ENT Prof Bank 2013

Paper Pattern: 

Total Marks: 200

Written 100 marks

Mcqs 30 marks
Seqs 20 marks
Pbq 20 marks
Leqs 20 marks
Internal Assesment 10 marks

Viva 100 marks

Not confirmed about its distriubtion but i gues it is smth like tis:
Long case 30 marks
Short case 30 marks
Table viva 30 marks
Internal 10 marks

On viva day you have to bring ward card, history booklet and ur ent assisgment with u..all signed.
In ent u r alloted a unit like if mine is unit 1 then my long case and table viva is taken by unit 1 and short case by unit 2 and vice versa for students who have unit 2 according to their schedule.

Long case: U r assigned a bed, take history of the patient, examine him/her, write down hitory, general physical, systemic and local examination of ear, nose throat. write d/d. Either internal or external will take ur long case.

Table viva: Professors take it. Intruments, Xrays and Ct scans are asked alond with other questions. Attend revision class for intruments and x rays.

Short viva: Command is given like to examine ear or do anterior rhinoscopy. Do methods properly. Learn to focus headlight by going to opd before viva.

Prof ppr 13:

Viva questions:

Following are the questions copied from class groups. Ignore any unnecessary or offensive details :)

Table viva Dr azhar. What is tinnitis, which drugs cause tinnitis. Treatment of hematoma auris. Treatment of septal hematoma. Complication. Causes of hematoma. Which drug causes perforation of septum. Which occupation has septal perforation in workers. Treatment. Identify instrument... Bronchoscope. Uses. Scenario. A patient with perforation in septum. Non tubercular, nor sarcoid no fungus. Then what? How to confirm. Which diseases have anca in blood. What does this group of disease is called? What is ACE. in which disease you measure its level? What is sarcoidosis? Short case. Sir pal. Examine ear. What is riene positive. Long case. External. Mine was DNS. Diagnosis? What treatment you can offer. What local anaesthetic is used? To which class it belongs? Classify local anaesthetics? What is its toxic dose? What are its side effects? Why adrenaline is used along with? With cocaine do you use it?

Sir Azhar ne pucha 65 yr ki auntie, 5 kids, dysphagia ki long history, presented with bleeding, ct/radiology is done , mass cames out to be in post cricoid rrgion. Name the most probable treatment..(first treat bleeding) What is fistula,, branchial fistula, treatment,, levels of Lymph node in neck,, where is level 5.. Sir pal.. Ear examination plus otomycosis.. External.. Case k mutlaiq.. Plus tympanoplasty ki 5 types, wth detail.. Plus lemperts incision, ye mjhe wilde say mix hogya tha, but he is quite normal n he didn't make u tense.,.. Besto' luck.. unit 2! Table viva: Ct scan poch rahay thay.. Revision class attend kr laina.. Sir pal, external aur sir taimoor, tenon baithay hway thay... Mera viva bus sir taimoor ny liya.. Sir taimoor ka fav septo aur smr hai.. Cnfuse nai ho gay tou viva ucha ho jayay ga.. Aj instrumentz nai karwayay sir pal ny..

Long case: Apni marxi ka patient pakar saktay.. Jaldi ward main ghusna. P.gz help krtay.. Dns ya tonsilitis lay laina, mere tarhan late jao gay tou phr hypopharyngeal carcinoma milay ga.. Long case external lain gay.. Asan laitay, cnfuse nai ho gay tou ucha ho jayay ga...
Short case: Sir azhar ny aj neck examination, cranial nerve examination, ant rhinoscopy aur ear examination krwai.. sir paul asked abt a CT scan nd nasal fracture reduction kb krte period why?? then polyps... uskae baad instruments krwaye. sir also asked abt ear ka kuch ab yad nhe... instrument ka use name.. external nae bht asan pocha tonsilectomy indctns..diagnosis bus... baki i thnk do gve examntn achi wali imp bcse either case short or long sir azhar achi tarah dkthe hae

