Admission Letter

Here's  the picture of last year's letter for interviews. It will give you an idea of the stuff required. Our classes were to start from 13th December. Check the dates on the letter and do the maths according to the date of commencement of your classes :)

Credits: Awais Raza

Here is the Surety Bond sample

And the PMDC form sample

-Unsa Athar


  1. >Ask a doctor to write it on his letter pad page that you have been vaccinated against typhoid, tetanus, hepC with his/her PMDC number. (Get vaccinated! Though it's not checked)
    >Surety Bond is like the affidavit jo mcat k liye b bnwaya tha. Sample ho ga letter k sath.
    >PMDC registration form shall be enclosed with the letter. Usei bs fill kr k lana hota hai sath for interview

  2. Here's the picture of last year's letter for interviews. It will give you an idea of the stuff required.
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  3. selection letter kb tk miljata he merit list ane k baad??

  4. can i get the sample of surety bond before receiving the letter ?? so that i may get my documents prepared on time!

  5. Sample has been added to the blog

  6. depends on the classes.
    aap lougu to 21-25 november tk mil jana chaheye

  7. surety bond to kachehri se mily ga?

  8. i hav received the selection letter on 23rd nov.. n they r saying to submit all the documents etc on 26th nov.. itni jldi surety bond kese bn jayega.. is kaam mein to bht dair lgti he.. n i dont understand that 6th from federal board.. inno ne itna late call letter bheja he n now they r expecting us to submit all those documents in just three days.. jbk inmein se no. 6th n 13th wali documents itni jldi ni bn skteen.. :/

  9. surety bond to 2 hours mn bn jata hai O.o
    and go to your board office and tell them the situation. wo aik din mn bna dein certificate. if not possible, to wo aik letter detey hain instead of the certificate aur us sei kaam chal jata hai

  10. kindly can you tell that in PMDC ug registration form,, in portion of is mein father ka NIC number likhna hai ya candidate ka..? r admission date mein selection list declaration date i-e16 nov likhni hai ya koi aur date ..?

  11. candidate ka NIC
    ya merit list declaration date likh dein

  12. yes bnawana ho ga wahan sei


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