FEATURING usmlestrategy99.com

FEATURING usmlestrategy99.com

Founded by Dr. Mobeen MD, brother of the famed and fabled Dr. Najeeb

A usmle-website based purely on concept and driven purely by Dr. Mobeen’s dedication!
“While studying for medicine I had two challenges similar to many other students: a) understanding the complex medical concepts for easy recall and application, b) studying medicine written and taught using what was second language for me (english).”

Dr. Mobeen MD is a Kemcolian, and along with his co-founders has created this website www.usmlestrateg99.com to not only help students score on their boards but also become better doctors with the sole mission of “Keep Healthy”.
As much as it makes us proud, to come across any King Edward alumni going out of his way to contribute globally to medicine and biased, when reviewing their work; Dr. Mobeen’s website was without exaggeration a surprising treat! Regularly updated and quick to answer any queries on his forum, he delivers lectures via videos and articles. His dynamic and highly useful ‘flashcards’ are particularly famous on his website. The current topics covered are Immunology, Renal System, Hematology, Hepato-Biliary System, General Pathology and ANS with lectures being added every now and then.
It does not take a genius to figure out that Dr. Mobeen is as adept in computer sciences as he is in medicine. His website is easy to navigate, concise with drop down menus and uncluttered with no mumbo-jumbo in an attempt to fill the extra space.

The lectures on his website are very conceptual beginning at the very root and slowly making their way up. A very interactive motion on his part is the ‘I want a topic!’ Tab where readers and students can vote and suggest for a required topic and voila, the top ranked topic is the one which Dr. Mobeen delivers a lecture on. This is a huge connection that helps students clarify their concepts and study better.
His sets of Immunology Flashcards deserve special mention. All those on-the-go for usmle prep must view them once. Unlike other usmle resources which try to second guess board questions, Dr. Mobeen makes flashcards purely on concept and hence does not need to do any second guessing. A thorough know how of the subject is guaranteed at the end of the tour.

His website thrives on users, welcoming any feedback, query or criticism. His continued effort to make his work user friendly and easily available can be gauged from the fact that he has developed an App of his flashcards too and welcomed any suggestions on improvement. (*Only for apple users)

Note: His live lectures are popular round the globe. You can register to view his live screening a couple of days prior to the lecture by emailing him or Engy Shahbander, his cofounder. Keep an eye out on usmle forums to find out when the next one is round the corner.
Team Usmlestartegy99.com


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