Importance of house job

By Waqas Nawaz M.D

Students are asking whether they should skip house job if they are preparing for USA . I would say against it . Burning boats is never good option. If you think you cannot study with major fields house job, better do house job in ENT, Plastic Surgery. Following points highlight its importance:

1. by doing 12 month house job , you show in your CV that you were not away from clinical while preparing steps that is really important question asked by all programs during interviews.
2. You become eligible for Qatar residency program by doing house job that should be your plan B.
3. You become eligible for FCPS part 1 that should be your plan C.
4. You become eligible for PPSC MO jobs that should be your plan D.
5. You know clinical stuff and dealing with patients.
6. You have strong answers In visa interview that you are earning.
7. You can do small jobs in Pak between step 3, interview and match season that require house      job.
So never under look house job,


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