3rd Yr Pathology Practical Pattern

Pathology Practical

First, you will be asked to write the procedure of either Gram Staining or Ziehl Neelson Staining.
This will be followed by spotting. 20 spots with 2 points of identification. Everyone has to do first 20 as per his 
Then, you have to perform the practical. You are given a slide of urine or stool (mainly urine). You have to focus it under the microscope and draw what you see (microorganisms, casts etc).
Perform Gram Staining.
Viva will be based on the slide u get e.g. if bacteria are present, you'll be asked questions about those bacteria

Do all agars, tubes (esr, etda etc), instruments, swabs, biochemical tests & specimens.
 Cholecystitis specimen, Appendicitis specimen and slide Chocolate agar Cled agar Swab stick Anaerobic jar Inoculation loop Calcification Lipoma model Mac conkeys agar Cbc vial 2 hematology slides for identification of leukocyte and its func 27 spots in total. turn.  They tell you to write one staining and give you urine/stool slide to focus under the microscope. If you see needle like crystals, thats an artefact or smthng. Mostly rbcs and pus cells hunay chaheyen. Have to perform one staining. 1 in 6 or 7 had it right. Baaqion ki nai huti, consequences depend on who's 

Viva (prepare from practical copy)
First examiner comes and sees how u focused the slide. For urine, why u see cast cells, tyrosine, phosphate, oxalate crystals, wbc etc. wat is hematuria, why u see blood in urine. Conditions causing hematuria and pyuria
Second examiner questions about staining and also checks your focusing. What is the basic dye in gram staining (crystal violet) why and in which bacteria blue colour seen, questions related to gram positive and negative bacterias; names, diseases, spread, name bacteria which are both rod and cocci

- First u go to lab at 9 AM.U have to do 20spottings. Jin mei models and agars and instruments and slides hongi.these carry 30 marks.Then, ,all of u in lab wil be given either gram stain or ZN stain. U ve to write procedure first in 5min. Then stain the slide. .they hardly see what u stained. 10 marksThen, either urine or stool sample slide will be gven, ,u ve to observe this and just draw what u seen.10 marks.Then copy 5 marks.Then prac viva by external it is 20 marks i think. .then

--Patho prac mei.20spotngs hain 30 marks ki, jin mei model ho sktay hain (ESR tube, swab , innoculatng wire, haemocytometer)Lowenstein jenson medium b a rha hai,ferozi rang ka medium hota hai sheeshi mei.Phr puri lab nay gram stain ya ZN stain ka procedure likhna hota hai ,sb ko ek hi ata hai in mei sy koi. .phr perfom .mager daikhta koi nai,yeh ten mark total.Phr stool ya urine sample ki slide milti hai bani bnain,jo nazer aye woh bnao bs. 10 mark.phr vivay
organisma causing meningitis,functions of staph aureus,toxic shock syndrome toxin,trichomanos vaginalis..


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