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intestinal juice pancreatic juice gastric juice bile salts
Alkaline tide intrinsic factor saliva functions
Salivary contents bile release
Colloidal solution 
Plasma proteins

External Hb curve Sickle Cell water soluble vitamins k naam aur coenzymes formed by them. 
Internal : acidosis . Volatile nd non volatile acids in body. GAGS nd proteoglycan. Pernicious nd megaloblastic anemia . Hb nd Mb difference. 
External: folate trap . Oligomycin. Ph of stomach. Water ka structure. Enterokinase. Uncouplers .
internal : pernicious anemia, se ascofactor, anti oxidants , difference btw emulsification and emulsion , celenoseitein , sttructure od phosphatidic acid , characters of gud buffer , prosthetic group with e.g , diffrnce btw co enzyme and prosthetic grup , co factor, cardiolipin , metabolic acidosis (diseases in which it occurs ) succinate dehdrogenase, uncoupling agents , bile , metabolic acidosis and effects of dirrhea and vomiting ,
 external : structure of water , def ov acid, ph of body fluids , heme proteins , action of salivary amylase , selinium , metabolic acidosis
emulsi0nx pe pkr k rol di meri...thyxotr0py..tyndall..f0late trap. GIT me se pucha, CCK ka signfcnce bile acidx bile saltx k functnx me kya diffrnc ha
 Majr viva. Internal : CCK, saliva ib detail, bile comp, primary n secndry bile acids n their function, diff b/w intrahepatic n extrahepatic bile. miscelles, prostethic grup n coenzymes, define heme, standrd A.A, Arg+Histidine(Semi essential A.A), modified A.A, fnctional.group present in A.A, role of R group (its role in polarity. i said OH lgta h. But iska ye ans nai), classification of protiens in detail, draw st of cAMP, nitrogenous bases, nucleotides nucleosides wid exmple, what do mean by 3' n 5' in DNA st, classify acids in body (volatile n non volatile), buffer in detail (is pr phansaya sir ne), write buffer pairs of plasma protien, what is polarity? define absotption. hw glucose is absorbed in body. vit K's role.

 External is . He always ha a smiling face n gives u shabash after every ans. functions of cholestrol, role of folic acid, vit B12, why is there pyridoxine definciency in TB patients. Role if Zn, Se. Diff b/w hemochromatosis n hemosiderosis. standrd A.A. diff b/w nucleus, nucleoid n nuclelous n their functions.

 Biochem practical is simple. U have to pick a card randomly having the question ( detect unknown solution, milk, normal/abnormal urine etc) then they ll ask u to pick up a solution and go to your seat. There ll be a sheet for u there. us pe u got to write stuff as in tables of tests or scheme of detection. 1:30 k time mein perform b krna hota hai aur sath sath likhna b. sath the teacher on duty checks the copies. phir when u r done u got to waiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt for Sir Shakeel to come for the viva. After the viva u r good to go.
INTERNAL :normal body PH ..why it is slightly alkaline ,how to write a buffer sol ,casein,conjugated proteins,what is heme,name some coenzymes,THFA ,folate trap,folic acid,megaloblastic ,itrinsic factr,it is a glycoprotein but it is not digestedWHY ? ( iska pata nhi kia ans ha ),figlu schillings test ,abbreviation of figlu
 Km,Classification of enzymes,Ligases,Synthase nd synthetase difference 
 External :Acid , types of acid in our body ,transporter of glucose in GIT, Enterokinase ,active transport and its types
Internal : glycoprotiens ,its types ,Antibodies ;types , antibody involved in allergy,derived proteins; types; examples; phospholipids ;types;examples...
cerebrosides,globusides,gangliosides,sphingomyelins,nucleoproteins , standard and non standard amino acid difference and examples , Essential amino acid , what is taurine ,its function....ceramide sugars ....glycolipids...cholesterol its structure and functions ..bile acids and bile salts and their functions
External...Colloidz.. Osmosis.. Osmotic pressure..semi permeable membrane.. Vit A ka funkshn..
Internal... Cytochromes..repiratory chain ... Oxidative phosphorylation.. Lyases..ligases... Transaminases... GOT..GPT...prosthetic group. 

