Forensic Toxicology Spotting Made Easy

By Muzna Sarfraz

Simple to identify vale =
1.Nux vomica (like an rbc)
2.Hg (black liquid)
3.CuSO4 (blue)
4.Opium (black)
5.Oleander leaves
6.Abrus (red+black)
Compare by looking together vale =
7.*As white/yellow
8.*Poppy (broken lol)
*Dhatura (hedgehog)
9.*Terpentine (more cleaner orangish)
*kerosine oil (dirty browny muddy)
10.*Croton seeds (plain dirty black
*castor oil seeds (cheetah dots)
11.*Aconite (1 piece)
* Madhar (2 piece wavy)
*Charas (2 fat rectangular blocks)
12.*Capsicum fruit (see both kinds one
looks like a black mirchi other is
black wrinkly - I thot it was a
marking nut :/ )
*Marking nut (black rocky)
*Castor fruit (brown wrinkly)
13.*Dhatura seeds (black concave)
*Capsicum seeds (round golden)
14.*Methi (in a big sealed bottle, have
a good look at its wide leaves)
*Bhang (in a small open bottle dry
dry leaves a bit darker than
methi w/o the pretty big leaves)
#there is an exceptional weird
oldddd pic of meethi in bilal's which
Looks like a crumples black mass
of twigs I think its not available in
lab nowadays! Lol
*Tobacco (like a log shredded
kachara coming out)


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