Instant Biochemistry Practical

Instant Biochemistry Practical

By: Muhammad Salik

Hello Everybody. Here are a few PDF and MS Word files that'll help almost every student of Medical biochemistry in their practicals. The best part is that almost every test and Experiment in 1st year MBBS Biochemistry is covered in detail in only 5 pages. So enjoy.

Just visit the links below and Download the files. Be patient and follow the website. It'll download easily.
And for the new first year, this is all that you'll write in your Biochem Practical Copy so keep it and may it help you.

My Tips: Print the Template (i.e black n white) files and carry them along. It'll help.
If you're studying on your PC use the Colored file. They look much better.

1. Analysis Of Urine Colored PDF.pdf
2. Carbohydrates
3. Proteins
4. Color tests for Proteins and amino acids


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