..External..... Phospholipids... Dextrins.... Vitamin D.... Iodine.... Internal:- NAD.. Niacin ..... Pallegra.....FAD.... Riboflavin.... Vitamin E.... Night blindness... PKa n its significance...... Buffers (names) .....Nucleotides.. Both poly n mono...composition of transfer RNA..... Conjugated proteins... Derived proteins with examples...Alkaline phosphatase.... Co factor... Prosthetic group.... Co enzymes with examples.... Proteolytic enzymes....,
 EXTERNAL : folate trap , role of folic acid in DNA synthesis (detailed) , nucleoprotein , chromoprotein , pyridoxine role INTERNAL : tranferases , transminase ALT product and substrate ki details , keto sugars , selenocysteine , anomerism, tautomerism
Osmotic pressure its normal value 
Glycosides..glycogen starch n cellulose differenc...cellulose nt soluble in human ??..posttranslational modification ov protiens asked by both teachers
Vit k nd c..maltose nd iso maltose 
Epimers..fruit suger..name any keto suger aftr that oor ek or batayi or ek or batayi then in main kitny kitny carbn hoty ye poocha
Iron binding capcity its normal value 
What is transferrin nd cerruloplasmin asked by intrnal
internal : glutathion and its composition,alt .. ast .. alp .. transferases .. tranaminases .. why is alkaline phosphate raised in rickets ? .. what is pagets disease .. gibbs donan equilibrium .. difference between colloid and crystalloid .. what are bile salts .. nucleoproteines and example .. cytochromes .. cardiolipin .. name some ketone bodies .. what are keto acids .. name 2 keto acids .. osmotic pressure and its value ..

external : bmr .. prion disease .. wilsons disease .. menke's disease .. functions of bile salts .. functions of cholesterol .. function of riboflavin .. function of cobalamine .. functions of plasma proteins
Internal: CCK, glycoproteins, functions of saliva, bile salts konse ote en, what is bile acid, functions of bile salts, (antiseptic nai ota mushtaq mnga k dekha), what are choleratics, haptocorrin, name conjugated proteins, name immunoglobulins, aminoacids, selenocysteine, deiodinase, reaction of deiodinase, UGA codon, chromoproteins, why called so, rhodopsin, what is cytochrome, what is pigment, why standard amino acids form proteins, 64 codon en to amino acid 21 q bnte en? amphoteric electrolytes, udp, components of nucleic acids, ketone bodies, haptocorrin k spelling likhwae  figlu test, schilling test, what is cobalmin , gibbs donnan, is k 5 effects, what is coloid, what is crystalloid, what is albumin globulin ratio and its significance, edema kb ota a. Osmotic pressure colloid se frk prta a crystalloids se, what is folic acid, zyada number kiske aate en jiska iq zada o ya jo zyada parhe?
 INTERNAL : cholerectics, role of cck, function of bile salts, inorganic constituents of bile, ph of saliva, functions of saliva, main enzyme of saliva, constituents of gastric juice, role of hcl in stomach, gastrin , biochemical role of thiamine, types of beri beri, why wet beri beri is called so, why dry beri beri is called so,why alkaline phosphatase is increased in rickets, what is paeget disease................ EXTERNAL : myxedema , types of jaundice, function of fe, bilurubin, conc. of bilirubin, enzyme inhibition, iodine, acid phosphate is increased in, example of transmethylase..........

Allosteric enzymes
Enzymes as medicines, esp Streptokinase
Michellis Menton Eq, n significance of Lineweaver Burke Plot
Tyndall Effect
Significance of PK value
Signifance of Henderson Hasselback Eq.


