3rd Year Forensic Past Papers 2012

by Farkhanda Qaiser
4th Year

As the first class test of 3rd year is looming close, so I thought of spreading the few pearls of wisdom that I might have collected over the course of last year.  I'll try to be as brief as possible. My basic purpose is to help you pass the test. However if you want to ace then this post is definitely not for you...!

Okay so first things first. I'm sure, you must've bought all the books. If not, here are the names of text books needed for forensic:

1) Principles and Practice of Forensic Medicine  by Nasib R. Awan
2) Parekh's Textbook of Medical Jurisprudence, Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

However these books are studied only during the profs. Nomally, students just read the forensic notes. These notes are available at the "King Photocopier" or you can take them from your worthy seniors (who'd be more than willing to get rid of them). Moreover, you can augment the notes with the tables from NRA (nasib r awan) and bingo, you'll clear the test with flying colors! =)

Here are the past papers of last year:

Evaluation 1
Evaluation 2
Evaluation 3

Evaluation 4
Evaluation 5

These were the class tests.  Like I said before, notes are enough  to pass them. However you need to study  special toxicology from Parekh. There's no short cut for that. Atleast not that I know of.
I'm also posting the sendups and Profs papers here but i'll write another post on how to prepare for them.
Send ups Exam
Annual Exam

This is all for today. Hope it helps.
Besta luck for your class tests...!


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