Winners KemComics Fiesta 2014

brought to you by
KAPS - Kemcolians' Arts & Photography Society
KemUnited - Kemcolians United
the official student blog of King Edward Medical University

And the WINNERS are....

1st Position

Fatima Qamar 

3rd Year
Marks: 10

2nd Position

Aneeqa Javed 
1st Year
Marks: 9

Syra Bukhari 
3rd year
Marks: 9

3rd Position

AB Rafay
2nd Year
Marks: 7

Hamza Hassan 
Marks: 7

H M HusnainShafi

Marks: 7

4th Position

Sehrish Sohail 
1st Year
Marks: 6.5

Judge's Favorites

Comics that got full marks by the judge but could not get enough likes...

2nd Year

M Tayyab Zia 
1st year


Muhammad Usama
1st Year

Muhammad Mohsin Ali Dynamo
1st Year

3rd year


Farhan Ashraf 
3rd year

Maryam Shahid 
4th Year

Hamza Hassan 

Judgement Formula

Total Marks = 10
No. of Likes on KemUnited Facebook page= 5 Marks
1-99 Likes –> 1 mark
100-199 Likes –> 2 marks
200-299 Likes –> 3 marks
300-399 Likes –> 4 marks
400 and above –> 5 marks
Humor= 2 Marks
Creativity=2 Marks
Editing quality= 1 Marks


Dr Mehroo Bakhtawar 
Ex-President KAPS and producer of the famous award winning animated comedies, The Resident Evil , Extra-Terrestrial Kemcolian and motion picture The Silver Lining.


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