Cu Funtions
Vit E functions
Hydrolysis of Lecithins
Cholesterol Functions
Vit K Functions
Hydrolysis by Amylase


Abnormal Urine-Viva about Ketone bodies: in what condition are they presnt; their names; which is highest in conc.; which is volatile
internal: vit C ka role, coenzymes, transaminases with examples their new n old names, standard non standard amino acis with examples, folate trap, isoenzymes, enzymes as drugs, benz jones protein, un ke nature, y their coagulation come n goes, alkaline phosphatase us ka role us ke nature us ka mechanism of action, choline , plasmalogens , beri beri
external : scurvy , reason of bend legs in it , prions , crutzfeldt jacobs syndrome , cystic fibrosis , Cl ka receptor jo is disease mai non functional hota ae , alzheimers , tyrosine n alanine mai sai essential kon r kiun??? thats all 
External : saponification , oncotic pressure , osmotic pressure , crystalloids , and rest of 2nd chapter
 Internal: Functions of cholesterol, Bile acids, Bile Salts, Glycine, Essential or non-essential, why it is non-essential, Name other no-essential amino acids, In body phenylalanine gives rise to tyrosine ( which one is non-essential AA), Name the essential amino acids, Biochemical role of Vit K, enzyme catalyzing the reaction caused by vit K, What is hydroquinoine??
External: Surfactant, Metaglobinemia, Role of folic acid
 Internal : name the cofactor present in carbonic anhydrase... Carbonic anhydrase clasification k kis group me hai ? 
external : function of thiamine . Fuction of vit d 3 
Practical : "khachar" ko english main kya kehte hain?? I said mule  jo gari me dalta hai usay kya kehte hain? (answer was fuel it didnt strike  ) sir ny kaha kaka choti c bat pe 5 numbr zaya kara liay na.. Paper py 25 laga diay  practcl dakha b nae (last roll numbrz k faiday) 
agar me anday zyada khaonga to mere andr kia zyada hojaega..bilirubin level..oncotic pressure level, what is hypercholesteremia, troponin which enzyme is raised in MI 


nucleotides example , albuminoids, modified amino acids ..abbu kia krty hean  kahan sy ho  jao 
 Aleena ka matlab  (Me: silk of heaven) jannat mai jo doodh ki nehrain beh re hain, un mai konsi protein hoti (Casein) casein ks typ ki protein ha, conjugated proteins ki e.gs; uridine..nucleosides ki e.gs; prosthetic grup.. (tum paka pass ho, jao 

 INT : What is Gelatin , How it is produced ? give difference b/w Gelatin and Keratin ..What is importance of R group in Amino Acids..Classify amino acids acc to R group..Weak and Strong Acids , difference b/w ionization and polarity  Chloestrol , calcium and Glucose plasma level.

EXT : True Particles ,Classify Lipids , Spinghomyleins body mai kidhar hotay ? Pernicious anemia coz of Vitamin b12 with respect to Folate trap Hypothesis 
 External: peroxisomes, bilirubin level, alkali reserve, function of nucleolus, microsomes, anion gap, physiological jaundice, Hb-O2 curve shape why is it so. pO2 in mitrochondria, arterial and venous blood, in exercising muscle, define buffer and name them.
 Internal: glycosidic bond, invert sugar, chemical name of surfactant, globosides
external: lipoproteins, classes, wat r good fats? why r they called so? cholesterol synthesis ko kaisay inhibit krtay eicosanoids kya hotay? prostaglandins kya hoty, unke functions (abi itna e yaad  )
internal: iski translation karo "mera laal dubaatta ....(poori line b ni yaad ab mje  ) -_________________________-
me: uhhhhhhhhh O_o
sir: my red veil is waving with the wind
me: *in my head : sir kr rae hogi wave  *
tryptophan kya, essential k non essential, aur essential konsay, uske baad sir vit d, vit k n alkaline phosphatase pe ghoomatay rae 
 Xtrnl: vit D frmation,activation,functions. B12 k functions,Plegra
intrnal : cOfactrs of FA,niacin 
External: Lipids, lipoproteins, essential fatty acids, lactose tolerance & triacylglycerol level... Internal: composition of GAGs n role of Vitamin K 

