Islamiat- Some important Ahadith

Ahadith Translations (1, 2, 6, 7, 11, 13, 17, 20)

Hadith No. 1
Hazrat Abdullah ibn Amr (RA) reported: The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: A believer will never perfect his faith until his desires follow what I have brought to you.

Hadith No. 2
Hazrat Usman bin Affan (RA) narrated the Allah’s Messenger (SAW) said: The best among you is the one who learns Quran and teaches it to others.

Hadith No. 6
Hazrat Muaz bin Jabal (RA) narrated that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: The hypocrite has three signs even if he offered the prayer, observed the fast, and professed to be a Muslim. That whenever he speaks, he tells a lie; and whenever he promises, he breaks his promise; and whenever he is entrusted, he betrays.

Hadith No. 7
Hazrat Anas Ibn Malik (RA) narrated that the Allah’s Messenger (SAW) said: None of you believes until he wants for his brother what he wants for himself.

Hadith No. 11
Hazrat Abu Sayyed al Khudri (RA) narrated that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: If any of you sees a wrong doing, let him change it with his hand and if he is not able to do so then with his tongue and if he is not able to do so then with his heart and that is the weakest of faith.

Hadith No. 13
Hazrat Abbas (RA) has narrated that the Allah’s Messenger (SAW) has forbidden you from breathing within or blowing into the container while drinking something from it.

Hadith No. 17
Hazrat Aasim Shawri narrated that the Prophet (SAW) said: Purity is part of faith. Allah almighty is pure and He loves pure things. He is clean and He loves clean things.

Hadith No. 20
Hazrat Abu Huraira (RA) narrated that the Holy Prophet (SAW) said: Allah will say to a person on the Day of Judgment: "O son of Adam, I was sick but you did not visit me?" The man will answer: "You are the Lord of the worlds; how could I have paid a visit to you?" Allah will say: "Didn't you know that one of my servants was ill? Had you gone to visit him, you would've found me by his side."


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