[AsK]emUnited : How to prepare for MCAT ? What about academies ?

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Question 8: How to Prepare for MCAT?

 What do you suggest: how to prepare for MCAT? And what you say about academies?


 Preparing for the MCAT is not as difficult as it seems. Don't try to overburden yourself during FSc. You'll have at least 2 months after your final exams to prep for the MCAT.
The point is that you must revise all fundamental concepts. MCAT is about keeping a cool head. No one is going to ask you petty details. Try to focus on the things that appear more important from an MCQ point of view.

Join any academy you like for the crash tests and the grand tests. They help. And try to solve as many mcqs as you can lay your hands on. 

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Few Words about [AsK]emUnited Premed Counselling Initiative..

KemUnited started a premed section not very long ago. We got an overwhelming response to it, within a short period of time. The KemUnited team felt that there was widespread ignorance about preparation techniques. Most of the students relied on hearsay from their nearest friends and seniors, which may have guided or misguided them depending on the caliber of that person.
This is our first step to give one-on-one advice.

How to ask a question:

Some points to keep in mind before you ask a question. Please keep in mind that the panel who will answer your questions are also students with limited amount of time.

  • Click here to go to premed tab of our blog. Go through all the articles given over there. YOU MUST ALSO READ THE COMMENTS as a question like yours might already have been asked and answered.
  • The question selected to be answered here will be one which most of the people can relate to and benefit from.
  • Give a brief description of your problem. At the end of your email, briefly enumerate your questions once again so that nothing remains unanswered.
  • Be nice and formal in your email. Do not rite like dis. Avoid using ch@t/$mS language. Use proper grammar, punctuation and correct spellings. If you cannot manage to do that, then please do yourself a favor and quit premed.
  • Email us at blog@kemu.edu.pk with the subject line "Ask kemunited"


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