[AsK]emUnited Premed and FSc Guidance and Counselling Initiative: Question 1


Premed/FSc Guidance and Counselling Initiative.

Few Words about [AsK]emUnited Premed Counselling Initiative..

KemUnited started a premed section not very long ago. We got an overwhelming response to it, within a short period of time. The KemUnited team felt that there was widespread ignorance about preparation techniques. Most of the students relied on hearsay from their nearest friends and seniors, which may have guided or misguided them depending on the caliber of that person.
This is our first step to give one-on-one advice. We also plan on holding live online question & answer session with our fresh Kemcolians. This will be possible once we are done with our professional exams.

Aims & Objectives:

  • To provide reliable guidance from the people who have made it to KEMU. This is to break the status quo in which the premed candidates are clueless about who to talk to for their study problems
  • Our panel of experts are fresh students of King Edward Medical University. They must've done some thing right to get to the highest merit medical college. The advice they give may not be perfect. But they might be able to point you in the right direction in a much better way than any other source of advice out there.
  • We don't have anything to gain by giving advice. The need to state this arises because of the carnivorous academies or tutors who may have their vested interest in mind to mint more money out of poor premed candidates. Our goal is to take full benefit of the reach of our blog to help as many people as possible.

How to ask a question:

Some points to keep in mind before you ask a question. Please keep in mind that the panel who will answer your questions are also students with limited amount of time.

  • Click here to go to premed tab of our blog. Go through all the articles given over there. YOU MUST ALSO READ THE COMMENTS as a question like yours might already have been asked and answered.
  • The question selected to be answered here will be one which most of the people can relate to and benefit from.
  • Give a brief description of your problem. At the end of your email, briefly enumerate your questions once again so that nothing remains unanswered.
  • Be nice and formal in your email. Do not rite like dis. Avoid using ch@t/$mS language. Use proper grammar, punctuation and correct spellings. If you cannot manage to do that, then please do yourself a favor and quit premed.
  • Email us at blog@kemu.edu.pk with the subject line "Ask kemunited"

Question 1: Study tips for FSc 2nd Year

" I want to clear everything about my problem ! I study in Fsc 2nd year awaiting my result !
In matric, being a little careless, I got 724 marks .I want to become a doctor, a Neurosurgeon ..(and I realized it after matric). When I Started my Fsc everything went fine, in class tests I gained full marks but when the 1st term was held the result was quite disappointing for me! Due to the wrong notes and timing issues I faced a huge loss !
I am also always way too stressed out.. Now I am trying but I don't know, How to and by Which way, do I need to struggle?....I even find it much hard to stick to a single schedule ....e.g when I am studying for Part 1 chemistry I feel like I should be giving time to Part 2 Chemistry and in the end I mess up all and do nothing instead :/
So I want help with a little management, time issues and how to actually control my nerves and focus on one thing at a time.
Although my parents are willing to get me admission even in a private college but all I want is to gain merit without being a repeater and make my parents proud as well! I have shared everything about my problem, and as I've read many of your blogs, I am like 100% sure I'll be getting a Helpful response soon ! "

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Angel Y 
(emailed us at blog@kemu.edu.pk)


Dear Angel, 

I don't how to start this long reply to your long question. Lets take up stuff in points.

=> To overcome the feeling of having a psychological problem you first have to believe you don't have any such issue. Okay? There is nothing wrong with you. Its just the lack of guidance n probably prayers too which has lead to this situation. Your brain is as good as any FSc student. You have to believe in your dreams first
 to make them come true.

=> You know your Part I result by now since the result came out last month, so first calculate how much marks you need in part II n mcat to make it to a good medical college. (86%-90%+ aggregate)

=> I dont understand why are you studying part I books. Whatever you did last year just let it be. You know your result now leave the books till mcat and focus on Part II! Please! Give your time and energy to the stuff that is going to be asked in this year's exam. Stop crying over the last year.

=> Sticking to a schedule is not exactly what you need. All you need is self-confidence and belief that you can complete your course. For chemistry, start with the stuff your teachers are teaching these days. Do the chapter they teach, practice it a lot, write all the equations or memorize stuff as you like it. Make your own notes and tables after learning it. (Roz ka kaam roz kro!) If you have a test due the next day prepare it well. Then on  the weekends or other holidays start some previous chapter which your teachers have taught you already. Read it. Learn the easy stuff.  Underline the stuff you don't understand or jot it down in some notebook and ask your teacher or other class fellow.
Just a little extra effort and you ll be good to to take exams as efficiently as all other students.

=> When you decide to sit and study for something, remove all the distractions around you like music or net or TV. But it again depends on your studying style. (In matric, I loved doing maths with music) Give your yourself short breaks (SHORT BREAKS) between the hours. Treat yourself if you reach the decided goal for that day and punish yourself if otherwise. And by punish I mean adding extra hours to the study schedule next day.


=> PRAY A LOT. that's the key to it all. 

I hope this helps. 

----------------------------------------------------------Unsa Athar.

For all your question/queries/comments, email us at blog@kemu.edu.pk 
 with subject line "Ask Kemunited"


  1. Hi there. .! I have recently passed my MCAT and have come out with aggregate above 91% .. I would like to share my story with this F.Sc student. I was a good student from the very start of my school. But somehow I failed to keep up with my parents' and teachers' expectations . But in F.Sc , I came out 3rd in my district. And I feel, the major role in my success is of the increased belief in ALLAH Almighty.. the secret to success is that you have to stay focused. When you ait down to study, its not necesaary for you to study for hours and hours . Just when you start studying , focus only on each and every word of your lesson. And once you start doing this, you'll feel that you can complete your work much faster than you thought. Moreover, start conpeting.. set a goal for yourself, every month, resolute that you're gonna beat that one guy. And next time, take on someone more challenging. This worked for me. Believe in ALLAH , do your best and leave the rest to HIM. Pray , pray, pray. Even if you do goodwithoutt praying.. it doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be successful every time. And linking yourself to ALLAH will also help you stay calm and focused. Another thing, I'd like to quote one of my teachers. He said "kabhi kisi baat ko bahaana matt ban'ne den" . No matter what, don't let any single thing come between you and your studies. I followed all this, and washed off, whatever people thought about me that I wouldn't be able to get into a top medical university. I trusted ALLAH for all my dreams. And HE didn't let me down.:-)

  2. I got 987 marks in matric from federal board and now in punjab college under gujranwala board tag....I want to know how and how much should I study for fsc to get 1000 above......secondly I was used to write in my own words but here guys are saying that I should go for book ditto copy to ace fsc......I want to know that it is impossible to copy the book lines.......can I mix it? Both concept and main points from book...........tell me about time management of each subject?
    Because here papers are mighty lengthy as compared to federal board..........
    ................................................................................................Saim cheema

  3. Mere Matric mein 960/1050 the. FSc me mera target 1000 ka tha
    aur mere jo hua mene kia humary city mein college se sirf admission jata hai aur har academy mein 1,1 subject k liye bhagna phirta hai. Mere marks unexpexctedly 453/550 ay . Ab men jese hi kuch parhna shru karta hun to kuch smajh hi ni ata k ye kya ho gya hai.Mene rechecking bhi di hai . Us se umeeden lagi hain. Mere liye aur sab k liye dua karyn aur mujhe advice kar den.

  4. my friend is in pc and her physics sir says that physics book is to be read only for mcqs students should learn the text only from some notes........so if its really the case then can you suggest some guide book ..............and also tell if this is really useless to learn the text from book???

  5. Is there a need to go through Alevel books for MCAT prep?


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