Gnrl trend aj jo viva mn rha wo yi k pal sb extrnal ko de dte hn viva k lie. Extrnal tracheostomy buht sun rhe.... wo ap buht achi trah kr lna. Bki ear buht sun rhe. Otitis media buht sun rhe. Secretry otitis media buht sun rhe. Instrumnts sai trah se kr len dr pal agar viva le rhe to wo instrumnts uthwate hn. Nose se polyp
Long case mn extrnal buht easy ja rhe.... primary. reactionary hemorhages. Secondary hemorhages in ka treatmnt. Secondary hemrhage k treatmnt mn book wala btana or antibiotic b btaen gi to sir khush hn ge bcz secndry hemorhage infection se hta Short case main mirror ka khyal rkhna. Or position ka. Bki ant rhinoscopy kra rhe. Ear exam. Nerves. Neck exam. Nystagmus b kraya kuch logo se. Mere se pahle ett othwai..phir oske indication..phir what is coma? Phir nose ka lateral x ray...phir what is anosmia..phantosmia..how to manage bldng in tonsctmy and adnoidctmy...aur bacho se lymph node k level...stricture ki typesm..auditory pathway with 1st 2nd order neurons...trapezoid body...nuceus tectorius...branches of ext carortid in order... Ear speculum ka name pitter ear speculum h Grommets 4 types:
1. Short term: sheperd Shah
2. Long term: Goody's Pearly's
 Unit 2: ques easy pochte hen sir bht ..... surgeries k indications, containdications and complications ache tarah . bronchoscopy, esophagoscopy, tonsilectomy, adenoidectomy, tracheostomy
unit 1 sir azhar iz very sweeeeetttt..define coma.ng tube ko ko point kia k wat is dis..causes of facial paralysis..surgery through inferior meatus..mastoid air cells..wat is INR..n aik scenario tha jo pta nae kia tha..but dat was not a prblm..mnhe wese wk npc lga tha..
short case examine left ear..facial nerve exmntn..mastoid air cells..mastoid surgery
long case sir azhar ne lia ofc men..diagnosis n treatment n complication...
koe tension mt lk ent ki...sb ne aiwajn tnsn phlae hue...
Unit 1:
external ...... bppv n meniere,s me diff how to differentiate patients 
adenoid identify kraya xray me 
sir azhar ...... aural polyp ki mucosa .. maxillectomy k incisions .... nose me distant mets ? sir azhar ne laryngeal inlet dra kraya .... left tympanic draw kraty ..... sphenopalatine fossa ki position ......
sir pal ......... autoscopy n wax treatment
kahan se ho ? okara ..... hasb e hal wala kn hai ....me: sir nam ni pta pr wo b okara ka hai 
rabera ko janti ho ... g sir m.n.a hai baba ka student hai ..... baba kya krty ? kn bol ra tha class me .... tm peechy bethi thi  ( mje khud b yad ni :p)
wax ki treatment btao ..... agy kya kro gi ? sir syringing .... ni tm kya kro gi  inshort guppen
Sir pal was soooooooooo good today...!!! suba 8 bajay se pehle pohnch jao...sir will be very
happy...hmara table viva 4 logon ka 8 bajay se pehle hi ho gaya tha...!!!
tonsillectomy ki indications, ct scan aur x ray kraya ek ek, cortical mastoidectomy ki indications, ballenger swivel knife, fullers tracheostomy tube, aur yad nae excitement mn...
long case mn external ne case se related 2 sawal puchay..mine was tonsillectomy...
short case unit 1 k external ne lia...nose ki tip pe light focus karwai aur tip uthwa k dekhi..dns tha...treatment pucha and ent khatam alhamdulilla
 Sir Pal Unit 2  Tracheostomy Tube (Fullers), +
CT scan Jis makn Ethmoidal Polyp Tha (Ye mat puchei mujhe kesy pata chala, Mujhse pehle waley bacho ne a ker btaya tha :-D) Treatment kesy karni hai Polyp ki.. Eardrum ki Perforation kesy treat kerni hai? Kahan se ho  Acha Chalo Wo saray Hemorrhages aur Injuries wagahira batao, Me : Kiya sir ?? Sir : Arey woe sari Tonsillitis ki Complications wali..  Secondary Hemorrhage Kesy Karenge Manage? Woe sari Clot removal Type aab btaya.. Kehty Clot remove nai karenge.. Mei chup. Thori dir baat soch k kehtey haan Haan karenge sahi keh rai ho  hahaha !!

