Bss FSc Krlo Agae Parhai Asaan Hai: The Irony -Hassan Saeed

 Hassan Saeed

  Yes it was that time of the year again (for some of you it probably still is). Your social life is completely shattered, you’re stressed, busy and on the verge of committing suicide (well not suicide but you get the point :P). Its Proff season everyone.

                Let us first get to the preparations. Trying to get all the subjects done within the limited number of days we had was just like fitting the whole batch into the anatomy lecture hall. Only some would be seated comfortably while other had to be on the stairs, on the stools and even on the laps of other students :P (Yes, I have seen that too). So some chapters and units had to be “Allah ke hawalae :P” And of course everyone remembers saying it one time or another “Kaash sath sath parha hota :P” And if there are any juniors reading this, mind my words the phrase you see as the title might be a consolation for you but it is nothing but a clever deception, tricking you into biting the sour apple :P. And some people (especially those “I am going to be a neurosurgeon, if you come in my way I might have to kill you for it and then drink your blood before my exam or even write the whole exam with it. You are not my friend, I have no friends. The only people I adore are the people in my head that tell me to do things ” type of people) make it worse for you. But some also help. And I thank all of them, not just for making my facebook time a little productive but also helping me with all those questions and stuff.
                And of course your friends, which you have adorned and loved to reply all year, suddenly become the most Herculean barrier between you and your books. For example I have a friend, who if forgets just one of the 25 causes of cardiogenic shock, he will call you up and waste 25 minutes of your time blabbering about how he is going to flunk , isn’t fit for medical studies etc etc only to find out later that there were only 24 causes :P That *******. And all that time you could only think of 6 causes. And then there’s a friend who won’t come to your house to get your practical copy, rather you have to send all 60 photographs through Viber and won’t even get a thank you for it. I mean seriously guys, whatever happened to the “gee thanks brother, I wouldn’t know what I would do without you, thank you “? :P
                But anyways, once preparations were done, it was time for the written exam. I know for a fact that everyone in the whole hall was terrified. Everyone was so afraid of getting kicked out that when a proctor said “Remove all plastic bags”, a guy actually removed the little plastic wrap outside his eraser and threw it away without letting the proctor see :P I seriously doubt that he was going to get kicked out because his eraser had been suffocating to death :P If I had known at-least half of the MCQs on the paper that was in front of me, I would have laughed so hard. As for me I surely believe that my invigilator thought I was a person with special needs! I was making faces the whole exam even trying to touch my nose with my tongue at a point. Then when the exam was over I tried to hand him my paper, but he said to leave it there on the table and go, instead of doing that like a normal human being , I collected the papers of the whole of my line and gave it to him.
                But soon we realized that our proctors were a little “Chill mahol “ :P  A mobile phone rang during the exam session. The guy actually answered and told the caller that he was in an exam and couldn’t talk … WTH!!! And the proctor didn’t do anything about it.
                The writtens were over but vivas were still hanging like a sword above us, ready to chop us down anytime we tried to have a little fun. And did anyone else notice that the first prof was excruciatingly long this year :P And am I the only one who has a burst of creative ideas just when I am about to study. Everytime I opened a book my mind would just wander off to the lands of procrastination and sometimes even Narnia :P
                The vivas went smoothly as hell too. Thanks to everybody for sharing all those questions. They really helped a lot. But there was one little thing, every time I tried to search something on Wikipedia , I always ended up watching cat videos on youtube after sometime :P And whenever I felt that I should have done this long before, I would always say the so called 11th commandment for med students “Aglae saal sae inshallah “ :P But everyone knows “this next year” never comes.
                As the end of my first agonizing proff approached, I was more and more looking keen to the holidays but as it turns out, I do not have a life and am stuck in my home still watching cat videos :P I am just dying for the college to start again, so that once again I can enjoy the spectator ship of the ever growing worthless fights over worthless issues and let’s just confess we all are a little bored without having anything to gossip about aren't we ? :P


  1. Some people say "Matric kro agay.............."

  2. was worth spending 5 mins..enjoyed.. (y)

  3. Sooo real!
    And believe me, things would go the same or worsen in coming years instead of any improvement :-(
    @ "And am I the only one who has a burst of creative ideas just when I am about to study..."
    same happens with me too :-/


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