What We Do In D.H.

What We Do In D.H.

(D.H. = Dissection Hall)

You are in the Piccadilly cafe holding your cup of tea. You are just standing there like a miserable forever alone. You look around for a place to sit, but unfortunately, the room is  full. There is no place for you there. It feels like that the whole room K-ed you. You sigh and remain standing there. While you are lost in the well of thoughts, thinking about the existence of universe, suddenly someone passes by and pushes you in his haste to get to the other side. As you try to adjust your balance, your eyes fall on your hand-watch. WHAT THE HELL!!! 10:45AM. You forget about the food, pick your bag up and rush outside.

You get out, go left, go right and finally to the door which you wish that would not be closed. Luckily, it is about to, you take out your overall and get in.

Yes, that is how we enter DH.

Not everyone sees DH in the same way and also, not everyone is  found dissecting the cadavers. And that gives rise to quite a ‘diversity’ there.

What is your category?

The Shughali Group:

Yaay laug groups mein nazar aatay han. You will find almost 3-4 such groups everytime in DH. They are found cracking jokes and jugtifying each other. Fun people.

Normally, in DH

When Mam Lubna sees

These people speak loudly, discuss politics, welcome party and everything else. Sometimes they make rumors about the result announcements and run towards the notice board shouting, "result agea, result agea" and get insulted. 

The Badrooh Group: 

For these people, DH is no less than a park. They wear their overalls, un-wear it, take a walk in DH and look at the notice board (sometimes making their hair in front of it). They stare at the students dissecting, join them, give useless tips, get bistifed and continue their meaningless strolls around DH. Then they look at the BD ratta group, try to imitate them but they realize that their existence has some other purposes and continue with their catwalks.

A few of them stroll like they are modelling for clothes or something.

Sometimes, during winters, they pick a spot where sunlight falls through those exhaust windows, and sit there. They become unaware of their surroundings and merge into their solitude.They start meditating I'd say.

Finding sunlight in DH through exhaust windows
It sounds odd but people actually do it in here.

Filosopher laug.

The Qasai Group:

These are the students who are always found near the cadavers, no matter what time it is. Their bags contain surgical gloves har wakt and gourmet waalay gloves too. And when the teacher refuses to mark you present unless you are dissecting, they are the right people to get help from. They are always curious to cut them open, removing skin, finding tracts of nerves and arteries, looking almost everywhere and even taking pictures. They don't even bother to look around, sometimes they take a look at dissector and continue their work.

Briefly, their 2 hours time is spent this way. They have quite an 'anatomical' relationship with cadavers.

Spotting mein b shyd yahi hamari help kertaay han though we haven't had any experience of that yet. Lol!

The DH Quacks

Yaay laug blades waghara laay ker kharay rehtay han. Sometimes they are found dissecting too. But in reality, they dont even understand a thing. They just look at cadavers and other people who are dissecting. They have no idea what part of body is being dissected and what acually students are trying to expose. They do a little acting of showing interest in dissecting when a teacher pays the batch a visit. Otherwise, they just stand their and watch people dissect. Muft k mashoor laug!

Trying to convince the teacher that you are dissecting.

The Curious Group: 

Though these people don't dissect, but they are actually the brilliant ones. They see their fellow-mates dissecting, give them instructions, guide through the dissector and note down everything carefully. They are not dissecting but nevertheless, they do try to learn and don't waste their time.

They do not only remain at their own batch cadaver but visit around to know other bodies.

Most of these people do actually got good marks in our first two sub-stages.

The BD Ratta Group: 

These people enter the DH, take out their BDs and atlas and start rataffying just after their entrance there. They don't even bother to look around. Cadavers k paas b kabhi kabhhi haazri daay detay han. But their relationship with books is dangerously high. Even though we don't have a sub-stage soon, they still study like hell in DH. 

Some are found near their cadavers, a few sitting on windows, some choose a corner and others just stroll around the DH and boost off their rattafying skills. 

The secret 'theeta' group:

These people aren't found anywhere in the DH. Yaay chupaay rustam han. These are found in the last rooms in DH near the basins, sometimes they have closed the doors and are found studying in groups, using board markers. They are no less than the BD theeta group. I once closed the door from outside when they were studying and had to pay the price later.

The man who discovered those rooms is called COLUMBUS and that area of DH is famous as NORTH AMERICA now-a-days.

Finally marking yourself present and getting out of DH

Like a Boss !


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