Ext Unit1, Long Case : Nasal Septum, Ki anatomy. Columellar, Membranous and Osseocartilagenous. 

ext unit 2: Short case, Nasal Speculum dalwaya aur Pucha Inf Turbinate q remove kerty hain, Kia Complicationa ho sakti hain, Bus.  
ent unit 2

sir Pal table viva
Ext long case
Sir Azhar short.


ag sir Paul aur ext. dono ne mil ke table viva liya.

external is nice. he asks sensible questions :
causes of nasal obstruction
normal color of tymanic membrane( greyish white)
otitis media sara
antrochoanal polyp ki treatment.
kinds of otitis externa

do instruments and uses.wo beshak uncle ki video dekh lo, lekin instruments ko uthana ana chaiye proper tareeke se. is liye ja kar handle kar lo.

sir paul repeated questions:

indications tonsillectomy
menieres disease treatment
laryngael cancer me T2 T3 ke treatment kese karni? 
tympanic membrane ki attachments( handle of maleus....umbo kia hota ha?)

Dont think sir ne ag kisi se CT, Xray karaya wase wo karate han 

ag polyp ka para hua tha CT.
pehle bi bilateral ethomoidal polyp tha suna ha.


( long case me time hota ha to read WHOLE topic from book. Aur H.Os a ke bata dete ke case kia ha aur ke sir ke fav questiins kia han for ur case)


one goes in, sits down . wait for 2 other girls to complete their short case, so time hota ha beth kar relax karne ke liye under.

u go and sit on stool
fix light. wait.

sir comes.and gives command

SIr Azhars commands:

cranial nerves 5th. 7th esp.

"inspection of neck"

for nystagmus:
move finger in straught line in front of eye from one end to other. pehle aik end pe le jao .count to 10 then take it back to other end..

anterior rhinoscopy
post rhino aik bachi se karai 
lymph nodes ki palpation for sir azhar do in levels..ke first palpate level I and II..pher III IV so on.

sath sir chota sa question puchte . emphasis is on methods.

*******PREP PLAN:

basically , heres ur war plan for ENT unit 2:

do instruments. uses.how to handle them.

do Xrays and CT( bus sir awais ka lecture le lo aik bar aur ghor se sun lo jo wo batate ) Agar achay nahi atey to Tuba ne upload kar die han XRAYs wagera ki pics.

do Sir notes

do surgeries indications. contra. 

then do following for LONG CASE

DNS.nasal fracture. POLYP. TONSILS ESP KAFI CASE HAN TONILLITIS KE. aik do case han pharyngeal cancer jase .malignant otitis externa ka case ha. aik tonsillar growth ka.

then start reading whole book, start from ear, go to nose and so on.