Biochem Batch I Major

Hasnderson Hassel bach equeation
Name a co enzyme
What is coenzyme
Prosthetic group
Carbonic anhydrase ka co factor
Aur koi co factor
Name an enzyme
Sir ka mood theek hi tha, jo nai aa rha tha ya confuse ho rha o smjha rahey thei sir
Define acid
anion gap
trace elements
Fe, Vit C k functions.
Kafi jaga atak rai thee aik ad aya bhi nahi, magar khud sir bata detay, shabash bhi dey detay :) sir ki smjh nai lag ri thee :p
Sir ne 30 min lgaye cz of fone calls n peon aa rae thei baar bar
Vit D in detail Calcium functions Calcium absorption Vit K in detail and diagram Name modified enzymes. Eg. Co enzyme. Eq definition Classfixation of enzymes. Oxidoreductasea ki further plus examples. Name water soluble vitamins. Niacin in detail. Folate trap Active form of folic acid
External ne 2 min ka lia bas. What Is ph? What is normal ph? How to measure ph? What is HH equation? What is folic acid? Name uncouplers of oxidative phosphorylation.
normal amount of cholesterol, inhibitory mechanism of H2S, classification of proteins, functions of folic acid, megaloblastic anemia, pernicous anemia, glucuronic acid.
nitrogenous bases, what is sorbitol? glycerol? ester bond? rickets? osteomalacia? functions of cholesterol, starch. 



1. ulna detail attachmnts type of joints.. movements 
2. heart features..nerve supply of heart+ nerve supply of fibrous pericardium
3. brachialus nerve supply 
4. movements of foot ..muscles causing dosri flexion
5. which system is activated in u right now n y?
6. phernic nerve ki supply areas
7. movements taking place at elbow joint


1. model of embryo dat was not there in the pictures
2. maternal side of placenta
3. types of villi
4. which things r supplied by blood through placenta
5. types of sutures with examples

Joints formed ny ulna nd their types
Examples of Hinge joints
Long Flexors of Middle finger
Flexor digitorum profundus ki nerve supply
Examples of other muscles having dual nerve supply
Neve supply of parietal nd visceral pleura
Lung ki ID
Internal :
Maternal placenta
Amniotic fluid its composition nd function
Model spottng
Types of Bones nd sesamoid bones ki features nd examples

external: humerus attachments movements of foot, muscles responsible for these movements n their nerve supply carrying angle,sleeping foot 
internal : types of joints n their examples, implantation, zona pellucida,zona reaction,comp.of zona pellucida morula 

xternal:radius attachments, nerve supply of pronator quadratus and itx action. othr pronator, which one is stronger.
Axis of supination, pronation,.

Collateral circulation nd true arterial anastomosis shaid. Side determination of lung. Bronchopulmonary segments ki def, y r they named so, importance. 
Surf marking of axillary nerve.
Internal: what r bursae. Wt r they made up of. Characteristics of synovial joint. Composition of synovial fluid. 
Embryo ka model tha just after fertilization wala, 2 cell stage. Consequences of fertilization.

SPOTTING 20 marks ki thi total 10 tablez --2 for upper, 2 for lower, 2 for thorax (heart,lung+model), 1 for bones, 1 for radiogragh, 1 was embryo model, 1 for model of hand+foot... 3 spots+1 qs/4 spots .... each for 1/2 mark. and REST TBL was there!
 external: clavicle  biceps ki nerve supply, reason for name of nerve, wrist drop, foot ki movements. joints jis pay movements ho rahi hn, unki type, side determination of lung, bronchopulmonary segments
internal: model explain krwaya tha embryo ka, ectoderm derivatives, ganglion types, bursa, synovial joints ki properties
Amna Cheema's photo.

