Pathology Apparatus & Hematology/Urine


Sugar Tests:
Note the colour on the cotton plugging the tube.

1. Sucrose: White
2. Lactose: Red
3. Maltose: Black
4. Glucose: Green
5. Xylose: Blue
6. Mannitol: Violet

Hematology Slides

Gram -ve/+ve Cocci

These will only come for staining and fixing. But you should know what they look like becasue your viva is based on these. 

Gram Positive will have a purplish/bluish hue.

Gram Negative Cocci have a pinkish hue.
*Note: Size is not a difference, the pictures are taken with different magnification. 

Urine Slides

These do not come for identification. Urine slides come as a question in practical theoretical and you are to draw what you see in the microscope and give your viva on it.

 Things visible under microscope:

How you have to draw:

These tubes will come for identification. Identify them by there colour.


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