KELS and KemUnited: 3rd PhotoCaptioning 2013 Amplified

KELS English and KemUnited Present
3rd Photo Captioning Contest 2013 Amplified!

The event with a two year success is back again, refined and revised. All the photographers who caption a photo as well as, they can take them, here’s your chance to seize this year’s trophy. What’s more, we have two simultaneous contests within the same event.

1.      "Walking through pavillions, turrets and arches of King Edward, I reflect....."

The theme is to be followed within the premises of King Edward Medical University and Mayo Hospital. The genre of the caption can be of your choice: humourous, serious, ironic and so forth.

  Photos would be judged on the basis of the following criteria:
·         More than 50% weightage for the caption. And also its relevance with the picture and the topic.
·         Picture quality
·         Public Response

Additional rules to be clarified are:
·         No urdu text
·         No text on pic
·         No comic or meme like pic
·         Not more than 3 entries per person
·         Do not write the caption ON the photo.

The best three photos with the best captions will be given prizes and certificates and a consolation prize.

2.      Here’s the photo selected by the cabinet of 2013 to provide another arena for the participants to show us their abilities.
A chance for all those who have little interest in taking photos but a lot more in literature. Caption it to the best of your abilities.

Additional rules to be followed while captioning this photo:
·         Captions should be in English
·         Captions should be serious

The first three captions will get prizes and certificates and a consolation prize.
So let those minds roll and grab those cameras.
The wining photos will be featured in this year’s Kemcol. The captions will be displayed for public response under the uploaded picture. The judgment criteria remain the same.
Last date for entries is 30th April 2013.

Here's your very own memo-list for the competition:
Editing of photographs: Photographs can be edited/non-edited.
Submissions should be sent to:
Deadline for entry submission: 30thApril 2013
A person cannot submit more than 3 entries.

Event Supervisors:
Asad Ahmed, Moeed Ahmed, Taroob Latef.


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