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From the very beginning of the year, the academies start their mcat sessions without thinking about the pressure they put students in. Dealing with Fsc/A Levels along with the mcat fuss is really tough.There are a few people out there in the world who cannot bear so much tension, and even if they do succeed in handling all the work load and pressure they make permamnet damages to themselves and their sanity while doing so. And the merit rising so high last year has created an uneasiness among the current fsc students. My juniors are going through this situation and keep on asking questions which remind of my own time.Sleepless nights, restless days.. Board exams.. test sessions.. mcat classes.. THE MCAT.. admission na hua tou.. etc etc...
. the pain everyone has to go through because of the competition.. anticipations..
When one is going through a hard time, a few words of wisdom and solace can do wonders. I remember a friend of mine recommending me to read Amna Khalil's article about mcat. Reading it had seriously lessend my tension! (Thank you Amna aapi and the friend!)

After defeating the mcat monster, I wrote all I knew about mcat. So now I got nothing new to say as a piece of advice to the juniors. Hence I decided to compile the experiences of different people of my KEMU 1st year class. I hope the juniors shall find the words of KEMU Class of 2017 helpful! iA!


(A li’l intro, a guy clearing the agha khan test with 85% mA, Merit#1 of NUST Entrance Test, Third position in Lahore Board, AND Third position in MCAT’12 as well..!! And He seems so composed n peaceful that one goes O_o so guys read carefully what he says!)

~umm , okay ! 27+22+11+16……. (computing astronomical data… ) S-E-V-E-N-T-Y  S-I-X  76 chapters and one day ….. Holy ****  “ , that’s what I thought when first introduced to MCAT (  ( yes I was just like you and this freakishly freaking number is a major freaking factor ) but seriously MCAT is no harder than FSc and is more fun. Unlike FSc , MCAT is total quality and an absolute expression of your study. ( those who say k books ki linain hoti hain ; yes ; but wo linain bohut meaningful b hoti hain )

                                  Here’s the tabulated version of my approach to MCAT
·         MCAT specified syllabus is enough , so are the FSc books . ( for A level bachas I must say k u guys have rocked MCAT this year and shocked Punjab Txt books so don’t be like ke “ hum A level walay hain hamara KE mein admission nahi hona “  and FSc bachas – yes ; bigger competition .
·         For vocabulary don’t just know the synonyms but also have full understanding , usage etc. The trick is that you should be able to find synonyms within those 862 words - # goldentip
·         Its not like socially unplugging yourself or fortifying yourself in a room but yes give this test your best tone.
·         Much too tension kills !
·         Again , give more time to English – it counts.
·         Not advertising any academy but sitaray zameen per achay crash hotey hain.
·         Tell yourself that you can do it and 1100 is the limit – keep praying
·         No matter what you eat or drink you are going to write what you know but still the legend says SOUND TUMMY + SOUND SLEEP = COOL BRAIN

For A level and first year hard luck people , its only MCAT that is going to decide your future university . not every FSc position holder gets into KE but I do have Kemcolian friends having 950’s – MCAT rules ; you got a major opportunity.


(Anum has been reading my blogs on mcat even though they were of no use to her :P  listen to what a chill bandi has to say )

hey juniors its the high time when u will b facing a great pressure for ur fsc exams n entry test we can well understand ur feelings as we have also gone through the same thing the past year!! here is some of my pieces of advice for u n my experience that may guide u n release ur tention
first of all dnt b depressed of ur marks in first year
if they r dnt upto ur expectations
n if u have got marks upto ur expectations then dnt b over excited as its only the first step
n first year marks dnt matter much even fsc marks dnt matter much the thing that matters is ur entry test
dnt b afraid of what xctly the entry test is
its all from ur books
i should say ''book ki lines utha kr di hoti hean''
right now u need not to worry about ur entry test
jst focus on ur fsc exams
n no need to join any kind of acadmy for entry test preparation right now
jst follow ur college tests for ur fsc exams
after exams u will get enough time for entry test prepration
or entry test ko b zyada sar py sawar krny ki zarurt nhin jst believe in ur self if u have read ur fsc books attentively then u will b able to solve dat test
so its my advice again n again no neeeeed to join any acadmy for entry test prepration rightnow
n most importantly dnt need to b a book worm carry on ur fun fsc k exams k baad do hang out with friends
even though u join any acadmy do have a great fun there
now my experience is dat it doesnot matter how many hours u study the thing dat matters is what u do in the 3 hrs of ur test
i jst focussed on my fsc exams last year until may when my fsc exams were over i hanged out with friends joined kips
n had a great fun there too n literaly i started prepration for my entry test in last 2 weeks
so do have fun
n one thing u will face is ur fsc result jst few days before ur entry test its my advice again not to b depressed of what u get in fsc still u will have 50% in ur hand ( entry test)
 keep ur main focus on dat
a freind of mine got 1000 marks in fsc still she couldnt make it to any medical college
so fsc marks r not the basis to judge ur future
jst keep ur eyes on entry test set high goals n pray to achieve them
last but not the least pray to GOD
as its the only thing dat matters
pray for ur good luck
work hard n pray hardest inshALLAH u will achieve ur aim 


