more about presentation.....I want to make it near perfect!

  163. Unsa baji, i've done o'levels and now i'm doing fsc. I wanted to ask agar me islamiat english me rakhun tou medical me admission lene me koi problem tou nai ho gi? Plus agar me urdu ki jaga pak culture rakhun tou kya mera kisi achay govt. medic college me admission ho jaey ga? I'm really bad at urdu! Mere baki sab subjects me As & A*s aye thay, sirf urdu me B aya tha... I really really want to get into KEMU! Your help is really appreciated! Thank you so much for the awesome post!

  164. AOA. Unsa please explain this sentence "yahan pe bachey 3,4 months tk aatey rehtey hain by upgradation".

  165. Aoa. I got 1001/1050 in matric, 484/550 in FSc part 1. How much chances have I got for KE? Plus, I didn't study that hard in Part 1 so I'm rather scared that I might forget it entry test takk esp Chemistry. Should I revise First Year along with Second Year? Plus, any tips to learn Organic ki equations easily?

  166. 1001 merey jesey ^-^ chances bohat boat bright hain aap k :) n i guess ab to mcat ho gya m sorry for the delay prof chal raha :(

  167. Ameen ki jo thi english guide and mostly creative writing :P

  168. yeah that doesn't matter english mn rkho ya urdu mn islamiat.. marks aney chaheye bs..
    and the same goes for urdu/pak culture.. but i suggest k urdu rakho kuch tou urdu seekho gai aap this way.. and merey b urdu mn bht gandey marks thei but admssn ho hi gya Alhamdulilah :) aagey jo aap ko sai lagey:)

  169. how much u shud study pe hi to poora blog hai opper wala... and presentation mein neatness and good hand writing especially urdu are very very very important... learn different styles for headings baqi neat and proper handwriting ho and marker ka use ho proper

  170. W.A yeah guide books le lo.. and mix them up ;) yeah it is important kinda so choti choti wali yaad krlo.. impression acha parta hai

  171. fsc mn get 950+ tk and.. and entry test mn mehnat kro khoob to ho jae ga IA
    urdu writing k liye practiceeee hardddd..!!!! make it proper and neat if not better

  172. academies dont matter much if ur teachers at college our good and the test system is fine, i didnt go to any academy.. lekin if u feel k u are not satisfied with ur teachers and ur frnds are scoring better to do join.. requires hard work and time managmnt.. but krna parta hai ;(

  173. Salam unsa baji...ic year se suna h k nust 3 tests le ge.ek december me hna wala h...so how to prepare for that test?? us me appear hna chye ya ni? cz 2nd year ka syllabus b shyd mushkil se 70% h cover hoga tb tk.. 1st year b revise krni para g.2nd year pa effect na para us se

  174. wssalam.. and gi ye bohaaat early hai.. itni jaldi zaroorat nai test deney k.. practice tests may june ya chalo march april mn dena shro krna.. abi fsc pe tawaju.. cz wo marks b BOHAT imp hain.. nust k chakru mn nai paro abi

  175. first of all this article was simply awesome being in ke has been my dream since childhood i have sort of grown up with this dream em done with my mcat nd have an aggregate of 90.06 can i make it to k.e this year u know the merit rumors they actually kill gettin into k.e means a lot to me :/

  176. PRAY. ALOT.
    Last year it was 90.0039 for first list.
    is saal hopefully utna hi rahey ga
    So I repeat

  177. AOA..i hav scored 87% in matrc and now just 410/550 in fsc part one..my phy nd chm both screwed me upp..although i had 91 in bio but all in vain..now i wanna know that how much i should score in fsc part two and ajk state entry test (same as mcat) to get in in anyyy medical college?(government sector not privatee)
    and secondly how to get over that agrr na hua waali situatn??

  178. and i wish i would had read ur this blog ayear earlier..:(

  179. yeah fsc mn rattalization chalti mostly..
    nai pgc lahore. roz ka kaam kr k bs khtm study


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