IFMSA- Lahore presents "CAREER GUIDANCE SEMINAR" -- Time to Decide your Future!

“Would you tell me please which way I ought to walk from here?”
‘That depends on a good deal on where you want to get to,’ said the Cat.
‘I don’t  much care where--’ said Alice
“Then it doesn’t matter which way to walk,”said the Cat.
(Alice’s adventures in Wonderland)

So It is very important to ‘begin with the end in mind’ as Sean Covey phrases it. Previously It was  the dream of coming into KEMU behind my every action.  Every test that I rattalized in FSc, Every night that I spent with those extremely boring books was  Yes, for the 'Greater Good.’
And then time passed and Allah by His Kindness granted me KEMU. So What further now?
Study. Ok.
Studying… Studying.. Substages.. Stage.. Physio’s rain of tests.. Biochem test.. GA/ Histo tragedy i.e test…
Wait a second.. But Why Am I doing all this.. Why all the trouble of taking so much tests. Attending lectures when I could have been sleeping at home.. Making practical copies for what good reason?
I want to be a doctor. That’s why.
Ok. So I think again.
What I’ll be doing after going  the torturous five years of mbbs.
I think.
I am blank.
Belonging to a family having no doctors at all, I am a person with nil knowledge about the opportunities I have when I’ graduate. I am not even familiar with even the definitions of ELECTIVES, RESIDENCY, OBSERVE SHIP etc etc.
Are I am dead sure there will be people out there just like me who need to know what are the career options that we have as mbbs graduates. So that we may be able to keep the end in our minds and we can mould our thinking and strategies according to the plan that we think is the best for us.

So for people like me, IFMSA presents “ Career Guidance Seminar”

IFMSA- Lahore presents
"CAREER GUIDANCE SEMINAR" -- Time to Decide your Future!

A detailed session for all the career options after MBBS.

-Basic Sciences
-FCPS/ Career options in Pakistan
-Specialization in UK

Date: 23rd April 2013.
Time: 1-4 pm in Old Auditorium.

Registrations on the same day at 12 pm.

For further details, contact,
Project Director: Farkhanda Qaiser
President IFMSA: Iqra Ahmad
So to get an insight to the ‘to-be doctor’s future options’ make sure you attend the seminar.
People who have been matched recently for US RESIDENCY and other intellectuals and counselors shall be speaking.

List of speakers for the Career Guidance Seminar:

1) Dr. Rafia Tafweez for Basic Sciences
2) Dr. Khalid Masood Gondal for Specialization in Pakistan
3) Dr. Uzair for Specializaion in UK
4) Dr. Hamza Hashmi and Dr. Faiza Khalid for USMLE

Moreover we are also trying to contact people who've recently gone through the experience of AMC and Canadian MLE.
To attend the event, book a slot as soon as possible with
Final year: Iqra Ahmed
4th year: Farkhanda
3rd year: Arfa, hannan
2nd year: Ruhma Ahmad Bani
1st Year: Unsa, Asad ur Rehman.


Stay Blessed..!!


  1. Great work Unsa =) Proud to have such a talented member in our team =)


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