1st Year: A month at KEMU - Comic Wise

Unsa Athar

Time is passing slowly at KE. Making memories each day, each moment, we are moving on.  Going to the VC  to discuss the hostel issues, begging a baji to give back my register L, enjoying the ‘dhol and dhamal’ by the passing out final year , enjoying reading  the charge sheets against some CR, Signing the laptop confirmation lists (yippie!) , getting the Kemcol’12 issue, going through the horrible phenomenon known as substages, nomination of the CR and GR..
So much has happened in a month that cannot be expressed in words… 

CM Cheettti kro...!

Societies.. plz cum in physio lecture for the introductions..

All the excitement of elections went to hell =(

Red Books.. Red books everywhere..
My Expressions When I came to know I'll be giving a viva of 100 marks!


  1. Unsa Athar this iss greaaaaattttt!!!!!!!! very nice work.... really good.. keep it up...

  2. proud to have such an awesome creator like u :) excellent job (y)

  3. you depicted our emotions well!! good job! (y)

  4. ap nay knsi akdmy join ki the in mcat?

  5. Hilarious! Hoping I make it inshaaAllah.

  6. Hilarious! Hoping I make it there inshaaAllah.


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