F.C.P.S Part-I Preparation Guide for Ophthalmology

F.C.P.S Part-I Preparation Guide for Ophthalmology

by Dr Omar Ashraf
F.C.P.S Resident Ophthalmology,

KEMU Class of 2006-11

First and the foremost get a copy of syllabus from cpsp. The syllabus/course content for topics to be prepared before you appear for Part-I in Eye.
Paper 1 is general (details below) and paper 2 eye-related.
1) Most important chunk of the whole exam is Eye anatomy. That is to be done from Snell's eye
anatomy. Eye physio, embryo and pharma from Frank Navel.
<snell eye is the major book, very imp and should be read thoroughly from start to end >
2) Chandkians, all book must be done properly. And past papers esp recent ones - have high probability of getting repeated. This is the second most imp resource. V imp. Mcqz group mai karne se zyada faida hota.
The recent past papers may be search at facebook page "FCPS Prerp batch 2005"
3) Physio from BRS (+ from first aid if possible).
4) Neuroanatomy from Kaplan Anatomy. Rest of the anatomy from snell's anatomy, small book, according to syllabus. No need to do whole regions and limbs. Focus on main nerve lesions/blood supplies and lymph drainages. Dont prepare muscle attachments.
5) Patho, only general, from BRS + first aid.
6) General pharma, general micro and vitamins from first aid.
<no need to do all anatomy, special patho, special pharma and micro as not included in syllabus>
7) Embryo from high-yield.
8) Histo from First Aid. (or Amir Histology : its too easy as you may have already gone through it in 1st-2nd year, 2, 3 Mcqs will come from it.)
9) Biostats from First Aid.....
*paper 2 mai they ask sum v v difficult qz abt local anaesthetics, autonomic drugs and patho of eye.. No need to study eye patho, at all. For that study usually doesn't help. Its tukkaa, common sense and qismat. So focus on what i have highlighted
Can contact me anytime at facebook if further queries ! Best of luck!
Dr Omar Ashraf
F.C.P.S Resident Ophthalmology,

KEMU Class of 2006-11


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