main baten parhni han . is ki treament kia ha, etc.
aik banda hai diabetes hai kaan me dard huwa n face paralysis ,,, kya huga. malignant otits externa
AIk aur bandadiabetes nai hai 30 40 saal ka uska ear hyperemia hai discharge u examine vesicles kya huga? herpes oticus
aik banda bilkul thk hai wo raat ko shadi see aa kar so gaya suba face paralyzed kya huwa usay,,,, idiopaththicbells palsy
aik aurat pe maine mastoidectomy ki raat ko sir sajid ne dekha usk
a ryt side of face aik side pe pulled hai kya huwa? middle ear se facial nerve guzarti.
bells sign.
organism causing malignant otitis externa
aik banda hai accident hu gaya uska gir gaya bike se uska kyu face paralyze huga,,, parotid trauma
aik banda hai facial nerve paralize hai koi accident nai no diabetes sath uska cornea me sensation nahi kya huga....
this was my viva
unit 1 ..no need to worry at all...both sir azhar n extrnl r very good...bht relax kr k viva lety
..mre se phly gupshup then causes ov increasd rhinitis in wintr season ? then nystagmus n its types n hw to diffrntiate bw centrl n periphrl nystagmus...thn define stridor ,its types with example...a patient with asthma n other with foreign body both have stridr hw to diffrnt bw two ( on auscultation asthma Waly me diffuse involvmnt hogi n foreign body waaly me localizd,)...it was with extrnl,both of them were sitting together )then sir azhar asked jst 1 scenerio that a 4 yr old boy ,u have done his bronchoscopy ,whn u cmpletd procedur he recovrd cmpletly bt aftr few hrz he develpd stridor wt z the cause?
long case was taken by sir azhar,,,he jst went to each bed n asked 2 questions from evey1...1..diagnosis? n 2..treatmnt? n thatz it.................short case sir pal,easy poch rae thy bt mujh se jst light focus krny ko kaha tha left ear me
sir azhar nasal bne ka fractr, types of fracture, simple and compound difference xternal blow out
fractr, le fort fracture, airway maintainance endotracheal tube blue lina n murphy,s eye significance
 unit2 ent:
sir pal is quite unpredictable k kya mood ho, aj b mila jula sa mood tha,kch se easy pucha kch se mushkil, to luck ha ye, apne notes ki baten sunna pasand krte hain so do them well. external b thik hain, drmayana viva lete hain, time b dete hain sochne ka, mgr exact answer chahte hain, aj dono mil k viva le rhe thay, tinnitus, vertigo, beningn positional vertigo, sensorineural hearing loss k causes, otitis externa ki types, polyps, tracheostomy, tonsillectomy,meniere disease, adenoidectomy boht suna, sir pal ne otitis media r wax boht pucha, sir k notes wali operations ki indications wgera pta honi chahyen. tinnitus r tracheostomy ki exact definitions b puch rhe thay
long case external ne lia, case se related questions hote hain, pta hona chahye k ap k patient ko agay manage kese krna ha.
instruments main bronchoscope, oesophagoscope, bd mouth gag, tracheostomy wgera k uses b puchte hain. 

short case: unit1 external ne lia, aj tonsillitis r DNS k patients thy, sath sath easy easy questions k kya nazae ata ha ant rhinoscopy pe,ear k exam pe. han ye baten b puchi: 

parotid duct ki opening dikhao(shaid upper 2nd molar k pas)
sublingual gland ka duct kahan hota ha (base of tongue)
eye k bilkul neche touch kren to konsi nerve stimulate hogi (infraorbital, branch of trigeminal)
nose ki tip or sphenoid sinus main kitna distance hota ha (about 7-8cm may be)

shrt case men stool mat hilana logo, unho ne set kya hota ha k light focus ho jaye  jo hum sab hila dete thay

ps. sir pal un students ko jin k rol num class men note kye thay ik bar puchte hain k apology kyun ni laye vc se, to thora zehan bna k jain wo log, agay viva thik lete hain magr banda confuse ho jta ha  mgr phir tang ni krte. good luck 
sir azhar nai aaj long case bhee khud liaa..table viva main extrnal questions pooch raha thaa sir koi
aik adha saavaal kar rahay thai..har ksi se differnt..scenrios bana letay thai.par easy hi thaa..bht acha mood thaa.long case main sir nai bas do do scnd ka viva liaa.diagnosis aur treatment bas.pal nai bara asaan shrt case liaa.sabse takreeban otoscopy karvayee..wax otomycosis type savaal bas.

 unit 2 table viva tinnitus, meneire's disease aur indication of tonsillectomy.... lng case me antrochoanal polyp tha... xternal ne pocha
choanal polyp kahan se arise hota n iskaa treatment.... aur aj luck the shrt case xternal ne lia unit 1 k... xamine facial nerve...
 Unit 2 pal ne tonsillectomy indications or otosclerosis pocha.case DNS ka tha. Unilateral nasal obstr. D/d .Short case main examine ear or pinna ke parts poche
Unit 2. Sir pal ny adenoidctmy ki cmplctnx suni, xtrnl ny otitis xtrna clasify.Otomycosis ki cause n treatment.
lng cse me tnxlitis ta, cmplctnx, scndry hemrhge ka treatmnt, sore throat k d/d.
short cse xtrnl.Oral cvty exam,slvry glnd opning, aphthous ulcr


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