3rd Year Pathology Practical

3rd Year Pathology Practical Resource Bank (2012)
Microscopic slides, 
Agars & Models 
for 3rd year pathology prof

Courtesy: Muhammad Fahad


each slide is preceded by its label. Start viewing in a sequence. The label is followed by the slide described in the label.


lactose fermenting <pink> colonies on mc conkeys agar

orange i guess indole positive..light .yellow negative...nt confirm.

pink positive urease test..orange tubenegative urease test..blue positive citrate test...green negative citrate test..

cled agar

Mcnky agar


non lactose fermenting colonies on mc conkeys agar

non lactose fermenting colonies on mc conkeys agar

beta haemolysis...showing clear areas on bloodd agar

non lacts fermntng on cled

proteus swarming effect

blood agar

full yellow test tube:yellowacid slant acid butt,,,plus gas....red test tube: red slant red butt..no gas no h2s....mix colored tube:red slant yellow but..h2s production...<thats y turned black>



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