A Levels students: You can make it to KEMU

by Zanira Ali 
batch 2018

For as long as i can remember i have heard my parents zone on and on about how wonderful, prestigious and noble the medical profession is. Thus, when i grew up the idea had already taken its roots in my mind and though I remained confused till the end of my A Levels final year as to whether i should opt for engineering or medical, finally I decided to listen to my heart for only the heart can lead you to your destiny.

In retrospect, the idea of being a part of KEMU a year ago was an impossible one for me. Whenever I told anyone about my plans and the fact that i was doing A Levels, people told me that i was wasting my time over something with 0.1% probability. But let me tell you something today, if you can work with dedication and perseverance you are in for a surprise. Many of the topics in physics and chemistry are those which you have already done and a little Biology everyday will keep all the trouble away :p. 
Here are a few tips you need to follow and the unprecedented can happen to you too.

1. Don't listen to other people when they tell you that you have a slim chance. Trust yourself.

2. Do not study FSC syllabus along with your A Levels. There will be plenty of time for that in summer vacations. If you try to keep both things going together there is a very good chance that you might screw up some of your concepts and mess up your A levels since good grades are the first thing you need.  

3.  Join KIPS or STAR as soon as you are done with your CIEs. When i say soon I mean do it the very next day of your last exam. It is difficult, I know that, but you will get your vacations only after a short delay so remind yourself this whenever you feel caged.

4. Don't let yourself get distracted from your ultimate goal. Even if you appear in other tests like that for NUST which is taken around early July and you do not score as well as you expected, don't worry. MCAT will be easier and you, my friend, will be way more prepared.

5. Ideally speaking, try to do everything they teach you in academy on that very day but even if you cant even then don't panic. There is plenty of time after the academy session is over in August to revise all the topics and cover up the ones that you left earlier.

6. And this is the golden rule! DO NOT ask other people  how much they have done or the more apt question would be that how many times they have revised everything. You will literally have a panic attack. So just keep to yourself and work out your own schedule.

7. Attempt all the tests they give you at academy even if you have not prepared for them. Little things may help you in the end.

8. Follow the syllabus that is given to you. Don't waste your time on things that you will not be tested upon.

9. Attend the last test session one week before MCAT. It will prepare you for the real thing and will instil confidence in you.

10. Last but not the least. Be confident. Not overconfident. Just enough to keep your head in the game. Tell yourself that you are awesome and this is nor the first exam you are attempting neither will it be the last one. If that doesn't work, tell yourself that you can even give it again next year and that it is not the end of the world. 

I have said it before and i repeat, nothing is impossible. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. MCAT is nothing but a game of nerves ( 'a game of thrones' as my friends used to say. :D) So don't let it get on your nerves and you will ace it. Stick to your schedule, keep your eyes on your goal (just to keep you motivated) and take a short break every now and then. Trust me when i say, short breaks can lift your spirits, increase your learning efficiency and can help you perform way better. 

All the best. :)

If you have other questions in your mind, feel free to contact me: zaniraali3@gmail.com.


  1. What was your O level and A level equivalence?? My would be 940 out of 1100 in Fsc, do I have a chance?? HOW??

  2. So I got 4 B and 1 A in my O'levels , do I have a chance in KEMU after my A levels. .w.

  3. I am sorry for replying so late. Tell me how are you doing in your A levels right now. I will be able to guide you much better then.

  4. Sorry for the late reply. I hope everything turned out well for u.


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