 External: hip bone atachmnts,joints formed (hipjoint,sacroiliac,pubic symphysis) typs of above mentioned joints,lung side determination+impressions, pneumothorax 
Internal: second week of intrauterine life  where is cartilage found in body?(ear,nose,joints) in which joints cartilage found?structre of secondary cartilaginous and examples 
surfc marking: extnsor retinaculum 

external: supply of tibial nerve ,mediastinum syndrome bus.... internal: model of 4th week function of somites bursa nd its complicationsx
External: capsular attachment of humerus. structures deep to gluteus max. and minimus. nerve spply of serratus anterior.. bs. 
scapula ki chalking
attachment on da medial border ov scapula
lymphatics ov lungs
nerve suply ov muscles attached to scapula
movements at da wrist joint
left lung suna tha
model tha 2 cel stage ka wo pucha tha
fate ov fertilization
about morula
types ov joints
types ov cartilage
symphsis k characterz nd locatin
was jxt simple.
nd surface main mam ny tibial nerve mark krai th
spots for bell stotting were also easy
dere ws 1 model ov embryo
1 table for xrays
1 for bones

 internal: twining and teratogens. bloodsupply of miniature long bone.
 But mam rafia mushkil sawal b pouchti hain.Ganglion ki types. Ganglionic cells ki types.. Somitogenesis pay phasati hain.. Kuch larkion say weeks ka b poucha... Bursa. Blood supply of long bone.Joints types. Embryo k conceptual questions b pouchti hain.Us k ilawa she asked me about teratogens.
Anotomy Internal: tibia's attachments, bursae around tibial tuberosity, def of bursae, are they all present before birth, housemaid's knee, movements of hip joints, their axis (exact location from where they paas), derivatives of ectoderm (surface ectoderm +neuroectoderm that also includes neural crest cells derivatives)

joints of vertebrae, intervertebral joints kon kon se, kis type k, symphysis kya hota, doosri type kya, primary cartilagenous joints kahan kahan hotay, FCU ka action, tennis elbow
surface marking dorsalis pedis, 

INTERNAL: (aaj maam rafea had Lower limb b)
twinning ka model tha femur k upper end ki attachments,gluteus medius point out krnay ko kaha k kahan laga exactly, action uska, tendelenbergs sign, extensor digitorum brevis ka origin, talus ki dorsal surface kis joint me participate krta? parasympathetic nervous sytem ki distribution kaisay 

SPOTTING: 10 tables thay, 1 bones ka 1 radiographs, 1 embryo, baqi pe limbs and lungs etc....
spots n ques overall easy e thay...biceps, flexor retinaculum median nerve, etc et...questions radial groove k contents, capacitation ki def, intercostal nerve ki branches, heel ka dermatome
External : ulna attachments, cubital tunnel syndrome, joints made by ulna and axis of movements, sympathetic system

Internal : deep fascia modifications and functions, movements of hip joint and knee joint, 2nd week of embryo.
Table spotting : tibialis anterior, its action and nerve supply
Surface marking : ulner nerve
1st 2nd polar bodies. fate
Spinal nerve
Dorsal root
Ventral root(their detail)
Most powerful ligamnt .importance
 upper end of humerour , axillary nerve , kis cord ki branch hai , brachial plexus ka knsa part axilla main hota , left lung identification and its impressions , tennis elbow , radial artery surface marking , blood and nerve supply of lungs , pleurisy

 internal : hip bone ki anatomical position .. rectus femoris origin and insertion and action , locking and unlocking , role of popliteus in detail , conditions for implanatation , types of placenta , placenta previa , difference between syncytio and cytotrophoblast , patella kis kism ki bone , further classification of patella , ossification of patella , bchon main patella ni hoti iska matlab ? no embryo model asked 
 external.. external retinaculum marking. clavjcle bone. function of trapezius. what is complex joint. name another complex joint. hold this heart. what is cardiac tamponade. ossification & peculiarities of clavicle. chlo bhag jao ab.

