KemUnited Annual Honor Ceremony - Event Review

KemUnited Annual Honor Ceremony :
Event Review
By Anosha Anwar


IS A CHAATTNII of medical students (point of identification = found murmuring why I chose MBBS?)

Hi there. Meet the chatnii. Aka the Kemcolians. Despite the theeta book worm reputation , deep within the labyrinth of spine-wrecking studies (bag packers palsy and hunch backs reported recently due to study burden) and a conservative out-look , in a place…

·         Passing by the zero point the first thought that comes to mind is “pehli baar larki dekhi ha kia?”  
·         the major entertainment medium is gossip (which inevitably always revolves around Facebook)
·         Every action has a consequence…

well, if you scratch away that superficial impression(even if true) and don’t judge a reasonably good book by a ruined cover , you shall find  LIFE here at KE, Which can’t be described by enumerating the social events, sports week festivities and pre-prof  wela pan and everyday chorusing birthday songs and slogans for treat even when a friend barely manages to pass at 50% the yelling of bsss bsss in every lecture and the rush towards our beloved relatively new cafĂ© (jo ager na hota to hmary lie Mayo ka khokha hota).

This not so comprehensive amalgam of sugar spice and everything nice and everything that is not!

 is K.E and we are their Geo network (with albeit less sansani-khez news and propaganda , you don’t need a blog for that as we believe in live action when it comes to such phadday whether they be of hostel allotment, CR GR official/ non official representative dilemma, or the ever untiring race and politics in societies ), we just simply bring you news, what’s hot and what’s not, and the official coverage of all events. 
We are the ibn e batoota of Anarkali, and whole of Lahore, keeping an eye out on every place to eat , from legendary “rairhi waly” to sophisticated restaurants of MM Alam and anywhere which our Facebook friends would tag their pics at.

 From acing tests to surviving hostels! From meddling in societies to study strategies and tips, from staying alive in MBBS and planning the next move, FCPS,PLAB , MLE, electives. We keep a tab on moments that are not to be missed. We are KEMUNITED. The official website blog of KEMU and its proud yet humble bloggers ….We flaunt, we criticize, we taunt, we celebrate, we guide, and we write on everything /anything we can get our hands on! And hence we earn a right to party. Now if you were an awesome and cool Kemunited blogger (wink wink) then that day…..

 In hazy summer, you would ….log into facebook and rub your eyes unbelievingly as you read there is gonna be a partyyyy!
You reach out and grab a tissue.. no the whole tissue box..and wipe away the tears of joy. You await that day and wash ur face twice, check the mirror, and make sure you look good as today you put a face to the name that appears after your blog on KEMUNITED as there is gonna be a certificate distribution ceremony for bloggers(hell yeah! ^.^).

The venue is an arguably large, spick and span , hidden room inside KEMCAANA which you never knew existed. 

And the legend himself , who took the initiative of coming up with first ever medical students blog that is now blooming and growing was HERE. With 11 K fans on facebook and nearly the same amount of page views (yes now u know what we meant by flaunting)  the online extension and a modest representation of KEMU i.e  the glorious blog of kemunited has become the definition of new heights.

Yes THE FOUNDER  who we used to know as the tall, omnipresent in all societies Bilal bhai , now Dr. Muhammed Bilal , a proud graduate of KEMU is there. And so is the rest of team, some new faces and some jolly, fond, old ones. After a brief period of interacting and catching up, you would have been joined by our staff patron Prof Dr.Farid Ahmed Khan

After being bestowed with his gracious presence, bloggers were told to be seated patiently and an inspiring and thought provoking video presentation was played on our blog, depicting what it was and what It has become and what it is has the potential to be.  Waves of pride and honour run down your spine as you put your hands together to applaud.

Then our seniors Sadaf Hafeez , Laiba Khalid , Taroob Latef , Moeed Ahmed assisted Dr. Farid and Dr.Bilal in the certificate distribution , the true purpose of this gathering. Each member walked up to collect his certificate from Dr.Farid, Dr.Bilal and the senior most bloggers while applause followed from the entire team.

Table was set, plates and spoons neatly in a pile and a cute little cake was brought with “kemcolianns united” written on it, but Alas this cake had an unfortunate fate… it was butchered heartlessly and then relished heartily!

 And another cake awaited the same fate as it was Moeed Bhai’s birthday (a big happy birthday shout out to you ) …
the cake was delicious

However to our surprise Sadaf Baji told there were titles too for every blogger. And they were on little pretty badges which we wore on our arms (ladies) and on chest (gentlemen). She and the team really outdid themselves on titles and some were a bit too outdone that the recipient couldn’t even understand their meaning e.g philantopreneur (a philanthropist+enterprenuer elaborated as the one who makes helping others into a profit monetarily=Bilal bhai)

Some of the others being farhang-e-asfiya, doonga blogger (doonga=deep=yours truly ;P) and some were bang on true like sayeen log(M.Salik), ibn e batoota(Usama) and the next M.Bilal( wehther it was on basis of being ridiculously tall or graphic designing or omnipotential in socities we don’t yet know = M.Qudratullah) …

(note the shiny things *.*…they be our precious titles)

  The mass then gathered in patiala for the group photos.

 And as you know what happens when a bunch of girls ( and boys in minority) gather infront of a camera. Yes Pose Pose Click click! A fabulous photo shoot, thanks to our professional DSLR-ist M.Usama.

However if you were there….you’d be swept away like everyone else at the sight of the huge pizzas and the generous round of truffle chocolates (courtesy of Dr.M Bilal).

We relished pizza and coke till we could eat no more and Bilal bhai was sweet enough to bring us chocolates so we ate the whole packets like hungry wolves even if it meant stuffing up esophagus as our stomach was already fully distended.

Then we all gave shields to M.Bilal and Sadaf Hafeez the founder and the ex-chief respectively :D

But alas….
“All good things come to an end”

And so did this sweet time…a cheerful gathering, great people and an amazing time…. So we took our leaves and went our separate ways hoping our paths entwine in near future.

A thankyou to all the wonderful seniors who made it happen. Beautiful memories…Credits. You all!


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