Sports Week '13 Review

Final Year: Carpe Diem

By Rabia Zia

It was our last year in KEMU and the entire batch put in their all to make it count. From the theme day to the gym khana events the final year made its mark. 
The “Ali Baba and the Forty thieves” theme brought the craziest thieves and the most gorgeous marjaans to the sports ground. The color day was hijacked by the waves in blue who not only swept away the titles from the sports arena but roamed the field “like a boss”. Making complete use of their ‘final year-ism” we paraded around to the rhythm of the “dhol”, did gaangnum wherever and whenever we felt like it. Not to mention the “2013” formation that took a while but paid off.
The funfair being in the strict and “no nonsense” hands of Aabid Ali went smoother than expected with the final year again managing to add its one of a kind flavor with the first ever “Paint Ball Fight” and “The Wall Climbing”. Anam Naz again made us all proud by winning almost every title there was to win including the mega “ Best Athlete” award. All in all it was definitely one to remember. This is Rabia Zia signing ,final year, signing off with the mighty yawp of “SIEZE THE DAY “ my friends.

4th Year : Enthusiastic as ever 

By Farkhanda Qaiser

Theme Day – Daastan e Baresagheer

All races of subcontinent under one banner

This year, our class showed a very enthusiastic response to theme day. The stall was brimming with all sorts of characters in their costumes (rented from Bari studio or so I heard :p). The main characters were muslims, hindus, Sikhs and british/farangis. Fatima Jinnah, Quaid e Azam and Mirza Ghalib were also seen loitering around in the ground of King Edward Medical University on this eventful day…!
Our class rightfully got the 2nd position on theme day…!

The Sikhs massacre (killing everyone in sight :p)


Sadly, our class did not put up any stall this year (not to my knowledge atleast and I visited all stalls while fulfilling my duties as KAPS official photographer).

The privileged farangis who got to sit on the buggi :p

Color day:

Yellow was our color. Though we had less numbers but we still managed to stand out. Girls waving their yellow pom poms and wearing gajras while boys in their yellow shirts were seen cheering their class fellows who participated in races. 

Here are some of our wins:

Boys relay race: 1st position (Haris, Fahad, Awais, Waqas)
Mixed relay race: 2nd position (Hira shafqat, Tooba Aftab, Haris, Waqas)
Medley race: 3rd position (Haris, Awais, Waqas)

4th Year in yellow

Some other competitions (which took place before the sports week) in which our class secured positions were:

200 m girls race: 2nd position by Hira Shafqat
Following positions by the best athlete of our class,  Haris Bilal:
1st position in 800 m, 1500 m, 3000 m races.
2nd position in 200 m
3rd position in 100 m
1st position in discus and shotput.

Skit day:

This year’s class skit “Apna muqaam aap peda kar” was written by Ahsan Shehzad and directed by our GR, Saira Afzal and CR Haris Bilal. Well written and well acted play it was but unfortunately it couldn’t get any position due to some inappropriate dialogues (as believed by the judges).

3rd Year : Dont let the spirit die 

By Laiba Khalid

The already cooled down sports week fever of the ever enthusiastic class was almost killed by the result of 1st ever pharma test announced right before sports week & the next one scheduled right after it. Bummer ! The class participated in anticipation of a holiday that would postpone the test automatically to next week. And thankfully it did!

Theme day:  Halloween could have never looked so creepy! The  goats, stinky blood dripping decapitated goat heads and horns, grumpy cat, pheasant, pigeons, rabbits, cauldrons, pumpkins ,arranged by the GR alone, scared the hell out of everybody ! 3rd Position for all the witches, devils,serial killers,draculas, counts, jokers, grim reapers,a bad-rooh, medusa, frankenstien &  Bellatrix.

Funfair: Just 2 stalls by 3rd year, Grill O Ibiza & KemDelights (an all girls stall ) .The red effect of the canopy was a source of constant headache (specially for the KAPS photographers)

Colour Day: The majestic dragons finally got to wear their true color! The class color never looked so uniform . 3rd year stole the day by getting 1st position in mixed relay & girls relay race and 2nd position in boys relay race !

Variety Show: 3rd position for the skit prepared in just 6 hours, without a single complete rehearsal and half the performances done impromptu!
A brilliant end to the Sports ’13 : Asnia Latif declared the best sports woman !

2nd Year: Bigger, bolder & better 

By Aleesha Kainat

The most awaited time of the year in KE - SPORTS WEEK 2013 ended, leaving us with a plethora of priceless memories. Representing 2nd year this time, I Aleesha Kainat, present you with an overview of what an exciting sports week this has been for us this year! 
Starting off with the Theme day, which as per majority vote selected this year was "Fictional World".From personifying Flintstones to Aladdin and Jinnie, from Minnie mouses to Mad Hatter, from popeyes to spidermans, from Shrek to Lord of the rings, we clearly managed to bag the First prize this year as well. 
Funfair was another success with Gondal's Delight to hitting Mashood from sponge, from Kemcafe to dedications, it was an awesome event in itself.
Talking about the color day, we came up this year with two basic themes for Green color  "Hum pey yeh kis ney Harra Rang daala" and "Keep Calm and Go Green". With the shield of 2nd Best Colour represntation, we again managed to steal the show once again. 

4th day which yet was another Blessed day for 2nd year, where we won the title of Best Variety Show, which was definitely well deserved. Keeping in view the underlying theme of women oppression in account and indeed a very well presentation from the finest actors in our class.
last but not the least,the sports accolades we bagged, range from 13 medals boys and 7 medals girls.

1st Year : 1st Roller Coaster Ride

By Unsa Athar

We are told, beta sports week mein sahi maza ata hai. A important aspect of Kemlife for every type of students, bcz the theetas  get opportunity to go home at 10 am and study while the people like us get an opportunity to bunk the first two lectures and enjoy.
The theme day went … ummm.. pathetic for first year :P half the class was dressed as Goths and half was Daku, jokers, gangsters, rapers and God knows What :P . The stall was decorated at the last moment. Despite of all this , we had great fun and managed to beat the final year and got the 4th position :P 
The Funfair was hell lot of fun, with four amazing stalls from first year.The Kemu Lounge people snatched everyone’s glasses The Irritants, with their peepi and bajey tore everyone’s ear drums :P The Kemholics went great with their beautiful cupcakes and the cold coffee. Lalay di hatti was beautifully decorated and their best part was the rakhi bandhan & to reach the height of Awesomeness, LALLEY DI HATTI won THE BEST STALL AWARD..!!!
For the colour day, Our theme was FIRST YEAR K FALSEY…purple…!!!
First years took part in relay race and other events too. Our relay race story started with a ..ahem.. misfortune :P but we came back in competition with our amazing runners.  We surely gonna do better in the coming years.. way to go falsu..!!
And then the annual skit day. Seriously, we had no idea where to go and what to do for the skit. But hats off to Ayesha tasneem for she constantly kept trying and to all the team members who co-operated and helped sooo much. The skit wasn’t as good as the 2nd year’s but YES, WE DID IT. Our actors did an awesome job.  As firtsuley, We managed to grab the 2nd POSITION..!! overcame all other years and that is worth mentioning..
We also bagged many gold, silver and bronzes with a guy getting 7 medals..!!!!
So in short, the sports week has been a great break from the disgusting anatomy, the boring physiology and the incomprehensible biochemistry. Seriously, in just these few days, we came across so many different and awesome experiences..we made new friends.. we learned the true spirit of teamwork and oneness.. we felt like a class.. a batch..!!
Thank you the sports committee for giving us such an event that gave us memories for life.


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