 internal.. upper end femur. capsule ki details poocheen. gluteus medius kese raise krta pelvis.... embryo effects of fertilization and deep details of zona reactions... GA. name types of synovial joints.
External : axillary nerve surface marking 
Humerus chalking. growing end of humerus. hota kia hai growing end. necks of humerus. surgical ko kyu kehtey surgical. wrist ki movemnts kr k dikhao. kis type ka joint. what is ellipsoid joint (hence ga b kinda poch rai thien) lung uthao. kis side ki n kese. pleura kon sey hotey. nerve supply of pleura. name kia tumhara. kia mtlb hai iska. hostellite ho?. jao 
Internal 12 bje aen. Model of 4th week. (neurulation twinning 2nd week k models thei). us pe bitha k Maam Nabeela Sir Samee sei aadha ghanta department ki discussions kien . phr Amniotic fluid kb bnta. amount. chorion ka fate. femur greater trochnter attachmnts. gluteus maximus fnctn. femoral canal ki boundaries.
External: Radius ki chalking, supinator ki nerve supply, Deep branch of radial ka dusra naam, back of forearm ki nerve supply, how anterior n posterior interosseus arteries enter the ext n flexor compartment respectively. Right side lung, why so, n impressions. Brachial artery in Surface marking

Internal: hip joint, fibrous capsule, which type of fibres in capsule, ankle joint movements, embryo mai she asked me to identify structure(heart prominence), heart kis se bnta, lat mesoderm k aur derivatives, adrenal medulla kis se bnta. Ga ma fibula kis type ki bone, law of ossification n why doesnt fibula obey it.
embryo,,,,, consequences of fertiliztion
g.a,,,, blood supply ov immature long bone
lower lmb,,,, tibia,side determination,post surface of tibia attatchmnts, actions of soleus,gastrocnms.

surface marking,,, ant border ov rite lung
upper lmb,,,, clavicle, side determination, movemnts of shoulder girdle, typ of sternoclavicular joint
thorax,,, side detrmination ov lung (i got left wala)
p.s : if u r gvn bone of upper lmb, mam will ask u abt heart/lung,,, if u get bone ov thorax, limb se spotting kraen g..
Int:Lower end of femur attachments,phases of spermiogenesis,popliteus action,nerve supply,sutures,types of sutures,ankle joint type,axis of ankle joint,movements at ankle joint
Ext:1st rib attachments,Brachioradialis spotting,thoracic outlet syndrome
radius attachments. Side determination. Muscle attached on radial tuberosity. Its nerve supply. Other muscles supplied by that nerve. Reason for it being called musculocutaneous. Muscles having dual nerve supply. Pneumothorax. Hemothorax. Pleurisy.
tibia. Attachments. Action of gracilis. Functions of placenta. Factors involved in the degeneration of zona pellucida.
HOWEVER, the model that I was asked was very weird. Nothing from the pictures. Something between a morula and a blastocyst. 
Surface marking:
Axillary nerve.
External: 1st rib, attachments, classification of ribs, site of common injury, table spotting of median nerve and pronator teres
 GA: Classification of Synovial Joints
 Embryo: Events of 3rd week and a model of cross-section of embryo with neural tube, notochord, dorsal aorta (above downwards) and paraxial, intermediate and lateral mesoderm on the sides.
internal : femur side determination chalking of muscles on lesser trochanter action of psoas major,does fascia iliaca form any structure in lower limb(femoral sheath) uski boundaries and stuff!! femoral canal k lymph node ka naam! suture types with examples! embryo model placenta (picasa wala hi tha) chorionic cavity ka fate and chorion k functions!! ext: ulna chalking brachialis nerve supply ,hybrid muscles ( ALWAYS start with PROFUNDUS even if u have a list prepared :p) lung side determination ,basis, bronchopulmonary segment! surface marking : radial nerve
anatomy internal : tibia side determination . name ov bordrs, lateral bordr joint , where this kind ov joint present in our body more examples , 3rd week events , caudal neuropore wen close 
 Humerus,lung of which side,how u said left,which is the growing end of humerus,necks of humerus(External)impressions of left lung
prepare models for embryo. maternal side of placenta, umbilical cord components, bone side determination. ankle joint axis, movements of ankle joint, joint classification, why zona is not shed at fertilization even in presence of lytic enzymes. externalka viva is more of a mazak
 ulna with attchmnts, joints it form thr nerve suply, muscles with dual suply of nerves, anatomcl position of heart n its venous drainage
 model of embryo cleaving zygote at 2 cell stage, polar bodies, tibia, attchmnts, nerve suply of muscls n thr action
Somite ka model with neuropore starting to fuse. Paraxial mesoderm k further differentiation. Foot ki articulations aur grooves. Arches. Ectoderm k derivatives. Intermembranous ossification.
 external : ulna ,side determination n reason,brachialis n its nerve supply,course of musculocutaneous nerve, right lung n nerve supply of lung.pulmonary plexus kese banta. internal:model of 5th week n relatd questions,foot ki tarsus bones,talus k joints ,movement of eversion n inversion occur at which joints.
External : ulna ,side determination , nerve supply n action of triceps brachi n pronator quadratus,course of radial nerve,arterial suply of back of forearm,Saturday night palsy,lymphatc drainage of lungz. Internal: hip bone attachmnts on iliac crest, fascia lata ki importnc, strcturz passing thru saphenous opning. Cartilagenous joints, embryo: implantation n teratogenz...

