14th August Celebrations - With badges, buntings, sipaaris & softmints


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By Sadaf Hafeez & Laiba Khalid 

14th August celebrations aren't complete for Kemcolians without the annual rituals by Arif Soldier, the man, who,in other days,looks after the Water-plant,standing attentive besides it,much like the guards outside Allama Iqbal's mausoleum.A walk along the busy pathway between Sports ground and once-upon-a-time-Jilani brings you the pleasant surprise of a warm greeting ,' Jashan-e-Azaadi Mobarak doctar saab', and a hospitable provision of an emblem of Pakistani Flag,soft mints and sipaaris by a Quaid look alike dressed in sherwani and Jinnah cap.He touches many hearts by his colorful show of patriotism.When inquired about his motivation , he solemnly replied,'' ...Mujhe ye khayal us waqt aya jab ma ne TV per hijrat k zamanay ki mushkilaat dekhin.Ye dekh ker bohat takleef hui aur ehsas howa ke azaadi kitni bari nai'mat hai. Ye sab kuch apni pocket money se krta hun....'' - Arif Soldier (Kemcol interview 2010).
Lets see what Kemcolians have to say about him.

'' He seemed rather funny dressed that way while most of us wore green and white. But when he said salaam with utmost respect & gave us those Independence Day special badges & candies a wave of guilt swept over me. To overcome which I smiled & asked him if I could take his photo. He posed more than just willingly even before I could get the camera ready....'' (13/8/11)
-Laiba Khalid

'' There are only a few people left in this country who live upto the true meaning of their identity. "Land of pure" it is called, and those who deserve the title are in rarity. One of those blessed few is this tanki walay uncle. He has means less than us, he has education less than us, but he has patriotism, manners, and love for his country that transcends above all of ours. He truly values the efforts did by quaid and his friends, truly knows the worth of each drop of blood splayed before this land was achieved, that is why he celebrates the day of independence with his contagious enthusiasm. Pakistan will continue to thrive just because of the faith of these afew people.''
- Sidrah Latif

'' I just got done reading the newspaper. You really don't wanna know what I think about this annual ceremonious blanketing up of our brake-failing national state by badges, flags and blind patriotism:(
It's good that he feels the way he does. He's probably the only one for miles around who feels the way he does. I just wish he had the power to Do more too. Like hand out better security plans, an economic boom, clean drinking water and a polio-free national landscape. Wish he could give these as hand-outs like he does with his siparis and badges. :'/''
-Faiza Hameed 

''(He's) Someone who goes out of his way to share his pure passion for pakistan!''
-Fizza Mobasher

'' He makes me curious. I have always wanted to ask him what motivates him, where does this passion come from? It's overwhelming to see people doing something for others out of a selfless desire of their own hearts! He, I suppose is among those people! His fervor is contagious! ''
-Nida Rauf 

''He reminds me of the long lost passion of pakistanis,he is not doing it differently , ye hum hain who forgot how to celebrate! & saw his tray?he had sweets too along with badges! somewhere Jinnah would be looking at him ,wearing his symbolic dress,offering things to PAKISTANIS in gora dresses!wat a conflict!''
-Tayebah Mumtaz Hashmi

" ye aik sada se muhab e watan pakistani ka apny watan se unsiat kay izhar ka bra masoom sa andaz he"
-Saima Ashraf

'' I think he is the most lively person/pakistani i have met in a long time, atleast someone is happy with what he has in the name of a homeland...''
-Warda Malik

"Such people are the essence of the country. KEMU is lucky to have such patriotic people. "
-Maryam Shahid

'' His get up and enthusiasm about giving away pakistani flag badges and plastering flags all over the uni shows that he feels strongly about his country. If only all of us could harbor an iota of that feeling, we could bring a significant change in Pakistan.''
-Farkhanda Qaisar

''I never get a badge from him ...... He is patriotism personified , making a point every year to celebrate 14 August in his own unique way .. Hats off sir Jee! ''
-Shahbano Salman

''It truly amazes me how every year on independence day he does whatever's in his capacity to show love for the country and silently acknowledges the sacrifices that went into the creation of Pakistan. And while he somehow tries to keep the spirit of Jashan-e-Azadi alive, we who call ourselves patriots-and God knows what else- just go along with our daily routines. His passion is some thing we all could learn a thing or two from.''
-Anam Tassadaq

''He is such a country man..the way he dressed like quaid e azam and selling badges n stickers..once when I used to b mun phaat in initial years of ke life I asked him ap ye sb q krty han while he was busy in pasting the flag in physio..apko kon kehta h krny ko..ktny paisy milty han apko in k?..he just smiled n said ye me kudi krta hn muje khushi oti h''
-Tuyiba Ilyas
''And Our independance Day at KE is just incomplete without the slim and smart alien-at-the-waterplant all clad in traditional sherwani and shalwar holding a tray full of flagged badges and sweets and most importantly with a smile on his face reflecting His love for our beloved motherland and also instilling the same fervor and zest in us! Happy Birthday Pakistan! Here's to still staying optimistic that we can save you and patch things up.''
-Hafsa Babar


  1. behtreen blogpost hai !
    Keep it up Kemcolians and Arif soldier !

  2. Tayebah Mumtaz HashmiAugust 15, 2013 at 2:42 AM

    I wish he could know how we all think about him:')

  3. Excellent blog on this glorious occasion. Good job Sadaf, Laiba + team :D

  4. Mr arif is a real asset for kemu keep it up soldier for doing a great work


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