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Question 7: Methods to Attempt FSc/MCAT Papers

a. Please tell me the methods to attempt papers.
b. How do I manage time for each subject.

c.Please tell me preparation methods for long questions of biology and chemistry.


aThere isn't any fixed method. It depends on your own mindset.

For FSc, focus more on presenting everything clearly and neatly. In Arts subjects (especially Urdu and Islamiat if you're attempting it in Urdu), try highlighting specific points, quotes etc. Make sure your writing is not only legible, but also impressive. And always draw margins. For science subjects, especially Biology, try to draw diagrams. Diagrams are a must while attempting Long Questions. They make a difference of at least 2-3 marks.

For the MCAT, mutter to yourself the MCQ number under your breath, so that you don't mess them up. And always use a ball-point in the MCAT. Don't use a gel pen or some other fancy stuff, because it can very well spread over your response sheet and destroy your hardwork.

Always remain composed during an exam. If you make a mistake you cannot correct, do not fret over it. Leave it and move on.  

That is something you'll have to figure out yourself. Give more time to strengthen the weak concepts, especially in science subjects.
In an exam, time management depends on how you solve the questions and your writing speed. Try building your speed. If you get 2 hours for 20 SEQs and 3 LEQs, allot 1 hour for the SEQs and 1 hour for the LEQs. 

Try to finish your prep at least 15 days before the exam. And in the 15 days. solve the past papers in realtime by allotting yourself the stipulated time and solving the questions during that.

c. Try making points of each topic, and then write these points in the form of headings. The more the merrier.
For Biology, always try to draw diagrams in every long question. They give you extra marks.
For Chemistry try writing all relevant chemical formulas and structures/reactions etc. In case you do not remember the formulae, just write the names e.g Methanol-->etcetera

There is one tip in long questions: do not think that since they're long, you must write at least 2-3 pages everytime. With the restriction on the number of sheets you can use, try to write to-the-point answers. If someone asks you in Chemistry to complete four reactions, just complete them. Nothing else.

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Few Words about [AsK]emUnited Premed Counselling Initiative..

KemUnited started a premed section not very long ago. We got an overwhelming response to it, within a short period of time. The KemUnited team felt that there was widespread ignorance about preparation techniques. Most of the students relied on hearsay from their nearest friends and seniors, which may have guided or misguided them depending on the caliber of that person.
This is our first step to give one-on-one advice.

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