(Well, seriously guys this experience of his made me feel ashamed of myself.. m always whining about the troubles I have to go through and blah blah but Alhamdulilah I did not go through any physical trauma duriing the times that were to decide my future. And hats off to people who go through the REAL PAIN and yet survive and ace all kinds of tests! Thank u Khawar, for sharing ur experience)
April 6th , 2012. The day my tibia met a corner of a chingchi. Undergone a surgery, fixed with a plate held by 8 screws. couldnt move for 15 days. Lying in the same posture lead to rashes on my posterior part of the body. Even then my concern was not the pain, neither the rashes, nor the urge to walk, but just to develop my pace for the upcoming exams of 2nd year. They were to be conducted just a month ahead from the day of grief. my cell phone and my books were the two just of my companions. I couldnt take the tests of academy and college. I was filled with fear to be left behind in the race of studies. But that fear urged me to study day and night. I had nothing to do except cell phone and the 6 books. Near my exams I was able to sit. I was allowed then to raise my head above the fracture point. I took my exams on wheelchair. Secured 1010. I was very happy. Thanked my GOD several times. Then the hustle for the MCAT started. I joined the KIPS of my city. Went there for 2 months. Felt like I dont know nothing. They used to depress you so that you think like that. Otherwise their business aint gona work. I used a stick having 4 legs at the end. I was allowed to use my one leg only. Students there used to see me with pity in their eyes. I was much acknowledged by the friends. Ali naveed suggested me to stay at home. But my craze to remain in competition made me strong enough to continue the study. All this means : where there is a will, there is a way !
For those who are going to take second year test and MCAT afterwards I would like to suggest that academies do nothing but just depress you. You should join academy just to make your routine as well as to clear your concepts. Their testing is totally different from the paper which is given. Not a single MCQ was in there from those test. Paper is quite easy as compared to their tests. Just study your books. And be calm. You will rock your exam!


(Another chill bandi whom i'll call a 'chupa rustam'. Scoring 3rd position in premedical in board even though she didn't appear in half of the test session at college :P)
Seedhi baat hai k i didn't bother about mcat during my fsc. papers k baad tyari shro ki thi. fsc ki ho achi trha to mcat is no issue. mama papa ki duaen thien n Allah's blessings, warna mehnat to sb krtey hain. Keep on praying hard. cz agar dua ka silsila mojud hai aur admssn na b ho paye to ye to tey hai k Allah ne behtri hi ki hai.


(A girlie having the same hometown as me, so qudratty affiliation hai :P, a humble person, again a "Chupa rustam")
Hi juniors,

Tough time of your study life I guess but everything will be just fine if you are confident in your efforts but overconfidence can be dangerous as there is a real tough competition in medical field and students from all over the country are there to compete.

First regarding your FSC, at this time you all should concentrate purely on your FSC . many institutions have started pre MCAT classes on Sundays perhaps...but I will suggest you all not to waste time on it…all these things will be repeated for you after exams. I am saying this because I had also joined the Sunday session but had gained nothing except for the tension of doing works for both MCAT n for FSC ….so give it a break and just think about the board exams …

Now after you have done well in your exams you should concentrate on the text books rather than different kind of notes provided by academies because the MCAT test I have given was purely from the text books of FSC except for the physics numericals which were quite confusing but practice can make you better for that.

Don’t let yourselves affected by the result of FSC ...whether they are too much or too less…..dont over or under estimate yourself and just focus on your MCAT preparation because it matters more than the FSC marks …Be relaxed and chill while preparing for MCAT because the things you study with relaxed mind will be there at the time of attempting your test..n MCAT is not that difficult as students take it.
For the test time management is the main thing I guess in which most students have difficulty but this can be managed by practicing as much as you can and in the preparation tests keep a margin for atleast 15 to 20 minutes to keep your mind relaxed ………
Well another important thing is that don’t study too much from the very starting days because you will get fedup near the test when you need to do the real effort……….talking about me , I had started the preparation of MCAT with a serious mind a month before the test and ALHAMDULLILLAH got satisfactory marks………

And in the last the most important thing is “ DUA “…… your best and then pray to ALLAH to give you regard of your hardwork..… and always be humble and say 5 times prayers as this time is the deciding one based on which is your future wether you will be a doctor or not…
Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or of luck to the future doctors.hope to see you all at you desired medical colleges


(1st position in gujranwala board)

just read the textbooks,focus on the UHS syllabus and don't pay heed to the so-called entry test preparation academys,just study urself with full concentration.i had a rule''JADOO PARHO TAY SIRF PARHO NAE NAY TAY NA PARHO''!!!Entry test is not as difficult as much it is presented to the stdnts by these *** acadimies.I myself studied truely in the last month,couldn't study properly in early months coz of that Medal-Refusal Issue,but if u have studied properly u can get excellent marks in entry.but english vocabulary needs to be studied on regular basis,nobody can go through it in last is briefly,just study by urself,only and only text-books!!!!
And mine entry test marks were 1016!!!

GooD LucK!!
(I am highly grateful to all of them who took out time to write their experiences for the help of the juniors. JazakAllah =) Our class rocks!)


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  1. Its a good platform to guide the juniors through the vital ideas and experiences of the seniors.... Keep it up!

  2. very nice effort ...keep it up n always try to guide ur juniors
    jazakAllah :)

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