"The All Pakistan Intercollegiate Convention for Story writers" brought forth by KELS!

All Pakistan Intercollegiate Story Writing Competition.

Literature is an art. An art is in itself a form of expression. It’s a kaleidoscope of thoughts, emotions, ideas and so much more which encompasses the boundaries of human heart and mind and beyond. Keeping up with the very essence of expression, we, KELS, bring you APICS -an opportunity to transform your imagination into words.
Big words, small words- let your pen siphon them off your spirit onto the parchment!

The event comprises of :
1. A Writing Competition
2.Panel discussion by eminent writers

The Chief Guest is Mr. Musharraf Ali Farooqi!
Hear the writer, who was among the five writers shortlisted for Asia’s most prestigious literary prize in 2012, talk about writing styles and tips to improve them. Listen to the author himself reading his work: Between Clay and Dust, the book that was long listed for DSC Prize for South Asian Literature in 2013.

The participants as well as those who wish to attend the convention should register themselves here:

• The deadline for the submission of entries has been extended! But please be courteous enough not to submit your story on the day of the event! :P

~ Best stories will get published!
~There will also be cash prizes for the winners!

A chance to win Rs. 7000/-,

getting your story published &
meeting Musharraf Ali Farooqi in person!

~We’ve with us on the spot poetry/prose writing competition for the audience too! There will be certificates for the winners.
~The results of Inter-class story writing competition and the prize distribution will also take place on 22ndMarch.


Facebook event link

~There will be refreshments, of course! :D

Grab your pens and let the magic flow!
Looking forward to your participation.
We believe in a thoughtful discourse and this is the sole purpose of our entire event. Do not miss out on the panel discussion. We hope that after you’ve attended this event, you’ll surely have added something to your knowledge. Or to your stomach if not the brain! :P


 • Students from institutes all over Pakistan are encouraged to participate. People attending the convention are divided into two categories : Participants and Visitors. Both are required to register for the event.
• Participants can send their entries through the literary societies of their respective universities. They can also send them on their own.
• Entry fee is Rs. 300/entry. The participants will send in the entry fee in the form of a Bank Draft. BANK DRAFT should be made in the favor of SSA-3088-2, KEMU student fund receipt account, BANK OF PUNJAB.
• The short story can be printed, hand written or sent online.
• A participant can send multiple entries but in that case he/she will have to pay for each entry separately.
• The participants can write on any topic.
• The word limit for the short stories is 2,500 words.
• Plagiarism will lead to automatic disqualification from the competition and hence a withdrawal from the convention.
• The entries can be sent by Email or by post.
• For sending the entries by post : The short story/stories, along with a bank draft/deposit slip should be enclosed in a sealed envelope and sent to the address: “C/O Prof. Dr. Atif Husnain Kazmi, Head Dermatology Department, Unit 1, King Edward Medical University, Mayo Hospital, Lahore”.
• Please write your name, name of your institution and your contact details (Mobile number and e-mail address) on the cover page of the story, as well as on the back of the BANK DRAFT.
• Participants can also send their entries via e-mail (along with the scanned image of the Bank draft ). The entries can be sent to the following e-mail addresses:


Be there! Disappointed you will not be. :)


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