The Mystery paper - ISLAMIAT !

Hey there my innocent little juniors=P. After receiving so many texts and queries regarding Islamiat's paper, and seeing first years' attending Islamiat lectures in their Prof prep leaves, I decided there is a dire need to write a short guide for you.

First of all - You DON'T need to prepare for Islamiat in your PREP leaves. I SWEAR !!! I mean guys isn't Anatomy screwing you enough already that you want to allocate some days to Islamiat as well?. Chill !! Two days before the exam - More than enough to nail it. And for people like me, even the last night would do =)

Secondly, you can opt either English or Urdu, if u attempt it well, you get the marks. I for instance, took English and got a 41/50 not that bad huh?! So Don't confuse, choose the language you feel you are more comfortable with.
Now for the reference books:
  •  Urdu - Islamiat by Professor Doctor M.Yahya, 
  •  English - Islamic education by Prof Yahya.

You are not required to study whole books. Ask the person who attended Sir's last lecture or your CR/GR, to upload the important questions and Ahadith/Quranic verses sir mentioned. The paper is entirely based on it. For Instance last time, Important Ahadith were from pages 125, 150, 240, 239 from Urdu version of the book and Ayaat were from pages 47, 57, 223, 230, 260.  Important questions as per sir told were ' Taqwa, Kasb-e -Halaal, Itehad-e-Umat, Amar bin Al-Maroof, Tauheed, Prophet's role as a Mualim, Head of the Family, Trader, Relations with non-Muslim states, Science and Islam, Persecution( Time before Hijrat), Farewell Address, basically Important events from life of Prophet (P.B.U.H) , Islamic civilization and Tehzeeb. All these questions can be found easily from the above mentioned books.
Last year paper :

Now a little tip for O/A level students. If you just go through your Islamiat O level notes for once, that would be more than sufficient for you. I only went through my notes and as for the paper I could solve all the questions with quite ease.

Moreover Fortunately, I have some old O level notes with me in PDF form, which I'd love to share for people who want to attempt in English :) There you go : 


  1. Imp topics from farkhanda noor will do the trick???

  2. About2Join_Healers_FamilySeptember 27, 2013 at 11:18 AM

    LMAO!! Two Days before exam - More than enough to nail it.


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