 medial rotators ..lateral rotators of thigh...obturator nerve...hip bone..functions of trophoblast..types of fibrous joints n ghombosis ki explanation...fate of chorion....n mam atia asked attachments on rib..pump handle n buckt hndle movmnts..functions of biceps..n its nerve supply..

 sternum; its attachmnts its joints, medicolegal imp of sternum.. spotng of serratus ant on limb, its nerve supply n action..why profunda brachii is calld so..hip joints formation n movemnts ,lateral rotators of hip joints ,addctor canal, saphenous nerve ka course ,model of morula, how iz zona pellucida shed ,classification of skeletal muscles acc to functions..


(they are in the form of screenshots I took before my 

viva to revise :P )

Displaying IMG-20131104-WA0026.jpgDisplaying IMG-20131104-WA0022.jpgDisplaying IMG-20131104-WA0024.jpgDisplaying IMG-20131104-WA0025.jpgDisplaying IMG-20131104-WA0021.jpgDisplaying IMG-20131104-WA0019.jpgDisplaying IMG-20131104-WA0023.jpgDisplaying IMG-20131104-WA0020.jpgDisplaying IMG-20131104-WA0018.jpgDisplaying IMG-20131104-WA0017.jpgDisplaying IMG-20131104-WA0015.jpgDisplaying IMG-20131104-WA0014.jpgDisplaying IMG-20131104-WA0016.jpgDisplaying IMG-20131104-WA0010.jpgDisplaying IMG-20131104-WA0011.jpgDisplaying IMG-20131104-WA0012.jpgDisplaying IMG-20131104-WA0013.jpgDisplaying IMG-20131104-WA0009.jpgDisplaying IMG-20131104-WA0008.jpgDisplaying IMG-20131104-WA0007.jpgDisplaying IMG-20131104-WA0006.jpgDisplaying IMG-20131104-WA0005.jpgDisplaying IMG-20131104-WA0004.jpgDisplaying IMG-20131104-WA0003.jpgDisplaying IMG-20131104-WA0000.jpgDisplaying IMG-20131104-WA0001.jpg


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